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Getting home.

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Jean gets home.

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Anyway, enjoy.

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"Someone talking."
'Someone thinking.'
-A psychic talking in someone's mind.-


A figure stood on a rock over-looking Alkali lake, long red hair blowing in the wind. The woman closed her eyes as horrible memories over took her.
Landing here in a jet... a wall of water towering over her as she desperately tried to save her friends... dying... coming back and...killing him...
She opened her eyes, tears pouring down her cheeks. In her mind she re-played the last scene; her killing Scott.
He had shot the water to try and stop the voices, and then she had emerged from it. They embraced. He didn't care how she was there, so long as she was with him... So long as the pain stopped. They kissed. And then she... she killed him.
Jean's legs went weak and she fell to her knee's, ignoring the pain. She hated herself for what she had done. So many innocent lives lost, not to mention her boyfriend and her teacher. She touched her stomach feeling three scars there; somehow she was still alive after Logan stabbed her. She had survived again, for the second time, when all she wanted to do was die and end her pain. While she was alive after killing so many people, Scott and Professor X... were dead.
She took a few deep breaths and calmed herself down. She wiped the tears away and stood up, but as she did she felt something. Her face paled as she spun around to face away from the lake.
"It can't be..." She whispered.


Alex was sitting on his bed in his room after shooting Logan. He hadn't unpacked yet and he probably wouldn't. Ever. He would take clothes out to wear them and then when they got washed he would put them in a draw. Either that or he would leave them laying around... then complain that he can't find anything. Scott always told him off for it and he wouldn't help find the stuff Alex had lost; he said it was his own fault. So Alex would buy new clothes and then find his old ones. Storm once said that he owned more jeans than she did boots - and that saying a lot. Scott was always the responsible one and Alex was, well, the not-so-responsible one.
Alex stood up and stopped his trail of thought. He didn't want to think about that sort of stuff, he didn't want to get upset which would be hard because he was here.
There was a knock at his door. He walked to it and opened it. Storm smiled at him from the other side.
"Hey." She said.
Storm laughed, she wasn't used to hearing twenty-year-olds say that; not even the kids say it. "I was wandering if you wanted to take a look at Scott's room? Or walk around the gardens for a bit?"
He grinned at her. "I'd love to see his room." Storm grabbed his arm and pulled him down the hall, she stopped at a door.
"This it?" He looked at her. She nodded and opened the door.
Alex swallowed hard and walked into his brother's room. The bed wasn't made, there was pictures scattered over it and there was a box in the middle with more pictures. Apart from the bed and the bedside table, the whole room was neat and tidy. Alex went to the messy table and looked at the object that had been laid out. There were necklaces - their chains stretched out - , bracelets and anklets - done up to make circles - , earrings - most in pairs but some at the end that someone had obviously lost - and rings - all lined up. There was an empty jewelry box and more pictures next to the carefully laid out jewelry.
Alex pointed to them. "These Jean's?"
Storm looked at them from over his shoulder. "That or Scott's seriously messed up."
They both laughed. Storm walked over to the bed and grabbed some pictures, Alex followed still looking round the room. There was a dresser with a mirror and girls and boy's deodorant, perfume and cologne on it. An other bedside table (on the other side) with an alarm clock, a pair of red shades and Scott's sleeping goggles. There were selves of books - some Alex recognized as Scott's and the rest he assumed where Jean's - , a T.V and a wardrobe. Alex could just see into the bathroom; two toothbrushes and one toothpaste, a boys and girls shower gel but only one set of shampoo and conditioner. Alex held in a laugh, Scott had been in this room almost two weeks after Jean had first died and the toilet seat was down - that girl had his brother whipped.
"Scott was seriously upset when Jean died then?"
Storm nodded keeping her eyes on the pictures.
"Yeah, I can tell. He was never this messy."
Storm smiled, put the pictures down where they were before and turned to him.
"Come on." She said softly. "Lets go for a walk." She headed to the door.
"Can I - " Storm turned to him as he cleared his throat. "Can I see his grave?"
Storm smiled at him with sad eyes. "Of course you can, Alex."

