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The End of the Beginning

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The decision is made, and a new beginning emerges...

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By the time Sunday rolled around, Allison and Anne were still at odds. Anne knew she'd go to the hospital an hour before sunset to hear what Bender chose. Allison was still pissed how Anne finally chose to grow a heart after so much suffering. In the meantime, Allison spent most of her time visiting Andy. He was slowly recovering himself, but unfortunately his dad kept trying to rush the therapy process so Andy could get back to wrestling. Andy blew him off, and Allison was proud of him for it.

Anne met Allison in front of the hospital an hour before sunset. Anne looked at the red horizon and sighed.



"What will happen to you if he says no?" said Allison. Anne looked at her feet.

"You'll never see me as a ghostess again," Anne said. Allison bit her lip. Was she going to turn to dust or something? Anne didn't say another word more, and just opened the door and let Allison walk through it first.

In the hospital room, Bender was propped up in his bed. Andy was eating a bootlegged roast beef sandwich Claire brought for him. Brian had even showed up, sitting in a chair by Andy's bed. When Allison and Anne entered the room, everyone looked at the duo.

"Well, you weren't dreaming, John," said Claire.

"Damnit," was Bender's reply. Anne avoided Bender's eyes. She saw too much of her lost love in them. She'd break down again if she looked in them.

"Who's she?" asked Brian, standing up looking at the dark, delicate girl in the odd clothes next to Allison. Anne looked at the new boy she'd never seen before, and felt something inside her warm up. Anne blushed and looked away from Brian, who flashed his braces at her.

"Long story," said Allison. Anne nodded. Good answer.

"So, are you a foreign exchange student?" asked Brian. Anne laughed.

"You'd be surprised how foreign this day and age is to me," Anne answered. Brian shot another silver-lined grin. Anne gathered up the courage to walk over to the window bed where Bender was with Claire. She sat on the edge of his bed. Even as a mortal, she seemed weightless, barely causing a wrinkle in the sheets.

"Have you made your decision?" asked Anne. The sun was only half above the horizon now.

"I've decided to check myself into rehab. I'm getting addicted to the morphine!"

Anne rolled her eyes. "A sense of humor. Like your father," Anne muttered. Bender twiddled his thumb.

"You said he wasn't always miserable. What was he like before...half-miserable?" Bender asked. Anne sighed woefully.

"You look exactly like him. He was smart. He got great grades-"

"-like you, Brian!" said Claire. Brian blushed.

"He was very charming. He always knew what to say and has great style..."

"Like you!" Brian said, pointing at Claire.

Anne smiled and thought some more. "He was strong and protective..."

"Like me," suggested Andy. Allison nodded.

"Although, he WAS a bit mischievous and sometimes crept people out with his strange eating habits!"

Allison squealed. No one needed to tell her that was her trait.

"He was an unstoppable man who could have reached for the stars had I remained with him. It makes ME feel guilty sometimes, thinking if I never got in the car, he'd still be that same man I knew in high school back in the fifties," Anne said. "I guess that man is still here now, but in five people instead of one."

Brian was inspired. This girl knew what to say. Anne turned to Bender, "Well, John? I need your decision!"

Bender sighed. Her speech just now made him feel soft...and he didn't like soft feelings. "What you just said made a lotta sense. I guess we're all unstoppable together. But if I chose to change it, then it might never have happened. I might have a better home life and all, but then I'd a cherry-minded goody two shoes and THAT isn't me no matter HOW many times I'm reborn! Then I wouldn't have met these dingle-berries here today!" Everyone chuckled. Bender was still Bender, even during this sappy moment. "I wouldn't change that for the world!"

Anne nodded. "That's exactly what Jack Bender would have said!"

Allison suddenly squeaked. The sun was now just a sliver in the sky. Time was running out. Anne walked back up to Allison and kissed her cheek.

"I owe you so much. Thank you for all you did for me," Anne said.

"I'll miss you!" Allison felt herself crying. "Please don't leave!"

Anne smiled. "I have a feeling you won't miss me too much!" Anne embraced Allison.

