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My Romeo

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Allison spends time with Andy, while Anne prusues her own love...

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Allison liked getting away from her own life and visiting Andy's house. It was like stepping into another universe. Allison's house was tense, lonely, and boring. Andy's house was something you'd find in a comedy sketch. Lighthearted jokes, the blowhard dad who always had a short fuse, and plenty of attention for everyone awaited Allison when she stepped into the nice Tudor home Andy lived in.

That particular evening, as a slow, cool drizzle fell outside, Allison could smell the welcoming aroma of slow-roasted chicken. Andy's mom was the June Cleaver of Shermer. Allison loved every morsel of Kitty Clark's cooking. She loved everything about going to Andy's house. The atmosphere, the food, the laughing. Andy and Allison fell into kind of a routine when they visited Andy's house. Dinner, talking with Andy's parents and older sister (Pam), then they'd go up to Andy's room for awhile. But though most couples would take advantage of the time b y taking off clothes, Andy and Allison always felt too awkward to make out, so they'd turn up his stereo and just talk. Bender would always make fun of them because they'd been in a relationship since spring and never went past first base. Allison was a slow mover, but Andy didn't seem to mind. Tonight's intention was to get her mind off the whole ghost story unraveling before her eyes. Maybe after emerging from Andy's house, she'd realize she'd been hallucinating all this time and "Anneliese" was merely an illusion with a voice.

Andy pulled out a chair for Allison next to him at the dinner table. Andrew Clark Senior peered out from behind his newspaper. "Pretty soon you're gonna be dependent on us, Allison! Have you not heard of Popeye's?"

Allison snickered. Andy's father always seemed cold and unfeeling, but he was only playing around. After a few beers (he was already half-done drinking one) he'd loosen up and become like your favorite uncle at a Christmas party. Kitty Clark was at the stove, heating up some gravy in a pan. She turned when Andrew Sr. mentioned Allison.

"Hello, dear! It's getting chilly out. Would you like some hot cocoa with your meal?"

Allison shook her head. "Do you have any tea?"

"Green, Earl Grey, or White?"

"Earl Grey," decided Allison.

"Milk or sugar?"

"Sugar please," said Allison. Kitty smiled sweetly. Now all she had to do was wait for Andy's older sister, Pam. Pam was an interesting character, if not annoying. Two years older than Andy, Pam had flunked out of college as a freshman and was a fairly mean whore. She had more "boyfriends" than Bender had "girlfriends" and she always had "job applications" that her boys would always need to come up to her room to help her on. And while Andy Jr. and Kitty saw through her disguise, Andy Sr. didn't. Allison found her annoying.

Pam came waddling down the stairs within a few minutes. She was very pretty, but once she opened her mouth, you'd wish you'd never laid eyes on her. She was rude, manner-less, and she just didn't give a damn. She took after her father, whereas Andy Jr. was more concerned and generous like Kitty.

"Ugh, is the insane asylum escapee eating here again?" Pam moaned as she took as seat opposite from her father. "I'd have thought you'd be back in the coo-coo hut by now."

"Go eat shit, Pam!" barked Andy.

"Hey! Watch your tongue, young man! There are ladies in the room!" said Andy Sr. Andy sank back and looked at Allison. Allison had decided to ignore Pam. She wasn't worth the time. Somehow, Anne had managed to stay in Allison's mind, and she kept inhaling the sweet aromas around her like nitrous oxide...maybe it could but thoughts of the ghostess to sleep.

Kitty broke up the world-be argument by placing the huge chicken in the center of the table, all carved and ready to eat. Andy Sr. immediately took a huge chunk of dark meat in plopped it on his own plate. Then he took another...and another...

Kitty cleared her throat. "Darling, maybe Allison would like some dark meat?"

Allison shook her head. "Actually, I like the wings." But Andy Sr. had already taken one. Allison managed to grab the other before Andy Sr. got his fattened hand on it. Andy Jr. grinned. What reflexes! Andy Sr. seemed unabashed, but he stopped hogging the meat and let everyone else have some.

