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18. Take Back Your Life and Let Me Inside

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in which Molly and Patrick have an awkward heart to heart and truly sort things out. for real this time.

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The first two weeks of school passed slowly for everyone. It was senior year and even though it was still only September no one really wanted to be there. The weather was gorgeous and classes were boring. For Molly however time was passing painfully slow. This year lunch and her free period were blocked together again, only this time it was fifth and sixth periods as opposed to fourth and fifth. Also this year the foursome had lunch together, but sixth period only Molly and Patrick had free. This should have been a good thing. The two friends could hang out at the radio station office and chat and goof off as they used to. However, awkward would have been too weak a word to describe what those periods in the station lounge were. It seemed that despite having "fixed" everything and forced things back to normal both Patrick and Molly had ignored the fight they had in the first place. The rage they both had in their hearts over the hurtful things that had been said never really went away, it was just carefully concealed underneath cheerful smiles and playful banter. Until it was just the two of them. When they were alone they soon realized they had nothing to discuss anymore at all.

Molly was pacing her room going over her options in her head one day during the second week of September. That day had been particularly painful in the office. Patrick for the first time all week hadn't had any station paperwork to go over so there had been nothing to distract the two of them from being obvious about the fact that they weren't really talking to each other. Molly stopped her pacing in front of a mirror and just stared at herself for a few moments before beginning to verbalize her thoughts to the empty room.
"Ok self. Let's figure this out. Patrick is either still mad at me. or he thinks I'm still mad at him. Am I still mad at him? I mean maybe I am a little bit but not really to the point where I want to turn things into a big ol' drama fest. Elyse and Matt have been giving us funny looks to they're obviously not unaware of the status of our non-relationship. Hell Elyse even asked me about it." Molly groaned her last statement to try and release some of her frustration.
The previous Saturday Elyse had had the day off from work and had dragged Molly kicking and screaming to the hair salon to at least get the bad dye job cut out of her hair. Molly had wound up with a cute short layered bob in a very dark brown, nothing too crazy this time she had decided. And while Molly was stuck with the glop on her head she had struck,
"Ok, are you still mad at Patrick?"
"What?! No."
"ok...see lying to your best friend is rude."
"I'm NOT lying. Is this stuff done yet?"
"Yes you are. Don't change the subject"
And their conversation had gone on like that for a few more minutes until Elyse had finally given up. Except at the time Molly had truly believed herself. Now she was beginning to wonder.
"ARGH!" She screamed while tossing her stuffed Pooh Bear across the room and watching it bounce off the John Lennon poster she had up. "Sorry John. Sorry Pooh." She muttered to her inanimate objects as she flopped back on the bed. A few minutes later she sat up in surprise as she heard a knock on her bedroom door.
"Uhh....Come IN?" She called in response down the stairs and a few seconds later was more then a little perturbed to see Patrick's face. I'm not supposed to be angry at the sight of him. Ok...Elyse is right, Patrick and I need to talk Molly thought to herself before taking a deep breath and deciding to be the bigger person and offer and olive branch of sorts to her friend.
"Sooo PattyCakes what brings you to my humble abode?"
" know. I just wanted to stop by and say hey for a bit before I had to be at work."
"Patrick you work fifteen minutes in the other direction." 'why am I going to make this difficult?!' She internally yelled at herself at the same time as she was verbally replying to her friend.
"Uhh...I swung by my house first."
"Oh. So, when's your next practice? or have you lined up any gigs yet?"
"Oh yea! We actually have a show on your birthday. I can't believe I forgot to tell you. It's gonna be amazing. You're going to go right?"
"I wouldn't miss it for the world you dork. However, do NOT do anything to embarass me."
"Would I do that?"
"No, but Pete would."
"Pete doesn't know its your birthday." Patrick responded while Molly thought 'yes he does' That was one of the things Pete had managed to pry out of Molly during one of their talks. He wanted to know when her birthday was so that he could make sure to make it "memorable". She was petrified just thinking about it. A few minutes passed with Patrick shuffling his feet in the way he did when he was nervous about something and Molly just sat on her bed staring up at him waiting slightly impatiently for him to spit out the real reason he was here. Finally not being able to take it anymore she just asked why he was really in her house.
"I'm sorry. Only this time I think I mean it." Molly blinked at his response to her question. 'I think?
"You think?"
"Yea. well. No. I know I'm sorry this time. I just..ugh. I don't know. Things have been so weird lately. I can't sit in that office and not talk to you. Hell I can't sit anywhere and not talk to you. Its like not talking to myself. Not that I spend too much time talking to myself but you know what I mean. I mean I mean I mean." Patrick started rambling until he litterally started sounding like a broken record.
"Whoa there buddy. Breathing is your friend." Molly interrupted before he passed out on her floor. "I think I know what you're trying to say. Don't worry though you aren't the only one who fucked things up, ran with it, and fucked it up again." Patrick smiled sheepishly,
"Sorry. I just..."
"Yea I know. Believe me, I'm sorry too. This time I mean it as well. Friends?"
"Always." He said with a big grin and pulled the smaller girl into a tight hug.
'wow. He smells good, is that peppermint?. whoa there self. This is PattyCakes. Sweet, adorable...ok admitedly kinda hot as hell...PattyCakes.'
"Molly? You can let go now?" Patrick said slightly pushing himself away from the tight squeeze Molly hadn't consciously registered.
"Ooops. Sorry Patrick." Molly stepped back from him and looked up into his brown eyes and was more then a little shocked to feel her heart start beating faster and her palms start sweating.
She watched as Patrick stepped back a bit and pulled his hat off to run his fingers through his hair before placing it back on. He adjusted his glasses and straightened his shirt as well. 'I don't notice these things. Why am I noticing these things?!' Molly thought to herself frantically. Her inner monolouge was interrupted by Patrick stating that he had to head to work and that he'd talk to her tomorrow at school.
"Yea, bye Patrick." Molly waved at him as he walked across the room, her eyes immediately and unintentionaly flying to see how well his jeans hugged his ass as he walked down the stairs. When the door closed behind him Molly sat down on her bed, put her hands over her eyes and proclaimed to the empty room.
"Oh. Fuck."

A/N: Title from "Desperately Wanting" by Better Than Ezra.
haha. I love making Molly's life a little difficult. sorry this chapter is on the shorter side. I hope the constant updates will make up for the length.
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