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The Fifth Dream

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More secrets reveal themselves...

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"Shermer High School's Junior Prom: 1959!" is what the banner reads above the gym. Couples dance gaily on the floor, the men are in informal tuxedos, the girls are in long and whirly dressed in solid colors of all types. A bubbly doo-wop song plays as the couples dance. One girl stands out; despite the fact that almost no one knows who she is. She is in a pure white gown slit scandalously up the thigh, and her skirt seems to billow out twice as far as anyone else's when she spins in the arms of her date. Her delicate frame would otherwise be long amongst the hundreds of girls dancing around her and her boyfriend. Suddenly, the main couple stops.

"Let's get out of here!" says the boy. The pretty girl nods happily. They slowly exit the gym and make their way out to the boy's car, rust bucket of a car, but a car just the same. The boy helps his lady into the passenger seat, then he himself gets in and they drive off. It's a tranquil night out.

Suddenly, a car with a drunk man in the front veers into the wrong lane. The girl screams as the boy tries to maneuver his way around. But he can't. He ends up driving into the back of the school the couple had just left minutes ago. The brick wall crashes in around them. Red dust clouds up the boy's vision from the bricks that he has destroyed. The gym is a separate building, so no one is hurt. No one that is...except the girl. The boy, who has miraculously survived the crash cannot find her anywhere. The only evidence among the red cloud of wreckage is her lily white corsage, which he finds under a pile of broken mirrors.


For the fifth night, Allison shot up in bed, her head aching and another red-cloud dream stuck in her head. Allison looked around. Anne was in a corner, looking out the window. Wait a minute, if Anne's free now, what's with all the dreams?

"You liar!" said Allison. Anne looked over.

"What did I say?" asked Anne. "I TOLD you I don't do sleeping spells! I'm not a witch!"

Allison rolled her eyes...her head throbbed more. "I thought when I got you out of the mirror, my headaches would stop and so would the crazy dreams!"

"I never said anything about your headaches. When I find my true love, I'm not the ONLY one who will be set free!" Anne smirked. She thought Allison had read the fine print. "As for the dreams, THAT one wasn't crazy!"

"What do you mean?" asked Allison. Anne sighed and looked at the floor.

"That one really happened to me. The others were fabrications, but now that I'm here with you, the one you just had was truthful, the reason I'm not alive right now," Anne said with little shown emotion, as if she'd told the story 100 times. "It explains the stupid prom dress I'm in too. Why couldn't I have died in a pair of sweatpants I'll never know!"

Allison was awed. So, the girl in the dream WAS Anne. Which meant...the BOY in the dreams was her true love!

"Anne, who was the boy in my dream with you?" she asked quickly.

"You never see his face."

True. He'd always had his back turned or his face was blurry.

"Sorry, nice try. But dream diaries don't solve THIS problem!" said Anne. Allison grunted. "Why don't you try going back to sleep?"

"Can you TRY to get rid of this headache for me?"

"I don't know how to do that. I can make them less frequent!" said Anne.

"How?" asked Allison. Anne started mumbling to herself something Allison couldn't hear.

"There!" said Anne proudly. "I made it so you will only get headaches from now on if trouble is coming!" Allison was relieved as her headache now slowly faded. No trouble now.

"Great, now can I get back to sleep?"

"I'll try and make sure I don't invade your dreams again, go ahead!" said Anne. Allison sighed and turned over in her bed. But she didn't go to sleep just yet.

"Anne?" asked Allison.

"Yes?" asked Anne.

"Is there a time limit on this mission of yours?" Allison asked.

"Not technically. Most preferably before the end of my true love's life, that's a given. But if he dies before I find him, I technically will have him again. But I won't be free. I will have to stay in Shermer Illinois until the end of the world."

"What's so bad about that?" asked Allison.

"Imagine staying in a single town, not being able to explore the rest of the universe! Would YOU want that?" asked Anne.

"I guess not." Allison yawned and fell asleep again. Anne smiled at her mistress and went back to staring out the window, her Andy's image in her head the entire night.

