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Chapter 19:Honest Mistake...

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"Don't look at me that way. It was an honest mistake."

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Lilee was only happy now. Of course, the mood swings were a problem when she might go insane, but otherwise she was happy.

One Month Later...

Spencer was just being lazy one day when the phone rang.

"Hello?" He asked.
"Hey, is Lilee there?"
"May I ask who is calling?"
"Skye Farro."
"You! The chick who beat me in guitar hero!!"
"Spencer Smith? Is that you?"
"Yeah and you may NOT speak to her."
"Hey, hey, hey! She's my friend and I have a right to speak to her!"
"Fine." He put the phone down. "LILEE! PHONE!!"

Lilee came over to Spencer. "Who is it?" She asked.


Lilee smiled. "Thanks."

She picked up the phone.

"Lilee here!"
"Hey! It's Skye."
"Sorry about Spencer...I'm pretty sure of the way he acted..."
"No, it's okay. He's just weird..."
"Yeah, he needs someone to love."
"Skye? Hello? Skye?"
"Sorry...someone was calling me. He, he."
Lilee cocked one eyebrow. "Oh-kay."
"Well, If I haven't told you already, I'm moving to Las Vegas. Job wise...I finished my years. I was just taking other courses to learn a bit more..."
"Really? That's awesome!!"
"Yeah. I already have a job there for me."
"Working at one of the clubs. I'll be moving in with my brother."
"That's awesome. So I guess I'll see you around."
"Totally. See you!"

Lilee hung up.

"Hey Spence!"

"If it's about her, I don't want to know."

"Yeah you do...she's moving to Las Vegas." Lilee smiled.


"Not in this house, you're lucky. With her brother."

"Still, living in the same city isn't any better."

Lilee shook her head. "You know you're happy."

*A few hours later*

Everyone was doing their own thing.

"Seriously Ryan. When should it be. I was hoping for the Spring." Kara said, looking like she was in a fantasy world.

Ryan smiled and took her into his arms. "When ever you'd like. If you want spring. We'll have it in Spring." He smiled.

Kara smiled back. Her face turned serious. "Then we'd better hurry. Spring's not to far away!"

Everyone else laughed.

"Does anybody know how to sign up for Bridezillas?" Jon asked.

Kara smiled at him. "I haven't been too bad."

"Compared to Lilee here." Spencer said.

Lilee playfully wacked Spencer in the back of the head.

"I was joking!"

Brendon smiled. "We haven't had any major problems...except for the bug in the sink." He said, looking at Ryan. "Maybe we can make our own show, called Groomzillas."

Ryan laughed. "It was a big hairy spider. It's impossible not to freak out."

Lilee put her head on Brendon's shoulder. "Spiders scare the living hell out of me. Don't feel alone, Ryan." She laughed. Lilee put her hand on her stomach. Brendon looked at her and smiled.

Somebody knocked on the back door.

"I'll get it!" Spencer jumped up from the couch to answer the door.

He opened it. His mouth wide open.

"Hi." He spoke.


Jon walked into the room to find Spencer makeing out with the guest.

He ran back into the other room.

"Guys! Spencer! Skye! SMACK!" He made a gesture with his hands, showing kissy movements.
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