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The Third Dream

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Ever since the beginning of the new semester, Allison begins having strange nightmares. She soon starts seeing a ghostly girl in school with a secret that could drastically change the life of anoth...

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A darkened science room of the 200 wing. Outside the window it is gray and spotting rain. The red and yellow flames from the Bunsen Burner dance on the walls and reflect off the clock, reading 3:10 PM. Two young people, one of each sex, huddled around a boiling flask.

"I TOLD you we shouldn't have waited until the last day!" says the girl. The boy, brushing his long dark hair behind his ear, sighs and continues the project. The girl slowly slips her hand over the boy's hand. The boy looks up and smiles mischievously.

"We should leave this on Mr. Verigold's desk...that'd be a big surprise for him!" says the boy. The girl rolls her eyes. "I can imagine it now..." imitating their teacher's walk, the boy struts around the lab bench. The girl giggles.

But suddenly, the boy trips. A second beaker of red fluid is spilt and drips into the boiling flask. The girl gasps, but it's too late. A red gas is emitted from the flask. A poisonous gas. "Oh shit!" yells the boy. The gas makes it hard to see. The girl hits the floor and scurries around looking for her boyfriend. He is on the other side of the room looking for the switch to the fume hood fan. The girl leans up against the mirror running the length of the wall and hides her head. She begins coughing violently. The gas envelopes her as her eyes water. She cannot see her lover or anything else...the red consumes the entire room...


Allison shot up in bed, a cold sweat dripping down her face. She looked around. It was her attic room. Thank god. The small yet comfortable space was welcoming. This was the third bad dream this month, the first month of the school year. They all seemed to include the same elements...the same boy and girl...the mirror, the red smoke...

Allison shook her head and flipped on her light. Her room in the attic was nice and small, Allison liked it being small and sure. She reached under her bedside table and extracted a small notebook labeled "Dream Diary." She flipped to the ninth page and grabbed a pen from under her bed. She began scribbling down in her chicken-scratch handwriting:

"Tonight was the most intense dream yet. Again, red smoke made the girl disappear as she leaned up against a mirror. This time it was caused by a bad science project. Again the boy was a screw-off and the girl was a pretty yet nerdy olive-skinned girl. Woke up in a cold sweat as usual."

Allison thumbed through the past few pages in her dream notebook and read the 2 most recent entries before tonight:

"I had a strange dream tonight. A Greek-colored girl and a boy with long silky brown hair were in the cafeteria when a fire broke out. The lights went to black and the boy and girl were separated. The girl was suffocating under a carpet of red gas. She disappeared after banging on a mirrored window in an attempt to escape."

A week later...

"I had another nightmare. The same Greek girl and long-haired boy were in gym class. The girl hurled a basketball at the boy, who fell against a door, which opened, and the same red gas flowed out. The girl's purse fell to the floor, and a handheld mirror slipped under her hand. She broke the mirror and blood from her finger dripped. Then the gas enveloped her."

Allison shuddered. These all meant something. Allison thought maybe her prescription needed changing. This was more basketcase-like than she'd ever been before. She shrugged and flipped off the light and buried herself under the covers again.

The lunch line stretched out the door of the cafeteria. Claire sat at the round table for 6 in the corner with Allison, waiting for Andy and Bender to come sit down. Brian had said he needed to finish a report in the library, and was thusly skipping lunch. Allison had been quiet all morning. The third dream was replaying over in her head hundreds of times. It was like she'd been warped into a horror movie, only there was no Freddy Kruger or birds pecking at peoples' flesh. Instead, it was the olive-skinned girl and the long-haired boy. Claire was reapplying some mascara and talking to Allison, although her words were directed at the air.

"So my dad finally got the balls he's been waiting to grow all his life and signed the last page making the divorce official. I can't WAIT until the custody battles begin, or course, but...Allison? You okay?"

"Hm?" Allison didn't look up. Claire smirked. She didn't know how she'd managed to overlook Allison Reynolds before. She was anything BUT easy to ignore.

"You're distracted again," said Claire.

"I couldn't sleep," answered Allison.

"AGAIN? That's the third time you said that this month!" said Claire. Allison drowned out Claire's words as she saw the red gas float before her eyes one more time.

Allison saw two pairs of shoes approach the table. One was a ratty pair of rain boots, the other a glistening pair of white sneakers. The sneakers moved to her side of the table, and Allison felt an arm go around her shoulder. The rain boots sat across from her. Allison finally looked up. Bender was giving her a look of confusion. He still didn't get her sometimes. Andy was smiling his sweet smile at her. Allison loved his boyish smile.

"You okay, Ali?" asked Andy.

"Insomnia again," Allison replied. Andy nodded in understanding and kissed Allison's forehead. Bender began talking to the group.

"I'm hijacking my mom's old Vista Cruiser and heading up into the hills for a weekend getaway if you all wanted to come. I did it a lot this summer when Claire was spending all her time in her mom's lawyer's office and you guys were busy, and I felt so hyped up after, just like sniffing up a new can of spray paint! You comin' or what?" said Bender.

"Where'll we sleep?" asked Andy.

"You can bring a tent while me and Claire'll be keepin' the car all warmed up!" said Bender smugly.

"You're disgusting!" Claire said playfully. Bender laughed as she punched his shoulder with her bony fist. Andy smiled at Allison.

"You wanna go?" asked Andy. Allison nodded slightly. Andy turned to Bender. "We're in!"

Allison looked at Bender, directly in the eye. Something about the gleam in them triggered another one of her random and painful headaches. Allison slumped forward.

"Ah!" she moaned.

Andy huddled around his girlfriend. "Ali? You okay?" asked Andy.

"I need to use the bathroom, my head's throbbing!" Allison stood up and rushed out of the cafeteria, Andy following close by in case she needed help or something. She rushed into the bathroom and leaned over a sink. The bathroom was deserted. Allison turned on the water and splashed her face twice with waves of cold water. Her headache didn't fade a bit. But as she cupped a third bit of water, her pangs of pain melted away. Allison looked up into the mirror straight ahead of her.

In the mirror behind Allison's reflection was that of a girl very similar to the Greek girl from her nightmares. She stood an inch or two shorter than Allison. Her jet black hair was VERY long, knee-length, stringy and unruly, but not without an odd air of elegance. Her black eyes struck Allison as she suddenly felt cold. The girl was dressed in a loose peasant dress that flowed like the wind. She looked about Allison's age, if not younger. Allison shivered and whipped her head around. No one was there. She turned back to the mirror, and the girl was right up against the mirror now. Was the girl INSIDE the mirror?

Now the mysterious girl was placing her palm against the mirror with pleading eyes. She mouthed a single word: "help."

Allison screamed and backed out of the restroom straight into Andy's arms.

"Allison! What's wrong?"

Allison blinked. Her headache was gone. She wasn't cold anymore. She felt as healthy as she normally did, if not a little dazed.

"I'm okay, let's just go back to lunch..."

And with those words, Andy and Allison walked back towards the cafeteria.
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