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Food, Glorious Food!

by jade_kwl_name_eva 2 reviews

Nothing much happens, just an ending

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This might be the last chapter of this story.


Odie woke up and went straight to the kitchen. He could hear that someone was already there, digging in the fridge.

"Food, glorious, food!" he heard Herry sing. Odie stared laughing. He now knew Herry couldn't sing to save his life (and nor could he.). Herry closed the fridge and looked at his friend.

"Glad you found that funny. Go see what happened in the lounge." Herry said and then returned his attention to a big bowl of cereal.

Odie, curious as to what Herry was talking about, went to the lounge to see Theresa and Jay sleeping with Theresa's head on Jay's chest and his arm around her waist.

Odie snuck back into the kitchen, trying not to wake them up. "All I can say is that it's about time." And then Atlanta came down the stairs in her running clothes with Archie following. Both had smiles on.

"We'll have breakfast when we get back." Archie said grabbing Atlanta's hand and the two of them raced outside. Odie shook his head.

"Wow, guess Archie finally told Atlanta." Herry said and then Neil came downstairs. "Morning sleeping beauty." Odie said and ran out the room before Neil could register what he had said.

The Jay and Theresa entered the kitchen. When Neil saw Theresa, he panicked and left the room. Odie saw this and went back to the kitchen.

"What was that about?" Odie asked. Theresa shrugged, pretending not to know what was going on with Neil. Jay sat down to eat breakfast.

"You know, Cronus has been pretty quiet lately. I wonder what evil plan he is think up?"

Little did Jay know that Cronus wasn't thinking up an evil plan to destroy them, but an evil plan to destroy Agnon who kept playing his music too loud.


Ok, ending was weird, but if I do do the last chapter, then the ending will make sense, but it's about Cronus. If I get enough reviews then I will put the last chapter up. Peace out ;)
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