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Weeping Willow

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Anne chooses between life, love, and friendship...

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Claire wanted to stay a little more with Bender (truth be told, so did Anne, she a million and a half questions), but Allison felt like she needed some sleep. So, after kissing Andy for what seemed like an eternity, Allison and Anne caught a bus back into the suburban part of town. Allison had a feeling Anne had a ghostly heart attack after hearing the name "Jack Bender." Anne knew who her true love was. John Bender's father. Allison didn't exactly see this as an easy situation though. If Anne had known what her old boyfriend had reverted to, well then, Anne wouldn't exactly be happy. Allison knew she had to tell Anne the fact that her once true love had not only married and had a son, but he kicked the shit out of the both of them.

Anne herself, after reviving, wasn't all hyper like Allison expected. Anne seemed almost remorseful. Her thought process was just as confusing as Allison's was.

"It's not like I shouldn't have realized that Jack would have moved on, but every person has one intentional true love who they can be happy with forever. Many people never meet theirs, so they marry someone else and get divorced after awhile. I was Jacks...are he and this new woman still together? How bad is it?" Anne was talking to Allison. "It can't be too good. Although I know Jack wouldn't be stupid. He might be trying to make it work. He's not one who'd break his woman's heart."

No, but he'd be one to break her neck, thought Allison.

"I want to touch his lips one more time," said Anne. Even if he's with another woman. He's the only one I ever loved."

Allison nodded, thinking of ways to beat around the bush. Anne, your 'true love' is a horrible wife beater and child abuser.

"I know who everyone's intentional true love is, and sometimes now it's fun seeing people kissing and seeing how wrong they truly are for each other! I know, for a fact, that Claire and John Bender are not intentionals. Claire has a guy waiting for her in Miami and John Bender's going to meet a girl in Chicago in a few years." She wasn't just saying this. It was true. Allison's ears perked up. That means she knew if Allison was meant to be with Andy!

"Anne...what about me?" asked Allison.

"Nice try, but I cannot tell people to their faces who they're intentional match up is! Sorry, thanks for playing the game!" Anne beamed. She had one up on her mistress! Allison groaned. Of course. She knew it seemed too easy.

Allison had indeed seen what Bender's father did. Over the summer, they quintet (minus Claire, who spent the summer in her parents' lawyers' offices being a 'witness') had driven out to the Rockies for a period of about 3 weeks, and when they returned Bender's car, his dad, drunk as a skunk, was already outside, boiling mad. Bender told the others to go down the road and he'd meet them there. He never appeared. Allison curiously had snuck back, and she'd witnessed such a horrible, screwed up man beating his son. The next day, Bender had a huge gash on his face when he met them at the old drive-in. Ever since, Allison had wanted to see Bender's father dead head on a silver platter. Allison never told anyone what she saw, only because she herself was so disgusted. She could only imagine if Andy, the honorable/protective one of the group, got wind of it, what he'd try to do to Jack Bender, and how he would no doubt fail miserably. She never even imagined a time where a girl as innocent and fun as Anne could have loved him.

Anne sighed happily. "I need to know how I can get into his house and kiss him! Then I'll be free and happy again!"

KISS HIM? Whoa...THAT wasn't in the job description!

"Anne, you never said you had to KISS him!"

"I do, and I want to! I actually am quite excited to see how my Jack-Jack has changed these past 25 years!"

Jack-Jack? Anne was ga-ga in love! This wasn't making it easy for Allison to tell Anne the truth! Allison had one idea. She reached above her head and pulled the red emergency-stop cord. Allison took Anne off the bus and walked about a block to Bender's house.

"You're taking me there now?!" said Anne in surprise. "Oh thank you! I wasn't going to be able to last very long!"

"We'll look in the window to see if he's home," said Allison. Both girl and ghostess climbed quietly onto the porch and looked in the window. Allison smiled as she heard a crash. He was home.

Jack Bender, looking like his son would in a few decades' time, stumbled into the visible room through the window. Allison ducked out of view. Because Anne didn't need to, she studied the man in the window intensively. He looked different. Something about him was dead. His eyes lost their glow (which appeared to now be contained in bags underneath). His feathery hair, while still long, was TOO long and graying fast. He carried a beer bottle and looked like he was searching for something...or someone.

"He's more aged than I expected..." muttered Anne. "But it's what inside that counts, right?"

Allison nodded solemnly. Anne continued her investigation.

Jack Bender shouted something. "BRENDA!!!" Anne cringed at his voice. It lost it's crooner's texture and was now a raspy old man's.