"I won't forget you!" Allison murmured. Anne tried hard to restrain her own acidic tears. Allison then walked over to Andy and held his hand. So this was had been surreal when Allison first helped Anne escape the mirror. Now it was surreal that things were going back to normal.

"What'll happen to you?" Allison asked one last time. Maybe now Anne would answer her. But Anne didn't. She just shrugged, sighed, and turned toward the door.

Anne began to leave, when Brian shot up. "Wait! Where are you going? I'm still VERY, VERY confused by all this...but why are you leaving us?"

Anne looked into Brian's eyes and smiled tenderly. Brian felt a thrusting motion in his chest. So did Anne.

"I have to go," was all she said. Anne kissed Brian's cheek as well. Brian felt a warm tingling where she's kissed him. Anne left the room without looking back. Allison looked out the window as the sun disappeared from the sky. The lights suddenly went out in the ward. Three nurses went flying down the hallway.

"The power's out!" said one.

"What was THAT?" said another.

"We need to get the generator on...QUICK!" said the third.

"Oh god, what's happening to that girl?" shouted the first.

"She's GLOWING?" wondered the second.

"She's GONE!" yelled the third. The power suddenly came back on, and all was normal. Allison buried her head in Andy's shoulder, and Andy, still a little dazed, patted Allison's head and pulled her closer.

No trace of Anneliese D'Amato was left.

School the next day was a shitfest for Allison. She felt empty knowing Anne was gone forever, probably a pile of dust being carried with the wind.

During lunch, Allison, Claire, and Brian were sitting in their spot (the other two were still hospitalized). Allison was silent. Claire and Brian talked softly with each other.

"She seems depressed," said Claire. "Must have been that girl from the hospital."

"She was beautiful. I felt something as soon as she walked in the room," Brian added.

"Brian, you're such a romantic!" Claire remarked. Allison was off in her own little world. For the first time last night, she didn't have a nightmare. She dreamt about something she forgot about now. Allison took a bite of her peanut-butter and carrot sandwich, when suddenly, she was truck with her throbbing headaches.

"Ah!" she moaned. Anne was gone...why was she still getting a headache?

"Al, what's wrong?" asked Brian.

"I just need to go to the bathroom," Allison said softly. "I'll be back." Allison got up and wandered down to the nearest girls' room. Her headache intensified as she stepped inside. Suddenly, her headache dissipated. Was Anne still fucking with her head? Allison dashed to the mirror on the wall and looked within.

Suddenly, someone appeared out of the corner of her eye. She was no longer dressed in her sad, sweeping prom gown, but in a t shirt, love beads, and jeans. Her one flowing hair was now cut shoulder-length and straightened. She wasn't pale, but now the tanned Greek skin color that went with her jet black hair. She waved to Allison, who whipped her head around and grinned.

There stood Anne. Completely human. Allison ran to Anne's side and embraced her tightly.

"Anne! What the hell?!" Allison cried.

"I told you after sunset you wouldn't see me as a GHOSTESS anymore! I've been given life again, Al!" Anne said proudly.

"But how?" Allison inquired.

"For my sacrifice! I was willing to give up everything for the well being of another! I'm now completely independent of you, I can do whatever I want! I don't have a curfew! I'm now an 18-year-old girl with blood in her veins and a beating heart! I'm mortal!"

"Oh, I'm so happy for you!" Allison said.

"I told you that you wouldn't miss me too much!" Anne said, laughing. "Gotcha!"

"I'll kill you for that!"

"No you won't! I'm mortal. If you kill me, then you'll get arrested like everyone else!" Anne said. Allison wanted to cry. "Now you and your friends will have to put up with my annoying jokester antics 24/7!"

"Oh crap!" Allison said sarcastically.

"Your nightmares and headaches are forever gone too...except when I want you to explain something to me...I'm not used to these 'boom boxes,' or what you call 'MTV'!"

"I'll put up with it!" said Allison. Anne nodded and looped her hand in with Allison's. "Let's go introduce you to everyone!" Allison proposed. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!"

Anne smiled and opened the door for Allison. The pair went happily walking down the hall towards the cafeteria, when Anne spoke again. "Speaking of which...that boy with the he dating anyone?"
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