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So Stay Sweetly Numb

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This is the story of a shattered life...well part of it

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A/N: Okay hope you guys like this chapter as it's the one I've really been wanting to post for a while now...oh and I really need to get writing cos now I'm only like one chapter ahead of you gulps Not good...
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Chapter 11
So Stay Sweetly Numb

'She looked at me, her eyes were watering and then I knew that this was about to end'

"Gerard?" The was so much doubt in her voice and it made him turn around from where he'd been putting Smashing Pumpkins 'Siamese Dream' into the stereo.
"Yeah?" He asked, looking curiously at her, with emerald eyes reflecting concern.
She sighed and sat down on the sofa, looking uncomfortable and nervous, shaking her dark hair out of her eyes. "I have to go."
He tipped his head to one side and looked confused "You have to go where...cos if you mean home I can give you a li-"
She cut him off, not looking up at him, instead gazing into the cream carpet that covered the Way's living room in New Jersey - hell she loved Newark so much, she'd loved it since she'd come to the Home here when she'd been just four years old. "No, I mean I have to leave, Newark, New Jersey, everyone...and you." She told him quietly, her voice breaking with unshed tears and regret.
Gerard paled brushing his black hair out of his eyes as he shook his head "You can't...why?" He faltered.
She gulped, he looked so sweet when he was confused but then again Gerard looked sweet anyway, she'd been going out with him for two years and she would throw it all away for this? He'd never put a foot wrong and they'd never once had a major argument and hell she loved him so much. But...
"I just have to go; I'm already out of college..." She said unsurely "I dropped out."
"But why?" He asked her, his face was a pit of devastation and he looked so lost she could feel her heart melting but the little voice at the back of head was still reminding her why she had to go.
"Because..." she bit her lip as she began to weave the lie she had crafted, her heart so heavy laden with guilt at lying to him like this. "Because they've found I have an Uncle in California and he wants me to go and live with him there. But it means leaving all this and Gee I am so sorry but I don't have a choice...he says he'll pay off all my college debts and if I don't take it I'm gonna end up locked up."
Gerard went quiet, turning away from her as he picked up the CD and ran his fingers over it. "But you could come visit." He argued, still not turning around to look at her and for some parts she was glad, it means she wouldn't have to lie to his eyes.
"I'm sorry Gee..." She trailed off before taking a breath and walking back over to the front door and as she opened it and stepped out into the pouring rain her parting words were "I love you, but it'll never be anything but memories now."


Gerard bit his lip as he remembered that day, it was a month later before they started the search for her and by then it was too late. The only thing he could remember was pain, cutting agony at her lies and the fact she was gone. He hadn't been able to stop loving her though but the moment he saw her here something had sparked inside him which he couldn't describe but he was sure it was revenge...even if he tried to deny it. He felt Mikey glance at him seconds later before muttering something to Frank and out of the corner of his eye Gerard saw the younger man nod and look pained as they trekked on through the fog and the thick trees. It had taken them about half an hour to walk all the way down the huge, sweeping driveway to the twisted metal gates at the bottom. They had been faced by a tangled mess of stooping oaks and ash, entwined by holly, its berry's glowing red in the sunrise. Bob had led into the forest as he was the only one who had a half decent memory for places, Ray and Gerard following him with Frank and Mikey at the back. Everyone had been silent for most of the trip wrapped in their own thoughts - all apart from the youngest members who had stayed at the back and talked quietly for most of the walk so far. Gerard guessed they'd been going on for about two hours now and his long coat kept snagging on holly thorns; it had ceased to annoy him about an hour ago and now he was just living with it.
Seconds later Bob stopped and as they all came to a halt behind them there was a gasp rise up from the back as they saw why. Stretched out infront of them, only a few feeble trees baring their way was a huge city. It spread out over and down into the gigantic valley that swept away in a gentle slope from their feet, a massive, concentric complex, like a maze with all the buildings circling away from the cluster of golden building in the centre, catching the Sun and turning them crimson. Around the towering city walls, four gates were positioned, each on its own compass point and they all followed the highways that rushed down from the hills right into the heart of the city, paved with granite and flawlessly designed.
"Hell..." Frank muttered "Gee I think we found out where we are..."

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