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Thoughts. Part three

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Jean's thoughts when Rogue tells Scott that she likes him. pov

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They think I don't know. How stupid do they think I am!? I mean, I'm psychic and me and Scott have a link - did they forget about that! Rogue might of but I couldn't imagine Scott forgetting, I mean, it's in him. It's apart of him and you don't just forget that your mind is linked to your girlfriend! Plus I could just tell something was wrong with Rouge, all day she seemed so nervous. Well now I know why.

I wasn't prying into his mind. He's a privet person and I have more respect for him than that. I was in my room, pulling on my nightshirt after just having a bath when - Wham! This huge wave of mixed feelings came down on my mind though my link with Scott.
I was concerned; very, very concerned but as I opened the link slightly to ask Scott what was going on the whole conversation flew though my mind. It was such a rush that it made my knees weak. And the confession that I had just heard made fall to my knees.

At first I felt a little depressed. I paced my room for a while and then, when that made me feel no better, I took a leaf out of Kitty's book - I went to the kitchen and got some ice-cream. I dimly registered that I looked a little less than last night - was someone else depressed? - but I didn't think too much of it. I had my own problems right now and the fact that I had been stressed all day wasn't helping.

Kitty was always saying that ice-cream helped - especially when it came to Lance but she's practically asking for heart ache when it comes to him - but it did nothing to me. Infact it made me feel worse for having two deserts that night. Oh, I know I'm nowhere near fat, not even a little. I'm in great shape - everyone here is, its all the training - but I still debated going to the gym for a bit to work it off but decided against it when I remembered that X23 was in there. It's so not a good idea to try and train when she's in there, she barely lets Logan be in there let alone anyone else.

I sat there for a while twirling my still-slightly-damp curls and deep in thought. What if he left me for her? What would I do then? I'm always so independent that no-one thinks that I might need someone. That the ever-perfect-miss-Grey might actually need help once in a while. But the fact is that I do need someone. I do need help. I need him. If it weren't for him I'd be nothing. He's helped me though so many things. I depend on him. He's my best friend, my boyfriend, my soul mate, my one and only. I couldn't imagine my life without him.

No he wouldn't leave me. He loves me. Rogue would be heartbroken. I don't pity her; she can't touch but she's learning to be content. She's the type of girl who hates being felt sorry for; especially by me. I've never understood why she doesn't like me. I try and be nice to her, I try to be her friend but she doesn't seem to want my friendship. She just pushes me away and I've never known why. Till now.

Well, I think I know. She let Scott in but refused me. She let everyone in at one point or another except me. Was it all because she liked Scott? Me and him weren't even dating when we first met her but was she jealous of our friendship? Our closeness? Did she dislike me at first and grew to hate me when me and Scott started seeing each other? Rogue doesn't seem like the type of girl to be like that but how would I know? I hardly know anything about her. But whose fault is that? Not mine.

I didn't even realize that I had stood up till I was walking. I wandered for a bit; though the main entrance, past the stairs. Along a corridor with rich red walls and pictures of the X-men. I was the second student here - next to Scott - and he and I knew our way round the mansion blindfolded. Scott had learnt the layout of the mansion and its rooms faster than me, as he had to feel everywhere he went. But I had spent days in awe of the mansion and would memorize all the antiques and finery in the rooms.

I had almost walked past a room with the door a crack open till I had felt the welcoming heat of the lit fire-place. I smiled at the fine oak door; it was one of my favorite rooms. The walls where covered in shelves and the shelves where packed with books - beautiful books - the only places in that room that didn't have shelves where the door and where the fireplace went. There were two red couches in there and a few small wooden tables. On one on the tables was a small T.V, even though the volume was low I could hear that it was on.

Among the sounds of the T.V, I could hear voices - Storm's and Logan's to be exact; Storm was saying something about how Logan should be reading books instead of magazines. Especially that type. I smirked as they stopped talking which meant Storm had gotten her way or one had killed the other. Logan may be stubborn but Storm was worse. When I walked in they both looked up at me - Storm smiling, and Logan with a grunt - before she turned back to the T.V and Logan went back to his reading. I held back a laugh as I sat on the other couch to them. Storm had gotten her way; Logan was still reading the magazine but inside a book.

I picked up a book that laying on the table in front of me, as I did a magazine fell out of it. Storm made a noise of disgust as she saw it was another of Logan's whereas Logan just grinned from behind is magazine/book. I kicked it under the table and stared at the book I wasn't planning on reading. All I could think about was what if he left me. I don't think I could take it. My whole world would fall apart and there would be nothing I could do about it. I shook those thoughts from my head. We've been though too much: The Brother-hood, the Acolytes*, my power failure, his family problems, humanity, Apocalypse. Not too mention the every day thing we and the team go though...

The team. How will this effect them? Will it effect them? Stupid question, of course it will. There are no secrets in this house; what with loads of sneaky, nosey teens and two psychics. This place is a gossip's heaven. One person finds out, ten minutes later the whole house knows - and that's on a slow day! - People start talking. People start taking sides and people argue.

A new presence in the room stopped my trail of thought. Sensing who it was I put up a few barriers, just enough to stop him from knowing that I know. I turned from the book I wasn't reading to look at him. I wanted to beg him to tell me that he loved me; to tell me that he wasn't going to leave me, that there wasn't a force on earth that could make him leave me. But when our eyes met, they told me that and more. I smiled warmly at him and he smiled back as he walked over, making my heart melt.

He sat next me and slipped his arm around my shoulders. I leant in to him, feeling incredibly protected. Scott was almost as good as me when it came to protecting his thoughts, he had barriers up and - although I could of gotten in without him noticing - I respected his privacy and stayed out of his mind. I briefly wandered if he was thinking about her. My heart ached at the thought of him being here with me but thinking about her.

I sneaked a look at him; he was facing the T.V, looking as though he was watching it. But I had known him for too long. I've always been able to tell where his eyes really are - he thinks no-one can tell where he's looking because of his glasses but I can. He was facing the T.V but his eyes were on me. And, even with our barriers up, I could feel love radiating from him. I cuddled closer to him and he tightened his grip on me. He would sort things out with Rogue and he wouldn't leave me - Scott would never do anything to hurt me.

I was feeling very sleepy; it had been a long day and the room was warm and cozy. I closed my eyes and felt my-self drift off to sleep. Even though I was practically asleep, I felt a presence at the door. They didn't come in. they looked around for a moment before sighing and exiting. I didn't turn or open my eyes, I didn't even check who it was - though I had my suspicions - I was far too happy to be bothered or really care who it was.

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