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The Red Spot...

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It was a normal day in NewOlympia.The gang was in the dorm and that jogger dude kept on jogging by,Jay was getting suspicious(ooops,i just farted,but atleast i dont have curly red hair and glasses like all u nerds here:):P:P).

"Whos is that guyyyyy?"Jay said.

"I dont know"Said Odie.

Atlanta and Theresa were then walking down zee stairs.Archie was cheking Atlanta's but out.

Until he saw.
A red big ugly spot.He squintied his eyes and said."WHATS ON UR BUT ATLANTA?"Archie shouted.

Atlanta looked at Archie."WHAT!"

"do u have ur period or something!Its so grows,and its drippoing on the floor.DID U FORGET TO were tampons?

Atlanta loked at archie then slaped him."SLAP!'

"I SAT ON RED PAIN RETARD!Ateast i never sat in green paint and looked like my but had a smoooshed lepracon!"(Archie's so caled date):P.

Archie died the end.

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