Fifteen minutes later they were standing in front of the three head stones. Alex sighed, looked sadly at his brothers grave.
"I'm the last one now."
Storm nodded silently. Scott and Alex were orphans; they're whole family dead.
"What happened again?"
Storm looked at him startled. 'Surely, I told him...'
Alex laughed, seeing her rack her brains for the memory of telling him.
"You told me the basics before." His smile died. "But no-ones ever told me the whole story."
"Oh." Storm stopped and took a breath. "When we came back from the lake, Scott was very..." She searched for the right word. "Distraught. He found it very hard to cope." She paused. "You see, Jean was the one thing Scott was sure about, without her... it sort of." Storm made a motion with her hands.
"Fell apart." Alex filled in.
"Yes." She nodded. "At first Scott tried to carry on but there were just so many memories in the mansion for him. Everywhere he went there was always something to remind him. Jean was also speaking to him."
Alex looked at her, eyebrows up. "She was what?"
Storm swallowed. "Did Scott ever tell you about his and Jean's link?"
Alex nodded. "They're psychically connected or something like that."
"Well Jean was using that link to try and tell Scott that she wasn't dead. So he went to Alkali Lake to try and figure things out... or say goodbye, I don't know."
She frowned. "We don't know exactly what happened there but we think that Scott did something to bring Phoenix out of the lake and - " She made a strangled noise, Alex put his arm round her shoulders. "Basically she - she..."
"Blew him up from the inside." Alex stated dryly. Storm nodded then looked up sharply at Alex.
"You must know though, Alex." She said seriously. "It wasn't Jean, it wasn't Jean's fault."
Alex nodded. "I know, Stormy. It was Phoenix."


