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The Ghostess

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Getting to know a ghost girl isn't easy...

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By the end of the day, Allison had still not fully come to terms that she'd been hired by a ghostess from 1959 to help find her "intentional true love." But Allison did enjoy talking with this Anne girl. She was a loner in school until she met her "true love." She'd forgotten his name because her memory of it was erased when she died. But this girl in desath seemed very lively and almost an alter-ego of Allison. She had a lot of strong opinions about things and seemed fascinated to know what the past quarter-century had been like (she seemed to laugh at the Watergate Scandal, Allison didn't know or WANT to know why). When she apparently refused to enter heaven or hell, she was trapped into the school's mirrors and forced to wander until Fate chose someone to see her to set her free. Apparently, Fate chose Allison to be able to see Anne. Allison had no idea why. This would've made a kick-ass Hitchcock movie.

"I didn't think ghosts were supposed to be real," said Allison.

"Only a few are chosen by Fate to see spirits, and that's when help is needed. You have something in common with me no one else in the world has. Flaunt it. Own it! Having common ground with a ghost girl isn't a daily occurence!" said Anne.

"What's that?" asked Allison.

"We have to find out ourselves!" said Anne. Allison looked at her feet and kept walking.

By last period, Allison was only slightly afraid she was going loony. Anne, seen by no one but Allison, sat near her in all her classes. Allison was careful not to tell anyone about Anne either.

Allison and Anne wandered down the hall together to their last class, when Allison bumped into Andy, who was walking with Bender and Claire (the trio had gym together). Andy looked surprised to see Allison there. Anne stood by.

"You were supposed to be home in bed!" said Andy, scolding her like a father scolds his daughter. Allison stood her ground.

"I took some aspirin and felt better, ok, Dad?" said Allison, smirking. Andy smirked back.

"Ah, as long as you're ok. Coming to tech this afternoon? That is, if you're feeling healthy enough," he asked.

"Yeah, I'm in."

"Want to come over to my place after if your parents are busy again?"

"They will be, so yeah, what are you having for dinner?" asked Allison.

Meanwhile, Anne found herself transfixed to Bender. Who WAS he? She studied the way he held that redheaded girl's hand. Why did she seem to know the gleam in that eye? His feathery hair with that one gray streak in the front. His large nostrils...his height. Anne was hypnotized. His aura blinded her, it gave her deadly chills.

"I'll see you at 3 for tech crew, ok? Take care of yourself!" Andy gave Allison a peck on the lips, then turned to Bender and Claire.

"Get a room!" said Bender jokingly. Anne felt a lightning bolt strike her heart, which stopped beating long ago. That voice melted her ears! Anne was transfixed. When Claire, bender and Andy took off down the hall, Allison turned to Anne, who's eyes were opened as wide as they could be.

"Who was he?" asked Anne, looking like a cow in front of an oncoming train.

"Andy Clark, on the wrestling team," said Allison. Anne nodded, her gaze following Bender down the hall. Of course, Anne was unaware Allison was talking about the short blond boy and not the tall brunette she was referring to. Anne double-blinked. His last name was Clark, he couldn't be who she was so mesmerized by. It didn't sound familiar enough for anything to happen. Her shoulders sank.

"Come on, ghost girl, we'll be late!" said Allison. Anne would be sure to follow Allison to tech crew if Andy Clark would be there.

But who would care what a ghostess thought anyway?

That afternoon, Allison took Anne to tech crew. By then, Allison was all but unfazed by the fact she had a ghost metaphorically hanging off her. Allison told Anne to be careful, things got dangerous.
"I'm a ghostess, I'm already dead!' said Anne. Of course, Allison had forgotten. Allison got to work painting a backdrop of a Naval Marina. Anne scanned the room for signs of Andy Clark (really, Bender). She found him working with a blond boy in a letterman's jacket on a ledge up in the fly-space. Anne felt a bond with him even though she'd never met him. Almost a supernatural bond. She wanted a closer look.

Anne closed her eyes tightly and muttered to herself "Make Andy Clark come to me!" The picture of Bender in her head, Anne made the wish.

A loud crack sent the entire tech crew running around. The ledge on which Andy and Bender were working was snapping under their weight. Bender yelled "Jesus Christ!" Andy just yelled.

Anne gasped. She'd misspoken the command. She had forgotten that he needed to be on the ground before bidding Andy Clark over to her. But why were both sides of the ledge cracking? If the spell had been true, only Andy's side would have collapsed. The blonde boy would have been safe. Wishes were extremely specific. She was confused.

Andy's weight training paid off, and he was able to hang on. Bender was slowly slipping. Anne panicked. Allison ran to Andy.

"Hold on! Andy hold on!" she called.

Yes, hold on Andy! I want no harm brought to you! Anne whispered to herself, staring up at Bender. Anne quickly muttered something else under her breath. "Bring them both to the ground safely!"

No sooner were the words spoken then Bender's hand slipped and the ledge gave way. Andy and Bender fell the 50 or so feet into a hamper of old backdrops Allison had quick-mindedly placed under them. They were shaken, but overall unharmed. Anne sighed in relief.

Meanwhile, Allison didn't know what came over her. One minute she was calling out for Andy, then, almost involuntarily, she found a hamper of mangled cloth and somehow managed to place it under the boys as they fell that huge drop. Allison didn't even remember seeing the hamper 2 minutes ago. Odd.

Andy climbed out of the basket, visibly shaken. "What in God's name was that?!" he exclaimed.

Anne felt guilty. The blond boy was visually upset. Andy, however, was acting much cooler about the whole thing.

"I always wanted to fly," he mentioned after regaining composure after a few seconds. Two girls started giggling from across the stage. "Peter Pan over here had the tights, the hair, now he's got the wings!" he said, pointing to the blond boy. Several people laughed. The blond boy blushed. Anne had to laugh too. Andy had a way with words.

Both boys were alright. The director, nearly having tons of paperwork to be done, wanted everyone to stay safe. The rest of the tech session was cancelled due to the fact that without the platform, the lights couldn't be finished. Allison found Anne sitting in the front row.

"I'm going to go eat with my boyfriend. Does it matter that you can't come?" asked Allison. Anne shrugged.

"I have an activity planned for the evening myself," said Anne, looking wistfully at Bender. "But I must be in your presence again at midnight or else we both will end up trapped behind a mirror."

"Why me?" asked Allison.

"You and I are bonded now. If I'm imprisoned, then by the laws of nature, so are you. So don't go hopping the next train to Chcago, ok?"

Nature?! A loudmouthed ghostess talking face-to-face with Allison Reynolds was ANYTHING but natural!

Allison nodded. What a day!
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