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A Rain Of Ashes Descends

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A cups of tea and a girl with eerie emerald eyes.

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A/N: You'd better thank me! I'm rushing my maths homework just so I can post this for you guys! And Silvana if you say on bloody word about what I told you this morning I swear MCR won't be the only ones living on the murder scene...glares threateningly She knows I love her really...
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Chapter 9
A Rain of Ashes Descends

Ray stared back towards the doorway that Gerard had just shot out of, his arm shooting out to stop Mikey from running after him seconds later.
"I need to find Gerard..." Mikey half whimpered half yelled, tears still cascading down his cheeks.
"No." It was Bob who answered as he finally torn his eyes away from the dead body of a woman he'd spent years respecting. "You won't be able to find him but he'll come back when he comes back." He told them gravely, as he began to herd them all back down the stairs.
Frank sighed in frustration and regret as Bob closed the door with a bang behind him and shut out the scene that may have just tipped their best friend over the border into insanity. "But we have to do sommot!" He growled "We can't live here with..." He was about to say 'Donna's body in the loft' but trailed off as he saw Mikey's appalled face.
Ray looked at them all, they all looked so pained and he guessed he did as well. "Guys you know what? We're gonna go downstairs and we're gonna have a cup of coffee and we're gonna all sit down and talk about this rationally for once." He muttered as he started down the stairs, well aware that 'rationally' was something My Chem didn't do amazingly well.


Gerard lifted his head from his hands; his cheeks streaked with tears and looked at the little girl in front of him. Her long, black hair was swept away from her face with two plaits that met at the back of her head and the emerald eyes that stared sadly back at him were almost doubles of his own.
"What?" He asked her quietly "Who wants me dead?"
"My Mama," She replied simply, crossing her legs and sitting down on the floor opposite him as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She was so naïve that it was almost possible to mishear the news she brought. "My Mama who knows you're here and knows your name. But I don't know why." She mused quietly.
Gerard glanced at the child infront of him incredulously but the freaky similarity to him was scaring him slightly. "Does she know my Mama's dead?" He asked her, his voice dropping with sorrow.
She cocked her head to one side slightly "But your Mama isn't dead." She told him "If your Mama was dead the flower would lose another petal. She does that." The little girl murmured, stroking the flowers white petals affectionately. "And besides, Mama would have said something - she always does when she hurts you."
"What's your Mama's name?" He wondered a loud to her.
"Her name is Melaina Kerry Walker." The girl told him proudly. "And I loved her when I was small and before she started to hate you."
Gerard's breath caught at the use of a name he hadn't heard in ten years, the last time he'd heard it used it had been at her funeral. "But she's dead..." He reasoned "Mel died ten years ago."
"You ever seen a dead girl walk?" A voice asked coldly from where the girl had emerged before. It was followed by the figure of a woman who'd grown up immensely since he'd last saw her, but her eyes were filled with hatred and Gerard took one look at her and ran, ran away back to the house because the look in her eyes was terrifying and he knew if he'd stayed a second longer he wouldn't have escaped with his life.


"Mama?" The small voice that echoed down the sweeping staircase from the landing above was one filled with doubt. It was answered seconds later by the click of boots on the marble floor as Melaina appeared from the living room, her long, midnight blue dress dragging on the floor behind her.
"Yes Kaela?" The woman asked, brushing dark hair back from her eyes as she looked up towards her eight year old daughter, grasping her ivory white teddy bear like a precious jewel.
"Mama who are you hurting?" She questioned, her green eyes filled with worry and care that Melaina hadn't been able to claim in years.
"A man who deserves to be hurt." She answered simply "Now go back to bed, it's almost midnight."
The little girl remained where she was, her curious little spirit not satisfied by the answer she'd been given. "But why Mama?"
"Because." Melaina told her daughter, her patience wearing thin. "Now go back to bed Kaela!" There was something in her voice that warned the child not to argue so she trouped sadly back to her bed, where she buried her head in her pillow and waited for the dark to come back and consume her and her care for this man she'd never even met. But she had reason to care because she knew that once her Mama decided to hurt someone, they were dead.

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