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Room 289

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Poor Anne feels guilt...

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Allison spent the entire night in the ER waiting room with Claire. Bender's parents didn't show, but for a long time Andy's parents waited with the girls. After a few hours, they dozed in their seats. Bender was just knocked out with a few broken ribs. Andy, however, had required some major surgery on his knee, and a rib punctured his lung. Allison felt Andy would do the same for her if she'd been the injured one. So she and Claire waited. Allison had passing thoughts of Anne and how it grew closer to her midnight curfew, but most of thoughts lied with her ailing boyfriend. At 11:10, Allison finally caught a glimpse of Anne. Her reflection was in a framed photograph on the secretary's desk. But Anne never sat down. She barely checked in.

Anne felt like purposely throwing herself into the mirror. Allison would be rid of her for good then. Anne just had to wait another 25 years for another person chosen by Fate to see her. Not an exciting picture, but still, Anne deserved this. She'd been so pissed off. Only after the two boys where carried away did she realize that it was a misunderstanding between herself and her mistress. Anne had cried hard. Her tears burned right through the stage floor (a ghost's tears were 100 times more acidic than a human's). Anne sighed and perched on top of the small television mounted in the corner. She wanted good news as much as Allison did.

At 2 AM, Bender awoke from his coma and was asking for visitors. Claire and Allison, followed by Anne, went into the room. Bender was hooked up to an IV line, but he had no breathing tube, and other than a few scars on his face, he looked as if nothing had happened.

"Bender? Bender, are you alright?" asked Claire.

"My head kills. Gimme some doobage?" he replied. Allison snorted. Claire shook her head seriously.

"You're going to be here a few days. Do you know what happened?"

"Yeah, I remember pushing you, and then blacking out."

Claire smiled. No signs of amnesia. She gently put her arms around Bender. "I'm so glad you're ok!" Anne grinned momentarily. Her Bender was okay.

"Me too!" Bender looked at Allison. Anne, meanwhile, silently slipped away. "How's Sporto?"

Claire sank her head. "He fared a lot worse, Bender. He's been in the OR for six hours. No news, good or bad." Allison gave a little squeal of agony and lied down in a fetal position on the empty bed next to Bender's bed. Claire shed a single tear for her.

"What a night! One minute I'm sawing wood with Sporto, the next I'm rescuing a damsel in distress, and the next I'm dancing with cross-eyes pink pot leaves in LaLaLand!" Claire giggled. Allison yelped from her bed. She reverted back to her old self. Her socially inept basketcase-like self. Her Andy was in danger of maybe dying down the hall and they were making cracks about LaLaLand! Allison squinted her eyes shut, but kept her mind conscious. She didn't need one of Anne's fucked-up dreams/headache combos to strike now.

She listened in on Claire and Bender talking for a few minutes with her eyes shut tight. Then, she felt a cool, comforting breeze wafting over her. Allison sat up. Anne stood at the end of the bed.

"Room 289. Go there, Allison," said Anne solemnly.

"Why should I?" Allison retorted.

"Room 289, Allison," said Ann in a demanding tone. Allison groaned, got up, and left the room. Anne did not follow. It was one of those times The Living had to be left to themselves.

Allison wandered around until she found the 200 wing. She found 289 easily. It was marked by a huge double door and a sign above the doorframe reading, "Recovery Room 1." Allison gasped in hope as she went inside. 5-7 gurneys were lined up in a row, each one held a patient waking up from surgery. One gurney in the furthermost corner held her Andy. He was half-conscious and looking around. Allison ran to his side. A nurse was walking toward Andy with a clipboard at the same time. Allison pushed her out of the way rather forcefully. She wanted to be the first woman Andy saw when he woke up.

And so she was. Andy blinked and saw the somewhat blurred yet still unmistakable image of his Allison standing over him. He felt her gloved hand slip over his cold one. He smiled and nodded. His throat was sore for some reason, so he couldn't speak. The silence spoke volumes.

"Thank you. If it weren't for you, I'd be in your place," said Allison. Andy nodded as if to say, "It was nothing." The nurse Allison pushed aside looked flustered as she finally reached Andy's gurney and replaced the IV line and took some stats. After she left, Allison pressed her face softly up against Andy's. The breathing tube in his nose got in the way, but Allison found a way around it. Allison never felt more relieved in her entire life.

Anne smiled as Andy was wheeled from the Recovery Room to the same room as Bender. Allison was smiling tenderly. Anne felt like her guilt melted away. Allison was happy. Therefore, so was she.

The day broke earlier than usual. All four students and the ghostess decided to skip school (Andy and Bender had no choice, but Allison and Claire chose to stay out). As both boys slowly came to normal, the four students laughed, shared stories, and made fun of teachers. Anne smiled and listened. Occasionally, she'd whisper a few witty words in Allison's ear, and Allison would say these allowed. These jokes Anne made seemed to be accepted with the most laughter.

Towards noon, things had quieted down. Claire and Bender ate lunch, and Andy had fallen asleep after his parents visited for awhile. Anne took Allison aside.

"Ask Bender for his father's first name," said Anne. Allison gave Anne a weird look. "Please?"

"Are you sniffing something?" asked Allison, grinning.

Anne nodded happily. "Not just sniffing, inhaling! If it's the right name, I have my answer!" Allison wished she could hug Anne, but to touch, Anne was just air. Allison stepped up to Bender's bed.

"Bender, can I ask you something? What's your father's name?" asked Allison. Anne perked up.

"Jagoff Bender Sr!" said Bender.

Anne sulked. Allison rolled her eyes. "I'm serious!" Anne smacked herself in the head. A joke! What a dumbass she was turning into!

"My dumbass dad's name is Jack. Jack Bender."

Anne fainted.
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