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17. But I'm Convinced I Found A Reason To Keep Her Coming Back

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Part 2 In which Molly arrives back in Chicago after a summer spent in "away".

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Molly stepped off the plane at O'Hare airport a very different person then when she left three months previous. Her once short and colored hair was back to being its natural chestnut brown color from the roots to about her ears, the rest of her hair was still in the skunked format, as she hadn't been allowed to go to a salon for upkeep. She had also let her hair grow out to just above her shoulders. Her clothes were also back to being the same plain jeans and t-shirt combinations that she had worn before she met Elyse. Long story short, the shy and quiet Molly appeared to be back.
As Molly looked around for her parents who she had assumed would be picking her up she was incredibly shocked to see Pete Wentz standing in the waiting area waving at her. Approaching the older boy Molly couldn't help but shake her head in disbelief.
"What are you doing here?" She asked as he forcibly took her backpack from her shoulder and hoisted it up onto his own while simultaneous grabbing her arm and steering her through the crowd towards the luggage carousel.
"Your dad asked me to pick you up. He had a meeting or something." Pete replied.
" dad asked YOU?" She repeated in shock.
"Yup. Your pops and I had a long conversation a few weeks ago. I didn't tell him about anything we've talked about this summer. But I did my damnedest to make him understand that we are good friends for you to have. All of us. I think he needed it spelled out that I wouldn't date you if someone paid me." Pete elaborated and ducked to avoid the swipe Molly took as his head from his last sentence.
"You know you want me. You just won't admit it 'cause I'm the one who wouldn't go near you with a ten foot poll." She shot back.
" it too late to put you BACK on the plane? I can always just tell everyone you hate us again and didn't want to come back."
"screw you."
"nah." Pete answered as he picked up her suitcase and the two headed out to his van for the drive back to Glenview.
During the drive not a whole lot was said overall. Pete just used the time to fill Molly in on what had happened in the week since they last spoke. Which wasn't much. The two had spoken a surprisingly frequent amount while Molly had been away. They still weren't what you would refer to as best friends, hell sometimes they barely tolerated the other, but despite this there was a tentative friendship forming. It had been brought on by common friendship with the others, loyalty on Pete's part--the fact that Molly had trusted him of all people with her secret had floored him completely, and just the simple fact that no matter how hard they tried to fight it. They both liked the other one a whole hell of a lot. How can you not like someone who reminds you of yourself in a lot of ways? And that was something that Molly had finally admitted to herself. Her immediate dislike of Pete came from the fact that he reminded her of herself, and therefore his flaws brought hers to the forefront of her mind.

After Pete dropped Molly off she headed inside to unpack and deal with her family. Her mother and Jamie weren't home when she got in. 'surprise surprise, I wonder if Maureen even remembered I was coming home today?' Molly thought to herself as she walked up the stairs to her attic bedroom. She stopped short however when she saw Sean sitting on her bed.
"What are you doing up here?" She asked him snidely. Sean looked startled at her question.
"I wanted to see if you needed any help." He responded with a shrug, "I guess you don't though." And he went to move around her and go down the stairs.
"No, Sean. Wait. I'm sorry. I'm just really exhausted and I figured Mom and Dad would be home today, you know?"
"Yea. Well, you know what their priorities are. Just be lucky they've decided to let you see your friends now without any hassale."
"Yay me." Molly muttered as she flopped onto her bed.
"I'll let you get some sleep."
"Good night Sean. Oh and Sean?" Molly said sitting up quickly.
"Thank you." Molly stressed the two words trying to put everything she had inside of her into those words. Her brother smiled and nodded back without responding and walked down the stairs.

Three days later Molly woke up and stared at her ceiling. Today was the day. The first day of her senior year of highschool. The first day she would see her friends since everything had gone down. So in true senioritis fashion Molly layed there trying to find some bump or bruise or ache or pain so that she wouldn't have to go to school.
"damnit." She hissed when she realized she actually felt healthier then she had before her little accident. Hearing a noise at the bottom of the stairs Molly got out of bed and ran downstairs and into the shower as her brother sleepily stumbled out of his bedroom. She heard him knocking on the door as she showered and brushed her teeth. Walking out a half hour later Molly smiled brightly at him and said "Good Morning Sean."
"bite me. It's the first day of school. There is nothing good about it." he replied as he slammed the bathroom door.
An hour later Molly had pulled her hair into french pigtail braids, applied some minimal makeup, and put on a pair of jeans with a t-shirt that said "innocent" across the bust line. Later at breakfast when Sean saw her he scoffed and said "yea right."
At breakfast, as they had for the last three days, Molly's parents behaved as though she really had spent the summer with her grandparents. They doted on her like any parent who hadn't seen their eldest for three months are apt to do. But questions like, 'did you have fun?' and 'did you meet any new and interesting people?' were incredibly hard to answer when the answers were: 'no' and 'well there was this girl there who had such bad OCD that she would only eat and wear the color purple.' So Molly just tended to answer with 'sure did.' Because that was all her parents really wanted to know. Everyone knew that.

Arriving at school was weird for Molly. She approached her new locker and was surprised to see two people from her grade on either side of it. Apparently Matt wouldn't be sharing her locker real estate this year. After setting things up Molly headed off towards her first class, and was surprised to see it was Daniels again, this time for English 12. Walking into the classroom Molly stopped short at seeing her three best friends sitting in the room. Matt, Elyse, and Patrick were all sitting in the middle of the classroom using the last two rows. Matt in the back with Elyse in front of him, Patrick next to Matt with an empty seat next to Elyse and in front of him. All three waved her over at the same time. Molly approached cautiously feeling very much like a nervous dog who was used to being struck for behaving out of line. Stopping in front of them Patrick was the first to speak.
"I'm sorry." He began with such extreme remorse in his voice that Molly wanted to forgive him right away, "I was totally out of line. Once I calmed down enough to explain to Elyse and Matt exactly what you said you had already left to go to your grandparents for the summer. I didn't want to bother you there, so we figured this way all of us had a few months to calm down and grow up a little bit. Then I guess Pete got tired of us moping around so he went and talked to your father. And I know its no excuse but maybe we could possibly go back to being bestest buddies?" He finished hopefully.
Molly just looked at all of them. Her three best friends in the world. They had no idea at all what had happened, and Molly intended on keeping it that way. So she smiled and responded, "Damn skippy. Can you believe we have Daniels for first period again Matt?" and she sat down and started gossiping about everything she had missed while "away" for the summer.
"Ya know, Mol I'm slightly disappointed with your wardrobe choices this morning. And your hair must be fixed a.s.a.p. Its disgraceful." Elyse interrupted a few minutes later looking as though she had been dying to say it since Molly walked in. This caused the boys to groan and immediatly tune the girls out and start discussing guitars.
Things were back to as normal as they possibly could be.

A/N: The title is from "It's Over Now" by Neve. They were around in the late 90s/early 00s. Pretty good band.
And before anyone gets excited: Pete and Molly do not "like" each other as in "ooo smoochies." They just happen to like each other, and don't necessarily like the idea of it either.
Also in reference to this chapter--Its kind of choppy. I re-wrote it like 4 times and I couldn't get it to flow nicely. I was trying to portray both the seriousness of what happened and Molly's desire to put it behind her and go back to normal. I hope I managed that.
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