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Chapter 21:Start Stabbing Yourself in The Neck.

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Lilee discuses a bad dream.

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"I bet you five bucks." Jon said.

"They won't last. It's obvious. They see each other once and BAM! They're instantly in love!" Ryan said. "That's not possible."

"Yeah it is." Jon replied.

Spencer and Skye walked out hand in hand.

"HA!" Jon yelled. "IN YOUR FACE! Now pay up."

Ryan shook his head and walked out.

"What was that about?" Spencer asked.

"Oh, nothing." Jon grinned. "So, how's it going with Skye?"

"I truly regret what I said about her." Spencer said. "I love her." He smiled.

Skye got closer to Spencer. "I love you too."

Jon laughed. "This isn't normal." He said.

The two got closer until they started making out.

Jon stuck his tongue out. "I'm gonna go hang out with...anybody who's willing."


"I don't know if she can make it?" One of the muffled voices said.

Lilee looked around the room. In a hospital, Brendon by her side and doctors. She let it sink in.

"Brendon, wh-where am I?"

"Lilee, sweetie, you're in the hospital." He said softly.

"Why? Brendon why am I here?"

"You passed out last night, in the bathroom."

"But...the baby..."

Brendon shook his head. "They're still trying to figure out why you passed out."

Lilee started to cry.

"Umm, we're gonna have to ask you to leave." One of the doctors said.

Brendon gave him a nasty look. "You can't do that!"

"You have no choice. The law."

Lilee struggled to sit up. "I don't care!!" She yelled. "He...can't...leave!!!" She screamed.

"Calm down! This isn't good for you!" The doctor said to her.

"I don't friggen care! He..can't....leave." Everything began to darken. Brendon's voice screaming her name got quieter until she finally gave up and passed out again...

Lilee immediately woke up. "Oh god...." She pushed he hair out of her face. "No, it was just a dream. Just a really bad dream."

She looked at the clock. "2:37." She said to herself. She looked at Brendon, who was fast asleep. "I'm not gonna tell him. It's no big deal." She laid back down and went to sleep.


"I'm so excited!" Kara exclaimed.

"I don't see why not! You're getting married in exactly a month!" Lilee said.

"I can already tell you're gonna be the happiest!" Skye said.

Lilee smiled. "Uhh, Kara. May I talk to you?"

"Sure, sup?"

Lilee stared at Skye. "Oh, you wanna be alone! Okay."

Skye got up and left.


"Umm...last night..."

Kara nodded.

"I had this dream...and...I was in a hospital, they said I was...dying."

"Oh, Jeeze. That's not good..."

Lilee shook her head. "Brendon was with me and they forced him out but I was insisting and they said it was taking a lot of energy out of me until I actually did...die."

Kara looked down. She combed her hair back with her head and sighed. "I'm sure everything's gonna be fine."

"I know, it just got me so worried. I'm scared..."

"You're 18. I'd be too...just. Try not to. Stress isn't good. But you have to tell Brendon, he could defiantly help."

Her eyes widened. "NO! I'm not telling him! I can't. He'll...."

"Brendon can help."

"No! He ca-"

"Help what?"

Lilee quickly turned around and saw Brendon and Ryan standing in the door way.

Lilee looked at Kara and shook her head. "It was only once. It's not a big deal."

Lilee walked over to Brendon and hugged him. "I love you."
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