The next afternoon at tech crew, everyone was made to do their work safely on the ground. Again, Anne hung around an unsuspecting Bender. Andy worked alongside him. Even if she couldn't make herself visible to him, she wanted to toy with his mind a little bit. Might as well have some fun! But she was still confused. Why did everything she wished on Andy affect the blonde boy too? Were they blood brothers? No, they looked nothing alike.
Anne closed her eyes, got Bender's image in her mind, and muttered "Make Andy Clark have a fetish for Greek girls!"

Suddenly, both boys' heads popped up, and at the same instant, the both said to the other, "You know Greek girls seem to be hotter than other girls!" Then they looked oddly at each other.

Bender spoke. "This moment never happened."

Andy nodded in return. "Gotcha."

Anne cursed under her breath. Spells could only work on one person at a time! As long as the image in the head matched the words...

Wait a minute. Wait a fucking minute. The words! Anne thought long and hard for a moment. Had she been pursuing the wrong guy? No! It couldn't be! But it could...

Meanwhile, Claire had come to visit with Allison while she took a quick break. They talked casually as two stronger boys lowered a 10-foot steel I beam horizontally from the ceiling. That redheaded girl Anne hated so much. Anne had to find out who the one she called "Andy Clark" actually was. Andy Clark was the blonde boy Allison liked. The tall long haired one wasn't a Clark after all. Anne ran over to where she'd seen Bender drop his knapsack. She found his wallet in the lower left pocket. Thumbing through all the pictures of Claire and his friends, Anne couldn't believe her eyes when she came to his drivers' license. John Bender.

No. It couldn't be. The name...Bender. Anne couldn't believe her eyes. This was him! No, it couldn't be him! Could it be his father? Or maybe-

"OW!" Allison yelped. Her head started throbbing worse than it ever had before. Wasn't that supposed to mean something now? But her head hurt to much to even think...

Anne suddenly stood up tall. This whole time Allison lied to her. She lied to her about Andy-Bender! She'd been attracted to this boy for a damn good reason all along, and yet she was so confused, so bewildered! Allison knew all along! And that Claire girl! This must have happened with her true love, because if Anne's calculations were correct, her one true love was married, and therefore...Claire, and Allison, and...oh god, Anne was so tormented! She let out a huge scream. Only Allison turned.

Anne was so pissed. Betrayed by the one who set her free. Anne, without thinking, muttered under her breath, "Let the I-beam fall on them!" As soon as she spoke the words, she slapped her mouth shut. What the hell had she just done?

The ropes holding the I-beam began snapping. Allison and Claire were right below. Anne began running at the girls. This was not good.

At the same time, Bender and Andy noticed the falling I-beam. All within 3 seconds, the I-beam was loose and falling, Anne tried to warn Allison, but her screams only blended with the sharp cracking sounds of the ropes. Allison and Claire were like deer in headlights, they couldn't move. Anne ran closer. Bender and Andy leapt at the girls. Andy shoved Allison while Bender pushed Claire. The girls went rolling out of harms way, and the I-beam fell with a huge, sickening "THUD!"

Allison and Claire were lying on the floor in shock. The other techies were too wide-eyed and afraid to move (one guy finally ran out to a nearby pay phone to call an ambulance). Only Anne was mobile, running to the fallen I-beam where Andy and Bender were trapped under, unconscious. A pool of blood lapped at her knees as she kneeled. Anne caressed Bender's head in her lap as she wept and cursed herself ten times over. Soon sirens and whistles blared as Anne slowly witnessed the next few hours knelt on that stage. Andy and Bender, declared still alive but in bad condition, were rushed to the local hospital. Allison and Claire, almost like two widows, cried and hugged each other as they followed their respective others to the hospital (Allison didn't even recognize Anne was around). Policemen lined the stage with police tape, and within 3 hours, all was cleared out and abandoned. All that was left on the stage was the I-beam, and the little Greek ghostess kneeling where she'd been all along.
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