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The origin of the Biker Mice from Mars begins! The Plutarkians have their sights set on Mars. When the world is willing to bow to their will, who will stand for the people?

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Author's Note: This is a revised version of the previous "Red Planet: Invasion" fanfic. Complications concerning some elements arose, and in the best interest of everyone, Thew40 and myself decided to make some cuts, and start over.

For the most part, the story has not changed. The plot has not changed. Several chapters have been revised or cut and a few new ones have been added.

We will be uploading the revised story section by section, just as I originally did. Sorry to make you wait, but all the stories combined came to be about 350 pages long, and that's not counting the last chapter which I am STILL working on.
We promise however, to make the wait worth your while. Thanks!

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Fourth planet in the solar system. To the residents of the nearby Earth, it has been a source of mystery. Until recent decades, the humans of Earth dreamt that Mars held an alien species could exist on the red planet. However, evidence began to mount that Mars was a barren, hostile world and that the only life it had were microbes found in a Cometoid fragment.

The humans were wrong.

Alien life-forms exist on Mars. The Mice of Mars are the most plentiful, building up huge cities and communities. Their rivals - the tribal Rats and the Dog-like Sand Raiders - have been warring with the Mice for centuries on end. Only by joining together have the Martian Mice been able to repel and contain their enemies.

The Mice (often referred to as just Martians) are the more advanced race on Mars. They've utilized technology and grown strong. They culture has been influenced by radio and television broadcast from the nearby planet Earth. The Martians are a peaceful people . . . but they've grown lazy. Danger edges near.

To the rest of the universe, Mars appears to be an empty, dead world. Except to one world - Plutark. Two centuries ago, scouts of the then adolescent Plutarkian Empire came to Mars and found it worthy of their attention. Using advanced technology, they planted holographic generators on the moons of Phobos and Demos. This disguised the vibrant and fertile world of Mars as an empty world. It projected the Mars they hoped to turn it into.

Almost two hundred years later, the now vast and terrible Plutarkian Empire has returned to Mars. Their own massive homeworld an ecological disaster, the Plutarkians seeks to steal any and all natural resources they find. The projectors have done a fine job of hiding Mars from its unsuspecting neighbors.

As rumors of corruption grows and word spreading about a Plutarkian/Rat/Sand-Raider alliance, Mars may be in terrible danger . . .

