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Best for You

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Bender ponders over his decision.

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When Allison got home from the hospital, she found Anne looking through her old sketchbooks and watercolor journals.

"You're a really keen artist!" said Anne. Allison, silent and sad, nodded.

"Yeah, that one's from fifth grade. I got Artist of the Year for that." Anne nodded.

"I see."

Allison nodded, the pressure to scream out loud welled up inside her. Anne seemed so innocent, so happy in her decision. Allison was pissed. All this time, Anne had been 'me, me, me!' Now she suddenly thinks of someone else? Allison growled and slammed her coat on the floor. Anne jumped a mile off her seat. "WHAT THE HELL?!" she screamed.


"What WAS that back at the hospital? How did COULD you...have you lost your mind?!" Allison began sputtering out.

"You should talk!" Anne remarked, standing up. "I'm doing something for someone else for a change. Don't argue with me, I know what I'm doing!"

"No you don't! The one thing you've wanted for longer than I've fucking been alive, and now you sacrifice it on a whim?"

"It wasn't a whim! Trust me, Allison!"

"I'm doing what's best for all of us! You're so selfish!" said Anne.

"ME? SELFISH? No, if I were the selfish one, I'd be arguing about me! I'm concerned for you!" Allison ripped off her shirt and quickly threw on an old ratty t-shirt.

"You're SELFISH, because I'm finally doing the right thing! You're not concerned about me, you're pissed off because all the trouble I've put you through is in vain! I'm FUCKING SORRY! But you gotta move on! This IS what's best for me! It'll benefit Bender, Jack, me, you, everyone!"

"Did you ever stop and think about what will happen to you if he says no? Did you ever think about how you can never be free now that someone else has seen you? You are such a dumbass! What will happen to you if Bender doesn't take up on your offer?" asked Allison. Anne was about to retort, when she looked at her feet and sighed to herself woefully.

"I don't know."

But she did. She did know.

Back at the hospital, Andy had been wheeled down for some X-rays of his body, and Bender and Claire were left to talk to each other, and what else to talk about but this new opportunity?

"I still think they're giving me too much of that numbing stuff," said Bender.

Claire smiled. "I think she was real." Bender looked up at Claire and shook his head.

"That's what you get from watching one two many Disney movies, princess!" Claire playfully nudged his arm (so it wouldn't hurt). "But do you really think she can sent us back in time and give me a better life?"

Claire shrugged. Bender closed his eyes and revisited what the scrawny little Greek girl had said:

"I must let you know that I will only be human for three days. I have a proposition for you in the meanwhile. You do have only three days to make it. After those three days, you will forget I exist...all of you will. I had a chance to be free. To be able to explore the universe and be free and unlimited. In order to gain it I had to kiss your father. I cannot bring myself to that. He's an ass, if you'll pardon me! I am flesh now, but for sacrificing my freedom I have also been given a chance to go back in time to the day before I die with my memory intact. I died in a car accident with your father at the wheel. I can reverse time back to 1959. You all will be unborn, time will rewind as a whole. You all will not be alive, having yet to be born, but I will. I can avoid getting in that car and save my life. Bender, your father is my intended true love. Which basically means if I live, it is guaranteed we will get married. I can save my life, marry your father, and have you as my son instead of Brenda's. It will still be you, born on the same day of the same year. But your father and I will be happy, which means you can be too. Think about it, no abuse, no misery in your life. You'll be a better person with a happier life. The rest of you won't be affected, I promise..."

Bender opened his eyes. Claire was running her hand over his softly.

"So, what are you going to do?" asked Claire. "She said the rest of us won't be affected, so only worry a bout yourself, okay?"

"It's so much to think about!" Bender said.

"Everyone wishes they could go back in time and start over. You can!" said Claire.

"On the one end, my dad won't be nearly as much an asshole as he is, which would make ME less miserable! We might live in a better house with a little more dough to burn, and I might not be lying here in this lame hospital feeling like a dependent!" Claire giggled. She could tell Bender was never a fan of being humbled.

"Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?" remarked Claire.

"But then again, I might change. I might not be, well, me. Instead, I might be an Andy, or a Brian. And while that might not be as bad as it SEEMS, that means I might not have gone to detention last spring," Bender said. "In a way, we'd all be a little more miserable if we'd never met. Am I right?"

"I guess you really do have a hard decision!" said Claire.

"You know, I can get by the way I am now, but will I really be happier being in a different family setting? I mean, look at Sporto and his dad, not really much difference there between him and me. Dork Boy nearly killed himself because his parents cared too much. And you missed out on a whole summer because of your parents' divorce! Only me and Allison have really sucky home lives. But we manage to get by, don't we?"

Claire nodded.

"Fuck, now I sound like a goddamn philosopher! I need out of this stupid hospital!" Claire laughed as Bender crossed his eyes.

"So, what's it gonna be? A happier home life or a happier social life?" asked Claire.

"I honestly don't know, Claire, I really don't."

Bender took Claire's hand in his. Claire pressed her forehead against Bender's. "I hate thinking!"

"Do what's best for you," said Claire. The door opened as a male nurse wheeled Andy back into the room and settled him in bed again. Bender smiled.

"So, what's the deal?" he asked Andy.

"I'm healing, but I might not be able to wrestle in the ribs are gonna be tender for awhile," said Andy.

"That sucks," said Claire.

"No," said Andy. "It's cool. It's what's best for me!"
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