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19. I Think I'm On the Edge of Something New With You

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in which Molly gets hit over the head with a proverbial brick and Elyse spells it out for our heroine slowly in case she isn't as quick as we all thought she was. In which Patrick again proves that...

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After Patrick left Molly continued to sit there on the bed and stare at the wall in shock and more then a little bit of horror over where her thoughts had just started to progress. 'wrong, wrong, wrong. Its PattyCakes. He is not sexy. hot. snuggleable. or any other adjective that could lead to thoughts of undress...AH!'
Molly flopped backwards on her bed which turned her visual attention from the wall to the ceiling but her brain would not turn off of the fit of Patrick's jeans. Or the way his eyes had just a few flecks of gold to lighten the brown to a more hazel color in the proper lighting. What the hell?! Molly continued to think to herself. Where had these thoughts come from?
"This is Patrick. Silly stupid best friend Patrick. Patrick isn't a real boy." Molly said to Sunny who had jumped onto the bed and was watching her curiously. Getting off the bed Molly went over to her desk and picked up the picture that still sat there. Staring at the picture of her and Patrick sitting on the couch at the radio station Molly couldn't help but giggle at the memories it brought up. Right after the picture had been taken Patrick had tackled her and tickled her until she gave up. Right before the picture had been taken Molly had called him PattyCakes right in front of Elyse and Matt.
Molly placed the picture back on the desk and spun her chair around in a few circles. Once she had fully tested the theory that spinning would get rid of the traitorus thoughts in her head she stopped. "What are you looking at?" She asked Sunny, "It was worth a try. I'm talking to my cat. Wonderful. I've really and truly lost it." Getting up from her chair she stumbled a bit as a result of the spinning and moved back over to her bed to flop back down. If she was going to loose her mind over Patrick all of a sudden she was going to do so while extremely comfortable.
"Ok." She began outloud, "let's logically deduce this. It's been a while since I've gone out with a boy. Patrick really is a physically suitable specimen. But its still Patrick. He's a really sweet boy and all..but he's Patrick...?" Molly trailed off the question echoing in her head as she considered it to herself.
He really does have the cutest laugh ever. He's funny, and considerate. He has gorgeous eyes. That voice could make me melt and I've known that since the first time I heard him sing. Not to mention the ass.
"Damnit. I'm in lust with my best friend Sunny. How do I get myself into these situations?"
"Lust?" Said a female voice from the stairs.
"SHIT!" Molly exclaimed only to be answered by laughter and footsteps as Elyse's head popped over the landing. "How long have you been down there?"
"Long enough to think I need to check you into the funny farm for having a full on debate with yourself AND your cat."
Molly ignored the irony in Elyse's statement considering the other girl had no idea how Molly had spent her summer.
"Elyse. You can't tell anyone that I'm attracted to Patrick. It'll pass. I'm probably just horny."
"Nah. You're ass over elbows in love with Patrick. You don't have a crush. If you just had a crush I would have pointed it out at the dance."
"You're so eloquent sometimes. You are in love with Patrick Martin Stumph. Matt and I figured this out months ago. We have a bet going as to when you two are going to get together."
"Don't act so shocked. And do my bank account a favor and make sure it's by next week. ok?"
"Elyse. I can't wait, I totally believe you two would do that. I just don't know why. Even if I did theoretically have feelings beyond physical attraction towards Patrick he does not reciprocate."
"...sure. Ok whatever you say Mol." Elyse responded while rolling her eyes.
"Don't roll your eyes at me. What are you doing here anyway?"
"Oh right. I came to pick up that Stephen King book you said you were going to lend me."
"Bookshelf" Molly responded sullenly from her spot on the bed as Elyse hopped up and went to pick out "The Stand" from its place amongst Molly's 'guilty pleasure' section.
"Found it!" Elyse proclaimed holding the large novel up triumphantly and doing a victory dance.
"I love you. But sometimes you are the lamest person ever." Molly said laughing at her friends antics.
"Hey, its an accomplishment. Have you seen how many fucking books you have?"
"Yes and I've read them all."
"Right and I'm the lame one."
"HEY!" Molly exclaimed indignatly while Elyse chuckled.
"Alright dudette. I'm off. I've got stuff to do at home. I'll see you tomorrow at school. Think about what I said week."
"Go home Elyse." Molly ordered after her friend who was walking down the stairs already.
"In love with Patrick? No way." Right?

The next day at school Molly walked around in a daze still trying to come to terms with her sudden interest in her best friend. Her sudden interest that she was positive was not reciprocated. When lunch rolled around the four friends sat around the station lounge room and Elyse seemed to take a sudden interest in winking at Molly and nodding her head. It got to the point where Matt asked if she was alright.
"Subtle" Molly hissed at her friend when the boys went to set up the cds for the next music block. Before Molly knew it the bell rang for the change in classes and she was stuck in the lounge by herself with Patrick.
"Hey Mol. I'm gonna apologize ahead of time, but I have some budget things that Mr. Carment wants me to go over for this semester and he needs them by the end of the day. I also need to approve the show schedule and figure out how to fit in the people who are training this semester." Patrick apologized, "so I'm not gonna be a whole lot of fun today."
"Nah that's fine." Molly said quickly, "I've got some reading to do anyway."
"Cool." Patrick nodded as he flipped through a file obviously already engrossed in station politics. Molly watched as he put down the file and bent over to open the bottom drawer of his desk and rifled around inside of it for a few minutes. She groaned internally and looked up at the ceiling. 'why me?'
Sighing Molly pulled out her notebook and began scribbling random notes from her economics text book trying to look busy when she was really trying not to stare at Patrick. Her friend was sitting at his desk engrossed in paperwork. His hat was for once laying on the couch next to her and not on his head and he kept pushing his glasses up his nose as he currently had his head bent down to read the papers on his desk. As he reached up scratch the back of his neck Molly smiled to herself noticing his ninja turtles watch. He was such a little kid sometimes and Molly wouldn't have it any other way.
"Hey Molly?" Patrick looked up with a puzzled expression on his face. /'shit was I staring?'/Molly thought panicked.
"Yea Patrick?"
"Could you do me a favor and see if I have anything scheduled on the night of the twenty-eighth?" He asked gesturing at his planner that sat on the table in front of her.
"Yea sure." Molly responded while grabbing the planner and flipping through it. Finding the proper date she responded with, "Yea, you're giving the final exam for everyone who is taking the training classes."
"Ok cool. Thanks. Thats what I thought was in there I just wanted to double check."
"No prob." Molly responded going to put the planner back on the table and as she did a piece of paper fell out of it. Leaning down to pick up the paper Molly froze in shock as she stared at what was actually a picture. A picture of Patrick and a blonde. A picture of Patrick and Allison. A recent picture of them too. Picking it up Molly looked at the back and saw it was dated "July 20th 2001" and was signed "Love Alli". Putting the picture back inside his planner Molly suddenly felt incredibly nauseous.
'Elyse is right about one thing. I really am ass over elbows in love with him. Only he's ass over elbows in love with someone else.'

A/N: Title is from "Hurricane" by Something Corporate.
this took forever and a day to write (ok so I lied, more like 2 hours lol). I entirely blame Pete. Just cause I can.
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