Prelude: Baby Mine

Stoker BlackRuby all about jumped out of his fur at the wailing sounds the baby in the other room was making. His heart pounded wildly and his eyes widened in fear as he scrambled out of the chair he had been napping in and ran into the nursery, heart pounding in his ears.
"Cherry! It's okay, daddy's coming!" he gasped. But as soon as he got to the crib he realized that the little child that was screaming so loud was not his daughter, but rather his friend Axle's little boy, Throttle.
Stoker rubbed his head and sighed. It was still to early for this...why had he agreed to baby-sit for Axle and Jewel? It had only been a few months since the murders, and he still was not back to being himself. Cody had warned him that maybe he was trying to do too much too soon, but Axle needed him.
"Hey, hey, Shhh! Shh!" he hushed, reaching down and picking up the squirming and crying toddler from his bed and cradling him. "Calm down little fella! Calm down! It's okay!" he gasped, holding him and patting his back soothingly.
Throttle continued to wail and scream, great big tears in his large blue eyes. "What do you want? Goodness, you've got a set of lungs, boy!" Stoker nearly had to shout to be heard over the child's wailing sobs. The child was inconsolable, however, as toddlers often are.
"What? Do you want your bottle?" he asked, picking up a discarded one from inside the crib which had giving him before bed. He held it to the boy's mouth, who looked at it in surprise, big blue eyes sparking with tears as his little mouth quivered before knocking the bottle from Stoker's hands. "NO!" he yelled.
"Well, that's certainly one word you've mastered, you little hairball." Stoker sighed, bouncing him in his arms to see if the motion would sooth him.
"Okay, you're not hungry. Don't tell me you need changed..." The chocolate furred Martian sighed, checking him quickly. "Nope, clean and dry. Hmmm..."
He tried to think of what else he could to when he noticed the little boy over his shoulder, tiny hands out stretched towards the door.
"Oh. I see. You miss mama and daddy, do you?" Stoker said, petted his little mess of baby fine wheat colored hair.
Baby Throttle whimpered "Momma! Dada!" he pouted, getting ready for another round of screaming.
But Stoker hurriedly sat down in the rocking chair and rocked him back and forth in his arms. "Hey, now, little one, you've gotta be braver than that. They'll be home soon." Stoker assured the babe. The little boy looked up at him with wide, wondering eyes until they suddenly spotted the silver medal that was pinned to the older mouse's chest.
"Mine!" Baby Throttle gasped, getting his little fingers around it and trying very hard to get it into his mouth. Stoker quickly pried the little hands loose, holding them in his own.
"No, not yours. Not very tasty either, I'm sure."
He found the baby a better toy instead, namely Stoker's long brown hair, and allowed him to chew on it and tangle his tiny fingers in it. Stoker chuckled and winced as the baby tugged and pulled on his precious locks and he in turned tickled his little tummy, earning a couple of squeals.
"Heh heh, you like that do you?" he asked smiling down at him.
The boy giggled and squealed, quite pleased with his new playmate until something across the room caught his attention. Stoker cocked an eyebrow, wondering what had caught the little one's sudden interest.
"What do you see little bro?" he asked. Throttle's tiny hands went up at once and he began to gurgle and squirm as Stoker followed his gaze over to his backpack and the shinny chrome handle bars of a toy Harley Davidson motorcycle sticking out of one of the pockets. "Uh oh." Stoker said, a smile spreading across his face as the little boy continued to, in his own little way, insist on seeing the bike.
Stoker chuckled and carried him into the living room. Taking a seat on the couch, Throttle on his knee, he held the bike up for the baby to see, who stared at it with wide, curious eyes.
"Now, little bro, this is not a toy. Well, actually it is, but it's a see this was Cherry's..." Stoker's voice broke suddenly at the mention of his little girl's name. It still hurt to talk about it. She was only two years old...
"Bike!" came a tiny little squeak suddenly.
Stoker blinked as he watched Throttle gently run his tiny little fingers across the bike's seat. He sat the bike down on the table and picked the child up under both arms and held him up to him.
"You little scamp! How'd you know that?" he gasped. Throttle grinned a toothless little grin and rubbed his nose against Stoker's affectionately.
"B...Br...Bro!" he squeaked out then, getting a hold of Stoker's whiskers.
Stoker's heart melted right then and there as he brought the little boy against him in a warm hug and caressed the back of his head.
"Yeah...bros." he whispered, rocking him.
The child yawned adorably and got a tiny fist full of Stoker's long hair and snuggled up to him, begging for affection. The older mouse, who was then in his early twenties, nuzzled the child who was clinging to him. Very carefully he scooped him up, and the toy motorcycle, and carried him back to his nursery and laid him back into his crib, covering him over with his blanket as Stoker leaned against the railing and gazed down at him.
"You know, I promised myself I wouldn't get attached to you little bro..." He paused and sighed, watching the little boy who was gazing up at him with tranquil innocence. "You may not be my little Cherry, but if God had granted me a son..." He reached down to tickle his tummy, and little Throttle grabbed hold of his index finger and held on, cooing softly. Stoker's face melted into a smile.
Suddenly the little mouse let out a giant yawn and rubbed his little eyes, squirming as he fought sleep. Stoker smiled and bent down inside the crib and placed a tiny kiss on the little boy's forehead and twirled his index finger in the soft fluffy hair that had formed on his head. "I love you little bro," he whispered.

Baby mine don't you cry
Baby mine dry your eyes
Rest your head close to my heart
Never to part
Baby of mine
Little one when you play
Don't you mind what they say
Let those eyes sparkle and shine
Never a tear
Baby of mine
If they knew sweet little you
They'd end up loving you too
All those who say
People will scold you
What they'd give
Just for the right to hold you
From your head to your toes
You're not much
Goodness knows
But you're so precious to me
Sweet as can be
Baby of mine
If they knew sweet little you
They'd end up loving you too
All those who say
People will scold you
What they'd give
Just for the right to hold you
From your head down to your toes
You're not much
Goodness knows
But you're so precious to me
Sweet as can be
Baby of mine
Baby of mine
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