A blonde woman wearing too much makeup and what looked like a too-small t-shirt came out of the hallway into the room. Anne blinked. She looked like a whore!

"Jack?" she asked meekly.

"Where the fuck are my cigarettes?" Anne gasped. Jack had been against smoking for the longest time when they were dating!

Allison bit her lip as the scene continued.

"Jack, I don't know! Maybe the boy nabbed them again!" said Mrs. Bender.

Anne looked at Allison horrified. "The boy? John Bender?" she asked. Allison nodded. Anne gasped. When she and Jack talked about the future, they both had said that if they had babies, they'd be the happiest people on earth!

"I'll kick his sorry ass from here to Rio if he don't come home soon!" said Jack. Anne's head sank and cried her acidic tears.

"He's such an ungrateful wretch!" said Brenda. Jack suddenly backhanded Brenda across the room. She flipped over the coffee table with a scream. Anne cried out again.

"Shut your fucking mouth, bitch! I'm hungry! Turkey pot pie, make it snappy, you slut!" Anne couldn't take this anymore. He beat his family and didn't appreciate them. He'd made a complete 180-degree turnaround since she died! (Wasn't he a vegetarian too?)

Anne slumped down onto the deck and moaned. "My Jack...he' beautiful, wonderful Jack!" was all she could say. Allison got down and crawled beside her.

"Go in there quickly and win your freedom, I'll be out here-"

"-NO!" Anne yelled. Allison sat back.

"Why? If you just sneak in there and peck his lips, you're free! Just like you always wanted!" Allison began crying too, but she had to be quiet in case Jack heard and came outside.

"It's NOT WORTH IT! My Jack moved on, but he's not happy! He's cold and mean and scary! I'd rather be trapped in a mirror until the sun explodes than see this scene again! That man in there," Anne turned towards the window. "He's not my Jack-Jack. He's an adult!" Anne practically spat out the word "adult."

"What did you expect?" asked Allison.

"If he'd married, I was hoping he'd at least try to make things work! For my sake! He's forgotten me! I can't do it!"

"Anne, it's okay, you can do it! All your dreams are a simply kiss away!"

"It's not worth it. I may not have a heart, but that doesn't mean I can't feel heartache!" Anne curled up into a fetal position and began rocking herself back and forth.

"So, you won't free yourself?"

"I can't!"

Allison felt selfish. She couldn't help but think that if Anne didn't kiss Jack Bender, then Allison would be doomed to have headaches, midnight curfews, and bad dreams until kingdom come! But she understood Anne all the same.

"Can we just go home?" asked Anne. Allison nodded. Then a sudden pang in her head stopped her in her tracks.

"AH! That hurts!" Allison's head ached again. Allison decided to ignore it. She scooped Anne up into her arms and walked down the porch steps. Anne let herself go limp in Allison's arms and hung there like a corpse. She was nothing but a tuft of air, after all. Allison wanted to cry too, but she didn't want Jack or Brenda to hear her.

Suddenly, Anne was hurled from Allison's arms as she tripped over a paving brick that had come loose. Allison went sprawling to the ground with a yelp and Anne fell on her back several feet away.

:What the hell? Who's on my lawn?!" Jack yelled from inside. Allison screamed as Jack, looking like Satan with his red face, a steak knife grasped in hand, came outside and saw Allison there. "Well well, missy, you know what I do to trespassers on my property? I SHISH KABOB them!" Allison screamed.

"Run, Allison, run!" yelled Anne, getting up and sprinting down the block. Allison tried to get up, but she more like stumbled down the lawn. Jack pursued her quicker. Allison wasn't going to make it. She curled up and cowered.

Anne, watching this close by in tears, shut her eyes, and got the vision of Jack Bender in head...

"I'm sorry, My Jack-Jack...let the weeping willow fall on Jack Bender!" Anne yelled. Suddenly, the old weak willow tree near the house snapped at the roots and fell. Allison scrambled to Anne's feet as the tree fell. It was big enough to kill Jack, but Jack leapt back, and only grazed his front as it crashed. Anne pulled Allison along and they hid behind a nearby house.

"Fuck you!" Jack said, but he got up and went back into the house. Allison, shaken turned to thank Anne, but she was already half a block down the road. Allison shed a tear as she watched the haunting figure walk slowly down the street, her huge hair flowing in the wind behind her like a parachute, her white prom dress doing the same. It was a hauntingly beautiful figure with a heavy non-existent heart walking down the road. Allison walked alongside her all the way home.

Not a word was spoken.
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