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Memories and pain

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There will be a time, when every mutant has to make a choice and take a stand. The final stand. That time is now.

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AN: Ok, I am determined to do a movie fic, so, since I - oh, how to put this nicely... ah! - disgusted with X3, I've decided to do my own version. I, mean, c'mon, everybody's doing it! lol
Anyway, enjoy.

"Someone talking."
'Someone thinking.'
-A psychic talking in someone's mind.-


"I love you."
He whispered to Jean/Phoenix before he stabbed her in the stomach with his metal claws, leaving three holes in her. Her face turned normal and she smiled at him; she didn't resist it, she welcomed death. And she was happy that Logan had finally done what she had wanted from the beginning. To be at peace.
She fell into his arms and he cradled her gently till his super-senses could no longer hear or feel her heartbeat. Then he cried.
His badge was beeping a few minutes later. With one arm still wrapped round the body of the woman he loved, he answered it. Storm's voice spoke to him.
"Logan? Logan, what happened?"
"She's dead, 'ro." He croaked out. "I - I stabbed her."
There was silence on the other side for a while.
"I understand. There was nothing more we could have done for her."
Logan nodded, and then realized that she couldn't see him. "Yeah..."
"We can't see you in all this ruble. Signal us down?"
"Sure, 'ro."
Logan put his badge on his belt and laid Jean down gently on the remains of the building. Then he stood up and, spying the X-jet in the sky, put his back to her and flagged them down. He watched them as they landed, not being able to look at the dead woman behind him. Storm came over to him as soon as the jet landed.
"Well?" She said softly.
He signaled behind him. The weather-witch looked over his shoulder and frowned.
"Logan, where is she?"
"What do ya mean?" He said, turning round to show her. "She's right..."
He trailed off and stared at the spot Jean was laying in disbelief.
"She - She's gone."

Logan sat up in his bed fast, sweaty and breathing hard. He pulled his knees up and put his head in his hands.
This would be the fifth night he had had that dream in a row. It had been almost two weeks since Jean's body had disappeared and he still couldn't understand how. He wiped the layers of sweat off his forehead and stood up, trying to calm his breathing.
He walked around the spacious room for a few moments, then he walked to the window and opened it wide to let air into the stuffy area.
He stood at the window, leaning his head against the cold glass and letting the wind cool his hot body. His eyes scanned the garden grounds before resting on three gravestones. None of them had bodies beneath, though. All were just monuments to their three lost teammates. Professor Xavier's and Scott Summers' bodies were blown up by Phoenix, while Jean's... Jean's they had no idea were hers was.
Beast said that the X-jet's landing had made the wind push her body into the ruble. That was the logical response. Kitty firmly believed that Jean had blown herself up. The more far-fetched reason. Bobby had mumbled something about Jean needing it to come back again. The ice boy just hadn't been the same since his break-up with Marie.
Just over two weeks ago, Rogue had gone to get the 'cure'. She wanted to touch. He didn't want her to change. He agreed with Bobby, but he would never tell Marie that. She did it to fit in with the world but now she didn't fit in with theirs.
Storm had allowed her to stay though and Logan was glad. The kid had no-where else to go but back to her parents, and she had told him that she couldn't face them yet.
There was a sound outside Logan's door. He moved silently to behind the door and tensed; pulling his claws out slowly. It was more painful when he did it slowly but it made less noise.
His door-knob turned and he brought out his other three claws. The door opened slowly and quietly; making almost no noise. Logan crouched down as a dark figure walked into the room, towards his bed.
He moved behind the person and, before they could move or make a noise, he put a hand over their mouth and pressed his claws into their back - not impaling them, but letting them feel the sharpness.
The person whimpered and Logan's ears picked up the voice, he knew that voice. He removed the hand from their mouth and grabbed their arm, swinging the person round to look at their face.
"Marie! What the hell!?"
The girl in front of him took deep breaths. Before she said anything, she pulled the back of her night-shirt round to look at it. She frowned.
"Awww, man! Logan, ya ripped it!"
He smirked, closed his door and lent against it. As soon as she had gotten back form getting the cure, she and Kitty had gone out shopping. She now showed as much skin as was possible but without showing so much that she looked like a slut. And the night was no exception. Right now all she wore was a green night-shirt and, presumably, shorts or underwear.
"Calm down, I'll get ya a new one. Now ya mind tellin' me what the hell you were doin'?"
She scowled at him. "Ah was down-stairs gettin' a drink. When ah came back up I heard ya movin' 'bout." She shrugged. "Ah came ta see if ya were alright."
He sighed and walked past her to sit on his bed. "Yeah, I'm fine... Bad dream is all."
Marie nodded and sat down next to him. "The one with Jean's body again?"
He gave her a look, then nodded.
"That's, like what? The forth time ya've had it in a row?"
"Are ya goin' back ta sleep?"
"Na, why?"
She shrugged again. "Ah was thinkin' 'bout takin' a walk 'round the gardens." She smiled at him. "Storm'll flip if she finds out ah went alone."
"Yeah, she would." He looked down at her begging face. "Fine."


