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Shards and Dust

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Allison frees the girl in the mirror, not knowing what she's getting herself into...

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Andy, true to his word, walked Allison home, made her a bed out of the sofa, and made sure she was alright before he left to go back to school. Allison hoped the ghost girl wouldn't follow her home. She was shivering the entire way. Andy made Allison lie down on the sofa and laid a quilt over her.

"You'd better stay home tomorrow. I'll check up on you after school. Need me to call your doctor?" asked Andy.

"No." said Allison.

"You need anything else?" asked Andy, looking down into her eyes, which seemed to shiver along with the rest of her. The faint sound of a dental drill was tolling downstairs.

"I...thanks," was all Allison said.

"You look like you've seen a ghost. Call me if you need anything, ok?" said Andy. Allison laughed nervously. He had NO idea.

Andy bent down and kissed Allison slowly and softly. Allison felt more shivers, but then again, she always felt shivers when she kissed Andy. Andy caressed her cheek and left her alone. Allison fell asleep before long.

The boy wanders down the long, boundless hallway. No one is there. He is alone. Suddenly, the girl rounds a corner, a load of dusty books in her hand. The boy runs to her and asks if she needs help. The girl nods eagerly. They wander off down the endless passageway. They reach the top of a long staircase and begin to descend. The girl's long skirt suddenly gets caught on the spiked railing, and the girl is sent hurdling down the stairs. The boy keeps his footing and chases after her. The dust from the books flies into a whirlwind of red puff. The boy cannot see. It's dark. He is alone again.

He reaches the end of the stairwell, and the girl is gone. All that remains is the shards of a broken mirror in her wake. Shards and dust.


Allison shot up breathing heavily. The clock on the wall read 10:30 PM. It'd been 7 hours since Andy tucked her in. Her parents were in bed. Allison felt her head burst out in sharp pangs again. She made her way to the bathroom, pulled out a bottle of aspirin and took 2 of the chalky white pills. She looked in the mirror and made the circle in the lower right corner. Nothing. She tried again. Nothing. Whoever...WHATEVER the girl was, she could only appear in the school. Allison's headache subsided.

Allison knew what she had to do. Tomorrow, she was going to school and she was confronting the girl in the mirror once and for all.

Allison walked into school the next morning like usual. Andy had advised her to see her doctor instead of coming to school, but she had to make sure she really wasn't hallucinating and the girl in the mirror was just an in figment of her imagination. She hoped a good night's sleep would cure her visions. As soon as she stepped into Shermer High, her headache came back. This one was brutal. She could barely see straight. Nevertheless, Allison made her way into the nearest girls' bathroom. Again, it was completely vacant. She made her way to the mirror. Her head was pounding so hard, it was excruciating. She saw nothing in the mirror. She drew the circle in the lower right corner like before. Allison's headache subsided as the Greek girl appeared again. So, Allison's "good night's sleep" theory was for shit. The girl smiled at Allison. Allison began shaking.

"What do you want with me? Leave me alone!" Allison said, trying to sound threatening. The girl looked offended and shook her head as if to say "calm down."

"Help," the girl mouthed. Allison thought helping the ghostly girl would end this strange nightmare. But how? Did the girl want out of the mirror? How could she possibly free her? Break the mirror?

"How?" whispered Allison. The girl pressed her palms up against the glass. Allison thought a moment and followed suit, putting her own palms up against the girl's. The girl smiled. Allison suddenly didn't feel the cold glass, but flesh. Not warm flesh, but flesh all the same. She had penetrated the mirror. A willowy olive hand wrapped its' fingers around Allison's as she stepped back. As if in a dream, the Greek-looking girl stepped out of the mirror into the real world. She was thin, almost sickly so, clad in white, her long tangled black hair was feathery like a breeze. Her lips were brown and plump. Not at all gorgeous, but there was a mystique about her that mesmerized Allison.

Allison went back to touch the mirror, but it was all glass. What the hell had just happened.

"Your free, now leave me alone!" said Allison, completely confused. The girl shook her head.

"I can't leave you alone," she said. Her voice was interestingly quiet, but not whispery.

"Why not? I set you free from wherever the hell you were! Go home, you're parents are probably worried!" said Allison, turning to leave.

"My parents died last year."

Allison turned around. "Huh?"

"They died last year, in 1958."

Allison looked at the girl. "'s 1984. Not 1958."

"Oh? There's no time through there," said the girl, pointing at the mirror. "You don't age, you just exist."

Allison had to stick a finger in her ear. This girl wasn't real. She couldn't be. She wasn't.

"Who ARE you?" asked Allison.

"Anneliese D'Amato. Class of '60," she replied. "I've been dead for 25 years."

Allison was losing it. This girl, Anneliese D'Amato, really WAS a ghost? Great, Allison was being haunted.

"I'm Allison Reynolds," she introduced herself. Anneliese smiled.

"Call me Anne. I need your help."

"With what?" asked Allison.

"I'm not in heaven or hell because I needed to see my intended true love one more time."

"Intended true love?" Allison wanted to barf. This was such a campfire ghost story.

"Everyone is born with an intended true love, someone who if they marry will be perfectly happy together until death do you part. I knew my intended love, but died before marrying him. I want to see his face one more time, then I promise I will never bother you again."

"Well, let's get out a phonebook and see, eh?" Allison groaned.

"I do not know his name. But I know he is alive and living in this city."

"Fuck. You don't know his name? Damn! How am I supposed to-?" Allison stopped short. Anne looked sad. Allison sighed. She was certainly going to the psyche ward for helping a ghost girl who died before marrying her boyfriend.

"Please?" asked Anne. Allison groaned.

"As long as you see him and get out of here, I still don't believe you exist!" said Allison.

"Fair enough," said Anne. Allison led her about the bathroom door, walking into the real world for the first time in 25 years.
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