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Episode One: I Missed the Train

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A homage to "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". The bros escaped from the Plutarkians, but now must face various obstacles before reaching home!

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Disclaimer: Biker Mice From Mars and related characters and concepts are the property of Brentwood Inc. and is the creation of Rick Unger. The story and images presented here are neither sponsored, endorsed, created, by the owners, licensees, or other related entities. The story and images are copyright the writers of this fanfic. Characters Cody Orion, Alexis Sarimana, Tawny, and other characters are the property of thew40 and siruisfanatic (aka Terrabm and Captain Terrabm). Please do not use without permission from either of the writers, which can be reached at and

Author's Note: This story is another in a series of re-postings of the "Red Planet" series. For more information, see "Red Planet - Part One: Invasion." Furthermore, this story is a parody/homage to the motion picture "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" It is a homage to them as "The Odyssey" was to the Cohen Brothers.

You can check out artwork for BMFM at my gallery here: Also, co-writer TheW40's other works can be found here on Ficwad as well:

Episode One: I Missed the Train

It's funny what happens when you break out of the big house. And for these three mice, it was going to be nothing like what they're used to. They were, indeed, far from home and, indeed, being hunted.
Plutarkians don't like when their prisoners escape.
The three young mice hung on desperately in a vain attempt to catch a train. Chained together, they knew they had to be freed if they were to survive.
Hopping onto the train first, Vincent Van Wham found himself face-to-face with a gang of hobos, obviously left homeless after the first wave of attacks. He stumbled to his feet with both Throttle and Modo attempting to badger themselves in.
"Well, hello there gents." Vinnie the youngest of the mice opened to the hobos, his chained brothers still trying to hop in. "Say, are any of you boys metal smiths by any chance?"
Throttle and Modo fell backwards from the door and onto the ground. Their joined chain pulled Vinnie backwards as well and the three tumbled onto the red Martian ground.
"Can't I count on you people!" Vinnie exclaimed.
"Sorry, bro." Modo apologized, rubbing his sore neck.
Vinnie brushed the red dust from his tattered clothing and took in their surroundings. "Never mind, I figure if we can just make it through that bayou---"
"Now wait just a minute!" Throttle said, giving Vinnie's chains a swift yank to get the younger mouse's attention. "Just who died and left you in charge?"
"Well bro, I thought it would be better if we put our best face forward: Me!"
Throttle rolled his eyes. "Well I think it should be someone with more than one brain cell. Let's put it to a vote." the tan mouse suggested.
"Fine! I'm voting for yours truly!"
"Well then, I'm voting for yours truly too!"
Modo looked helplessly at his two friends. "I'm with you two." he shrugged.
"Oh never mind! Let's just get out of here before someone finds us!" Throttle muttered.
They set their eyes towards a grove of trees about a mile off that they could lose themselves in, when a voice suddenly called out to them.
"Ya'll need a lift?"
The trio spun around to see a blind mouse on a cart on the tracks, stopping for them. He was old, with white-grey fur and a dark pair of glasses over his blind eyes.
"Thank you, sir." said Throttle gratefully, jumping on with his bros as they continued away from their location.
"What's your name there, grandpa?" asked Modo.
"I have no name," the old man replied in a dreamy, sing-song voice that rumbled in the cold early autumn air.
"Who do you work for?" asked Vinnie, raising an eyebrow skeptically at the old man.
"I work for no man." He replied in the same fashion.
"Well you see, those two facts alone may be why you're out here all alone in the middle of nowhere." Vinnie stated.
"I see many things happening to you here boys!" the old man shouted suddenly, startling his passengers. It was as if he were a preacher addressing the congregation. "Mmm-hmmm. I see a rock n' roll man...and a long trip with surprises and shocks. Mmm-hmmm. I see you goin' far from here and making new friends and old enemies. And do I see woe, I do! Especially, for you, you fellow!"
He pointed directly at Throttle.
"Mmm-hmm. Yes, I certainly do! You're a special one, mmm-hmmm! O'course, you is all special. To each other."
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