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A West Wind

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Anne and Allison need to meet again before time runs out!

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Grimacing at the sight of "her Andy" with another woman, Anne fumed as she headed back inside after a moment. Her skin turned red. Anne felt like she'd wandered in vain. True, the entire time he wasn't her intended true love, but Anne felt like her was. His tall robust frame was stunning, his gorgeous eyes were piercing, and his hair was what made him seem familiar. His voice made Anne's ears melt. Her unexplainable magnetic affection for a complete stranger had made her forget why she was here. To find her intended true love, kiss him, and be set free from the mirror's curse forever. Anne was a prisoner. Allison would no longer be her mistress, and while she wouldn't be able to go to heaven or hell, she no longer would have to worry about being leaning on a mirror and falling in. She'd be free to explore the world and the universe (ghosts didn't have to worry about breathing!). She could travel back in time and possibly be able to relive her last day so that she wouldn't have gotten in that car...

Anne, however, was not thinking of all this right now. Instead she got Bender's picture into her head and muttered, " May Andy Clark do something embarrassing in front of his girlfriend right now!"

"Andy! What the hell?" Allison suddenly sat up, drenched in soda. Andy had bumped his head against the bedside table, knocking over the full can of soda right onto Allison's head. She was sticky and smelly. Andy shot up and turned beet red.
"I'm so sorry, Ali!" he apologized. Pam came in the room.

"Smooth move, sport-o!" she laughed.

"Hey, what happened to your 'meeting'?" asked Andy.

"He's coming over here, get over it," Pam said as she turned and left. Andy rolled his eyes and turned to Allison.

"You can use my shower if you want," he offered. Allison nodded and got up. Suddenly, she didn't care about the soda. Andy grinned at her. Allison grinned back. They leapt onto each other and continued their make-out session.

Allison forgot every ounce of that day or Anne, or the fact it was already 10:50.

So, the wish hadn't worked. Anne wondered how Andy had managed to NOT get laughed at for making Claire trip, which brought him tumbling down, right onto the floor. Instead, people rushed to help them. Backfire. Anne sulked and moaned in frustration. Claire and Bender were now hand-in-hand walking back to his house. Anne, of course, followed. Anne wanted to wish something bad for Claire, but she was afraid of more backfire. Instead she walked 10 feet behind the pair. Maybe once she were back at her Andy's house, she could find a reason why he was so randomly attractive to her. Anne could barely stand Claire holding her Andy's hand.
Anne followed every twist and turn they made until they came upon a one-level house that looked like it was 150 years old. Anne could have sworn that she knew this house. Andy and Claire started walking up the steps. Anne began sweating in anticipation, something inside her head was going crazy as Andy began to open the door. Talk about an obsession!

From a few streets down, a bell began to chime. Anne's attention was averted to the small clock tower (Shermer's pride) barely visible in the night sky. It was 11:30. Anne gasped. Time was extremely low. She had to find Allison quickly.

Anne began running down the street. Fuck. She wishes she could fly. But surprisingly, a normal ghostess like Anne couldn't fly. Only ghosts from heaven or hell could beat the laws of nature and fly. Anne was an earth ghostess.

"I swear, when I'm free I'm gonna give the guy who invented gravity a piece of my mind!" Anne mumbled under her breath.

She didn't know where Allison was. Maybe she could meet her back at the school...

Allison shot up again as she heard Shermer's clock tower chime 11:30. Time was up. 30 minutes and she'd be a mirror ghost along with Anne. She stood up.
"I have to leave. See you tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" Andy was deliriously happy. Allison was a good kisser. "Don't go, stay the whole night!"

"I have curfew!"

"I thought your parents wouldn't care?"

"They lock the doors at midnight and go to bed!"

"Midnight, that's a ½ hour away!"

Allison ran down stairs and out the door. "See you tomorrow, Andy!"

Andy was left sitting there in his bedroom. Allison sure left in a hurry...

Where the hell could Anne be? Allison thought on her feet as she ran. What was life like in a mirror? Did people speak backwards? Walk backwards? Did people read in reverse? Allison decided to run to the school. Anne might think she would be there. It was her only chance (and choice). She had to be sure it's was the choice to go with. One screw-up and Allison was a ghostess. Allison decided she had no time to think and hopped on a motorbus passing by going the right way. It was better than running. Shermer High was across town from where she was. The motor bus could get her there just in time.
Meanwhile, Anne ran like the wind. If there WAS a wind tonight, it could carry her to the school faster. Anne wasn't exactly and aerodynamic person. Her huge and long hair, not to mention her long flowing white dress didn't help her case. Why did she have to dress in her biggest and best dress the night she died? Couldn't have been jeans or a simple t shirt! Anne kept running around. She wished she hadn't lost track of time. She also wished she could wish herself to the school (another earth ghost prohibition). Instead, she wished she was an even faster runner. Her swift feet suddenly went faster. Anne caught sight of a clock nearby...ten minutes until midnight! Anne squinted her eyes and wished for a wind. A minute later, a swift westerly wind blew in, and Anne grinned as she grew even faster. She was a mile away from the school with 9 minutes until it would all be over...

Allison arrived at the school first. One minute to go. Shit. Maybe Anne wouldn't have wanted to meet there anyway. But there was no where else she could go. All Allison had to do now was close her eyes and wait. If within the next 45 seconds she found herself behind a glass wall, she knew Anne hadn't found her. Allison tensed her body, tucked her chin in, and breathed heavily, waiting.

15 seconds to go, and Anne had made it to the school. The back of the school that is. Anne had literally no time to run to the front of the building. She quickly ran with the wind around the gym. With 5 seconds to go, Anne found Allison sitting there, looking like she was sleeping. Allison had to lay eyes on Anne or else it wasn't legit. Anne yelled, "ALLISON! LOOK WEST! QUICK!"

Allison's head popped out and looked to where Anne stood. At that very moment, the Shermer clock chimed midnight. Nothing happened. They were safe. Both girls sighed at the same time.

"That was close," said Anne. Allison just nodded. "Eat your heart out, Father Time!"

"I'm tired. Let's just get to my house, ok?" Allison suggested.

"I'm not tired. Ghosts don't sleep." It was true. Anne smiled at Allison.

Allison nodded uneasily. Both girls headed in the direction of Allison's house to settle down for the night.
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