The meal ended before Allison knew it. Pam went "out" (it was all she would say), and Andy Sr. had his beer and newspaper. Kitty asked if she could make cookies for Allison to take home. "Such a shame to not have any home-cooked meals!"

Allison nodded. "My mom will leave me leftovers, but yeah, we NEVER have cookies!" Kitty nodded and got out the cookie sheets while Andy took Allison up to his room. Andy's room was what anyone would expect of a jock. Newspaper clippings from the sport section were practically the wallpaper of the far wall. The rest of the room was baby blue, like the school colors. Andy's letterman's jacket was sprawled out on a chair in the corner.

Andy shut to door behind him. Allison sat on the edge of Andy's bed. Her lips were dry, so she began licking them. Andy sat down next to Allison. He'd forgotten to turn on the stereo.

"Sorry about my sister pulling that old condom out from under your seat, that was gross," Andy apologized. Allison continued licking her lips. Andy began to notice.

"It's okay."

Andy continued focusing on her lips. Allison continued licking them. Andy suddenly leaned in for a kiss. Allison kissed him back. Soon, Allison and Andy got carried away as they fell off the bed and begun wildly making out on the floor. Time was lost.

At the exact same time, Anne stalked Bender (who she still thought was Andy) around town. She was surprised he didn't immediately go home. He simply walked around on the sidewalks downtown for hours, only stopping for a cigarette or to get a pack of gum. Anne was always 3 steps behind him. Oh, how good it felt to be in the real world again! Shermer had changed so much since she'd been alive. But she wished Andy could see her. That was one wish she couldn't make happen. She couldn't wish for death, to go back in time, for money, or to be seen by anyone other than her host and helper (namely, Allison). It was 8:00, she had plenty of time before having to get back within the sight of Allison. If they both were trapped in a mirror, neither of them could escape, and both their chances of happiness would be destroyed. Typical, she had a curfew even after being dead. The life of Anneliese D'Amato!
Anne loved the mist that fell that evening. It was romantic, soft, it made Andy's hair shimmer when he walked under a streetlamp. It was odd how the rain fell right through her. But still, Anne stalked Bender/Andy like a hawk. She still didn't get what was so magnetic about him. Something was, however. She knew that much. But Andy couldn't be her true love. He was to young and "Clark" didn't ring a bell in her head. Once she heard a last name that sounded familiar, she'd immediately have her answer.

Bender finally went inside a building. Anne followed him inside, hoping it wasn't a mirror shop. It was a restaurant/bar with the glowing neon sign flashing "Barbie's Grill and Bar." Anne remembered that place from the '50's. It used to be a sleazy bar where all the drunks went regularily. What did Andy want in here? Anne wondered. Inside, the lighting was dim and in shades of red. The air smelled of ribs and beef. Soft music played in the air, a pop-type song Anne was unfamiliar with...she could tell the vice was female, and kept going ":Romeo, Oh!" and stuff like that. Anne found this kind of music infectious, yet kind of annoying. Her feet started walking to a beat as she finally found Bender in the crowd of waitresses and diners. She didn't want to start dancing, though. God knows the Hand Jive was past it's prime by now.

Bender/Andy stopped. Anne was about 5 feet away by this time. There was the girl. The redheaded girl with short hair and a thin figure from before. She wore the waitress uniform. Anne stopped short. Why did Andy look at this girl that way? She'd thought/hoped she was his sister!

"Hey Claire. Almost done?" asked Bender. He was amazed Claire had gone through with the job. She had said she wanted to be more independent. And so she was.

"My shift end in five. Wait for me?"

"I'll walk you home."

"Thanks babe!"

Babe? Anne blinked back a tear. Claire and Andy were leaning into each other. THEN they kissed. Anne let out a small cry of disgust. Stupid PDA people. No respect. None --sniff-- at all.

Anne had to step outside. So, Andy had a lady already. Why hadn't she seen this coming?
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