Jean had been walking for hours before she saw the town, she felt a surge of happiness as she saw the first sign pointing to the little village. As she walked in people stared at her; she didn't know whether it was because of her clothes - which was still the red outfit she had worn with Magneto - , the three scars on her stomach, the fact that she walked here when the closest town was a days drive away or that they just didn't get strangers round here. Whatever the reason, it made her very nervous.
She gasped when she saw a telephone box, running to it only attracted more unwanted attention but she didn't care as soon she would be home. She grabbed the phone off the hook as soon as she was in reach and started dialing. Then she realized that it charged. Jean groaned and set the phone down. She looked round wildly before her eyes set on a store. She sighed and walked towards it. Jean hated begging but it was her only way home.
The bell tinkled as she walked in, the woman at the counter looked up from her magazine and watched Jean wearily as she walked towards the desk.
"Somethin' I can help ya with?"
Jean gave her a smile and sent peaceful feelings to the woman.
"Yes, thank you. I'm afraid I got a little lost hiking." Jean forced a fake blush. "I got separated from my friends and I need to call them to let them know where I am."
The woman nodded, looking sympathetic. "There's a phone booth outside, sweetheart."
Jean bit her lip. "Yeah, I know. But I left my purse at the camp. I've got no money on me..."
The woman waved her hand. "Say no more." She pulled a box out from under the counter, it rattled as she set it down and opened it. The woman counted out a few coins and put them into Jean's hand. "There ya go, darlin'. That should be enough, if not ya come back 'n' tell me, yeah?"
Jean smiled gratefully. "Yes, thank you so much. I'll get my friends to bring up what I owe you - "
The woman cut her off with a laugh. "Don't be silly! It aint that much, now is it."
Jean grinned at her. "Thank you..." She trailed off.
"The names Tanya, hun." Tanya stuck her hand out. Jean shook it.
"I'm Jean and thanks again."
"No problem."
Jean walked out the shop finally feeling like luck was on her side; when she came in to this town she had a bad feeling that she would be chased out but Tanya had proven that Jean had been wrong about the little town.
Almost running to the phone, Jean didn't notice the group of men who were following her with their eyes. One of them walked to the phone booth and stood leaning against the wall near it.
Jean slide in the coins and dialed the number to the Xavier institute. One ring... Two rings... 'C'mon! C'mon.' Three rings... Four-
"Err.. yeah?"
Jean swallowed, now was the hard bit. "Bobby, is Storm around? Or Logan?"
"Err.. I've no idea where Logan's gone and Storm's out the back... Is this - You sound like... Jean..."
"Yes Bobby." She whispered, suddenly aware of the man next to her and the crowd of men watching her intently. "It's me."
"No way..."
"Bobby, listen to me and please don't freak out on me." She begged into phone.
She could hear Bobby moving from the phone, then coming back. "Jean, Storm's back in. You want to talk to her?"
"Yes, Bobby. Thanks."
"No prob, and Jean? We miss you." Then he moved from the phone to call Storm.
"I miss you too." Jean croaked.
"Hello? Jean?" Storm said in a rushed voice. Bobby had told her, That would make it easier.
"Hey Storm."
"Oh, by the goddesses! I don't believe it!"
"Ororo!" Storm instantly quietened. Jean used her first name on few occasions.
"Listen very carefully to me. There is a town a few miles west from Alkali lake. I need you to pick me up as quickly as possible, Ok?"
"Ok, Jean. "We'll be there soon, just hang on."
The phone went dead and Jean put her phone back on the hook. As soon as she did the group of men started walking towards her, she noticed this and frowned, she didn't want to make a scene but if these guys were going to start something she would have to defend herself.
She walked towards the edge of the town, but was interrupted by one of those men cutting in front of her. She moved to the side and he did too, blocking her way once again, she moved a second time and he followed. She made and impatient noise and looked at him.
"Ok, can I help you?"
He smirked and looked her up and down. Jean made a disgusted face.
"Where ya plannin' on repayin' Tanya, city-girl?"
A different man said as he came nearer. His friends followed making a circle round her. Jean stood with her legs slightly apart and her hands in fists at her side - a relaxed defensive pose.
"I offered." She said softly but so they could all hear as not to create a scene. "But she refused."
"Sure she did, sweetheart." The first man said, still leering at her.
A third man grinned, joining in the banter. "How's 'bout we pay her back for ya, and ya pay us back?"
Jean looked over her shoulder at him. "I don't have any money on me, that's why I had to borrow."
"I can think of a way ya can repay us..." The first man said suggestively.
Jean scowled then said. "It was less than a dollar."
"That works out then." Jean turned her head to the second man, who was smirking. "'Cos ya, mutie, aint worth a dollar."
Jean glared. "And what makes you think I'm a mutant?"
The man grinned, he pulled out a file and threw it down at her feet. "These do."
Jean's eyes drifted down to see a privet file on her. Her mouth went dry. "Where...?"
"Did we get 'em from?" The second man finished, he appeared to be the leader of their little gang. He chuckled. "That's for me to know."
'And me to find out.' Jean thought, grimacing.
The first man was tapping his foot. "Can we get on with this?" He said impatiently.
Jean's eyes went from the first to the second man; waiting for his reply.
"Sure, boy's. Have fun." The circle around her tightened and came closer. Jean crouched down, ready to defend and, if necessary, attack. Just when Jean was sure it was about to happen; the familiar sounds of the X-jet hit her ears. She bent fully to grab the files and then straightened.
The men around her where backing off, staring at the jet.
It landed without shutting the engine off. As soon as the stairs lowered, Jean ran towards them and up straight into the jet.
"Go, go, go!" She yelled to Storm who immediately took off. Jean watched out the window till she couldn't see the town anymore and then relaxed in her chair. Storm put it on auto and came back to see her. Jean stood, wobbling slightly, to face Ororo.
"Hey." Storm said, making the first move.
"Hey." Jean replied. They were silent for a moment, then Storm moved forwards to throw her arms around Jean. Jean returned the hug forcefully. When Storm pulled back, she was crying slightly. Jean wiped her eyes. "Don't cry, 'Ro! You'll make me start."
They both gave a small laugh.
Jean turned to the voice behind her and gasped.


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