Storm walked into the kitchen, early in the morning. X-men usually got up at six for training but they had allowed themselves to relax a little since the Phoenix incident. Ororo yawned as she made herself a drink of coffee. She hadn't slept well last night; dreams of Jean's body spinning in her head. For five nights now she had relived the scene of Jean's disappearing body. Needless to say; she was tired of seeing it.
'Once was enough.' She thought to herself as she sat at the table. She was about to take a sip when there was a knock on the front door. She glanced at the clock.
'Six thirty!? Who would be at the door at six thirty!?'
Walking out the kitchen, she made her way to the front door. She could see a figure behind the glass; leaning casually against one of the posts. Although she couldn't see his face; his body language was non-threatening.
She waited a few moments longer, he didn't knock again. Perhaps of the time. She considered not answering but the thought of a possible child out there; alone, frightened was too much. So she opened the door.
The man was tall - just taller than her - though younger. He had tanned skin and long blonde hair which was lose and blowing slightly in the wind. He had incredibly deep blue eyes that Storm almost got lost in and a smile was growing across his handsome face as he saw her. He stopped leaning against the pole and stood up straight. He was in casual clothes: light blue, worn jeans, a Hawaiian-looking print t-shirt and a leather jacket.
The jacket was the thing that caught her attention. Expensive looking black leather with X's on the collar, cuffs and zip. An X-men jacket. And Storm knew one person with a X-jacket who wasn't officially an X-man.
His smile grew wider. "In the flesh."
"Oh, goddesses! Alex!" She put her arms round his neck and he slipped his round her waist. They embraced in silence before Alex whispered. "I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the funerals."
Storm pulled back to look at him, concern in her eyes. "I'm sorry too." She bit her lip. "How are you doing?"
He shrugged. "Honestly, better than I thought I would be." He looked at her intently. "How about you?"
She chewed on the lip she had been biting. Then she met his eyes. "I'm... dealing with it."
He gave her a small smile. "You're strong, Stormy. You'll be alright." He took a breath. "We'll be alright."
Storm nodded. Alex may have been young but Storm knew he had already gone though more things than some people ever did. And he had the scars and wisdom to prove it.
"Come on in."
He smiled and walked in, with him a small suitcase. Storm raised an eyebrow at him.
"Think you have room for a mutant orphan?"
She grinned at him. "Always, Alex. Always."


About an hour later Logan and Marie came in though the back door. They talked softly as they walked though the hall towards the kitchen, so not to wake anybody up. Rogue stopped.
"Hey, I wonder whose suitcase that is."
Logan frowned and sniffed the air.
Marie watched him. "Anyone we know?"
"Storm's up..." He spoke in an almost growl. "The other smell is familiar but - " He gave her an odd look. "But I don't think I've ever smelt it before." He walked to the kitchen door.
Rogue looked confused but followed him. She could hear Storm's voice and a man's one replying. Logan and her exchanged a look before he stepped in to the room.
Storm looked up. "Logan! You're up early." She spotted Marie behind him. "And you, Marie. Can I ask why?"
"We couldn't sleep so we went for a walk in the garden." Rogue answered for them, as Logan was watching the new person at the table intently, his nose crinkled.
"Ah." Storm smiled at her, thinking she might not be the only one having nightmares.
"Who's this?" Logan asked gruffly. He hadn't even met him and he already didn't like him.
Storm frowned at his impoliteness. Alex just grinned, thinking it would be fun to wind this guy up. All he was doing was leaning back on his chair and the guy's eye was practically twitching. He shifted his weight forwards causing the chair's front legs to hit the ground loudly. Logan had tensed; his sensitive ears not liking the volume.
Alex stood up, matching Logan's height. He stuck his hand out.
Logan took it moodily. Alex waited till the first shake then said. "Summers."
Logan's hand tightened, Rogue gasped, Storm bit her lip to stop herself from laughing and Alex just continued to grin. Logan was obviously in shock, over a minute longer and he was till shaking Alex's hand. Marie was still gaping. Alex exchanged amused looks with Storm.
"Ok, dude. You can let go now."
Logan's cheeks reddened and he abruptly let go, Marie giggled and Storm almost fell off her chair from laughing.
"You're Cyc's brother?"
"Scotts. Yeah."
'Well that's why he smell's familiar...'
Alex was smirking at him.
"You're Logan." It was a statement, not a question.
"Yeah? How'd you - "
"Scott told me in his letters." Alex lent against the table behind him. "About how stupid looking you were..."
Logan matched the younger man's smirk. "And now he's dead."
The change in Alex was so fast, that the people in the room barely had time to notice it. His eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched. His whole body tensed and his fists got a red glow round them. Logan's eyes just had time to widen before Alex stepped forwards and shot a red beam, like Scotts, towards Logan from his hands and hit him. Logan flew from the kitchen and into the living room. Rogue immediately ran to him. The glow around Alex's fist's died down and Alex glared at Logan as he sat up.
"That was just a weak blast." He told Logan as he healed. "Offend my family again and you're ashes. The name's Havok; I think you get it.
He turned to Storm, who looked like she didn't care that Alex had just blasted Logan or that he had just broken a table. "My room in the same place?"
Storm nodded.
And Alex walked out, the three other mutants staring at him.


Ohhh, Havok's a bad-ass! Lol

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