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Swim In the Calm Tonight

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You're not Donna

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Chapter 10
Swim in the Calm Tonight

Bob stared into his coffee, his mind had gone completely blank since seeing Donna's body and the discussions of the others were flying completely over his head. He felt like he shouldn't even be there and dreaded the moment anyone went to ask him a question. As it was, to Bob's relief, Gerard dashed into the kitchen like he had the world's population of fangirls behind him, slamming the door as he came.
"What the...?" Mikey asked, looking up from where he'd been talking to Ray and Frank.
Gerard sat down with a thud, tipping the chair's back legs off the floor as he landed hard. It took a while for him to get his breath back before he told them what had happened. Once he'd finished his story, pausing to catch his breath every now and again no one seemed to register who the hell Melaina was, until Mikey sucked in a breath as it dawned on him.
"Oh!" He said suddenly "Like the girl you went out with at college? Who died?"
Gerard nodded "Yeah, her but she's not dead, she's here and she has a daughter."
The rest of the room exchanged glances "But why were you running if she went out with you Gee?" Frank asked, tipping his head to one side.
"Because she now apparently hates us and will do anything to kill me." Gerard told them straight. "As for why or where the hell we are I reckon we should go and find that out for ourselves."


Gerard walked slowly up the stairs to the loft, he was going to get to the bottom of this if it killed him and maybe his mother's now slightly dubious dead body would help. But as he reached the door he heard soft sobbing coming from inside. Pushing it open he stepped in quietly to see his younger brother sitting in the corner, tears running down his cheeks as he stared at his mother's body.
"Mikey?" Gerard asked, dashing over to his brother's side "Mikey, its okay." He told him slowly, glancing back down at the body as he saw the flaws he hadn't seen through his tears before. The woman's hair was just a touch too dark and her glassy eyes were off colour. That wasn't the body of his mother; she was at home in Newark, probably worried sick about them.
Mikey glanced up at him incredulously "Our mom is lying dead feet away from you and you're telling me its okay?" He asked, his voice tinged with anger.
"No, I'm telling you its okay cos that's not our mom's body." Gerard said simply "And please believe me Mikey, just trust me and look again."
Mikey looked sceptical and went to look back but Gerard stopped him "Wait, you're not trusting me; you'll just see what they want you to see." He muttered "Mikey please." There was a pleading honesty in Gerard's voice that convinced Mikey to look properly for the first time. He looked back carefully and stopped the faults that Gerard had seen before him and suddenly the blood splattered walls looked less real and the room looked less threatening and foreboding.
" did you know?" Mikey stuttered.
"I had some help." Gerard smiled, and then his smile faded as he glanced at the corpse. "Melaina did this and she's going to pay." He murmured, his voice layered with venom. "But we ought to give her a proper funeral before we leave."


The five men stood in a semi-circle around the woman's grave. When they'd dug under the ash they'd found the ground was a crimson red coloured sand which went down further than any of them cared to dig. They'd lowered her body into the pit and filled it back in, spreading more ash from the thick layer that already covered the ground over the top and then planting a cross made of two of the twisted ash's branches tied with string.
They'd stood in silence for a while now but it wasn't uncomfortable, just thoughtful as their minds reeled at what was happening to them and tried to work out who would have killed the woman. All but Mikey and Gerard whose minds were filled with doubt into Melaina, Mikey couldn't understand what she had against his brother; they'd always been so close. But deep in his heart Gerard knew although he swore he would never say.
Bowing his head he whispered a short prayer to a god he didn't believe existed before looking around at the others.
"Rest in peace." He murmured to the dark earth and around him he could hear them all repeating the same thing before one by one they all trouped back to the house. And by tomorrow morning they will have left, taking only what they might need as they trekked down the huge driveway and out into the unknown and the lingering fog.

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