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Girl in the Mirror

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Allison's hallucinations continue...

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After school, Allison (inspired partially by Andy) had taken up an after-school activity. Her Advanced Placement Art teacher had highly recommended tech crew for Shermer's fall play of Shakespeare's Othello. Allison, despite never having done this before, was given the highly sought after job of head set designer and was also put on the running crew for the actual show. Bender and Andy were both doing things on the crew too, but they were building things for the play. Bender was doing it because the Principal had offered it to him as a deal in exchange for a Saturday detention. Andy's dad had noticed he's lost a bit of strength over the summer, so during the off-season Andy's dad kept him busy doing other "manly things." Claire would sometimes visit, and Brian too. Claire had a part in said play (Allison asked her too, she thought Claire had it in her to act a bit) as Emilia, so more often than not she was in the band room at rehearsal.

That particular day Allison was working on the bedroom for the last scene. She was painting a bedpost to look like polished oak, while Bender helped put together the back wall, and Andy was fixing a problem in the front curtain. Allison still wore her beautiful black sometimes, and today was one of those days. In running crew, you had to, so it wasn't a problem.

Today, however, she couldn't concentrate. She'd been shaken up ever since the incident in the bathroom. Allison knew she was somewhat odd before, but for some reason now she was seeing ghosts in the mirror? Why did the ghost ask her for help? Why was she trapped in the mirror?

"Hey Allison!" called another member of the art crew. "I left a bucket of burned sienna on the ladder, can u get it for me, I'm all tied up in this cord! Thanks!" Allison nodded. She looked up. The ladder was tall, not just as high as your average ladder, but this one nearly reached the top of the fly-space. Allison wasn't afraid of heights, but no one was holding the ladder under her.

"Bender?" Allison called. Bender came after finishing with the miter saw (he loved power tools).

"Yeah? Need me?" he asked. Allison smelled marijuana on him...not again.

"Can you hold the ladder for me for a minute?" Bender didn't say anything. He gripped the ladder instead.

"Times' a wasting!" he said. Allison nodded in gratitude and Allison began to climb. She climbed for about a minute when Bender gave a whoop, "Whoa! What a view!" Allison realized Bender was looking up her skirt. Pervert.

Andy called from across the stage, "Eyes down, Bender, or you'll be eating your eyeballs!" Allison loved it when Andy would yell to protect her. Bender rolled his eyes in annoyance, but Allison noticed he didn't look up anymore. She snickered and kept on climbing.

Upon reaching the top, Allison climbed from the ladder onto a platform that dangled from the ceiling. The bucket of paint was at the opposite edge. She grabbed it and started for the ladder.

Suddenly, she felt another headache. This time it was like an icicle had stabbed her in the back of the head. It felt like a cold gust was sweeping her off her feet, and she was seeing in shades, not full colors. Allison screamed. A voice echoed in her ear:

Allison passed out right there on the platform. She fell clear over the side and began tumbling toward the ground. People gasped and ran to try and catch her. Bender was the one who managed to catch her safely in his arm. Allison came to a bit.

"Wha-?" was all she could say. Then she emitted one of her signature squeaks of distress. Andy was the last one to run to her.

"Ali! Oh man, what happened?" he asked. Bender slowly eased Allison to her feet. Andy nodded in gratitude to Bender. "You're going down to the nurse."

"She leaves after school!" said Allison. "She isn't there!"

"So? She leaves her room unlocked for the janitors, come on," Andy told Allison to lean on him, which she did. Allison sucked in Andy's deodorant, which smelled absolutely wonderful. It was like sucking in laughing gas. Pleasant, and it makes you dizzy. Her headache came back as she passed the same bathroom in which she had that run-in with the mirror girl. Once she passed it, her headache dissipated. Allison stopped and looked back at the bathroom.

This was insane. Even for her.

Andy lied Allison down on a cot in the nurses' office and went to find a cup of cold water. Allison tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together in her head. But some things were missing. What the hell was going on? That was her first question, basic as it was. Allison got up, spotting a mirror on the far wall of the office. She slowly made her way over. No one was in this mirror. Allison was confused. Why wouldn't the girl appear in this mirror? Allison tapped her index finger on the glass and drew a circle in the lower right corner. Suddenly...there she was. It was as if the finger tap had summoned the girl. She was right next to Allison in the mirror. She looked relatively harmless. She even smiled a tender smile at Allison. Then she mouthed "help," again. This time, Allison shrugged.
"I can't! I don't know how!" she mouthed back. The girl pressed her palms against the glass.

"Please?" she mouthed.

Allison shook her head. She stepped back towards the cot. Once lying down, she sat up and looked again at the mirror. The girl was still staring at her, palms on the glass. The girl looked sad and lonely. Allison could feel that.

Suddenly, the image of the girl disappeared again as Andy came back with a paper cup filled with ice water. Allison's headache came back and she moaned.

"Come on, Ali. Drink this," Andy gave Allison the cup and propped up the pillow so she could drink. Allison took a sip and winced. The cold liquid didn't fall down her throat as smoothly as usual.

"I think I'm getting sick," Allison said. Andy nodded.

"I'd get a thermometer, but the nurse's medicine cabinet is locked. Probably figured Bender would sneak in," said Andy. Allison giggled. Andy's smile turned serious again. "You need me to walk home with you? Your parents won't be picking you up?"

"No, they're both busy, as usual." Allison's parents ran a dental office at home, the office on the bottom floor, their rooms above. They were one of 2 offices for a 40,000-plus town of people, so they were constantly busy. That's why they ignored Allison.

"I'll take you home and settle you in, if you're getting the flu or something," said Andy. Allison nodded.

"I'd like that," she said. Andy ran his warm palm across Allison's freezing forehead and helped her to her feet. A pair of eyes followed them as they walked out of the room...
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