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Chapter 20:A New Transmission

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Spencer discuss feelings.

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"Spencer! Skye! Lips! Together!"

"Whoa Jon. Speak english!" Brendon said.

"Spencer and Skye are making out in our living room!" Jon exclaimed.

Ryan laughed. "Yeah right."

Jon jumped up and down for a few seconds. "I'm serious! LOOK FOR YOUR SELF!!"

Everyone got up to see what all the commotion was about.

They walked into the hallway only to see Spencer and Skye kissing eachother passtionatly.

Everyone but Jon burst out into laughter.

"I knew it!" Lilee yelled.

Spencer and Skye stopped kissing.

"I was NOT just making out with her!" Spencer said, obviously in denial.

Skye, who was red from the start finally spoke. "Hi..."


"I'm telling you I DON'T LOVE HER!" Spencer shouted.

Brendon, Jon and Ryan were surronding him.

"Tell the truth. You know you do." Brendon said.

"NO! She's an effin biotch!"

"Potty mouth much?" Ryan laughed.

"FINE! I LOVE HER! SHE'S HOT AND I WANNA...I WANNA KISS HER!!!!!!" Spencer yelled. "Seriously...she's adorible and...I can only look at her for so long."

"Good. Go kiss her!" Jon said. He opened the door and let Spencer run out.


"It's good that Spencer finally found someone." Lilee said.

Brendon nodded. "Yup."

"All of his other girlfriends..."

"Yeah, they either wanted him for the fame or they were betches."

Lilee laughed. "Yeah, Skye's actually nice." Lilee observed her stomach. She wasn't huge but was definatly showing. She stroked it gently. She sqeeled semi-loudly.


"The baby!" She took his hand and placed it on her stomach. She smiled. "It's kicking!"

Brendon smiled back and leaned in to kiss her. They stayed there for a few minutes.


Sorry chapter was so short. But I'm busy at the moment. BYE! And review!!!

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