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Episode Five: The Sirens

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The bros run into bounty hunters!

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Episode Five: The Sirens

The next day the bros continued on their strange adventure, feeling like characters in some bizarre fairy tale. They had already nearly been set on fire in a burning barn, been helped by a raving lunatic of a bank robber, and now the owners of what was probably a stolen vehicle.
Modo seemed to be particularly uncomfortable for some reason, and kept squirming in his seat, constantly readjusting his jeans.
Throttle, who was currently driving, gave his big bro a side-long glance. "Everything okay over there, bro?"
Modo glared at him as Vinnie continually kicked the back of his seat out of boredom. "Fine." he grunted. He looked back at Vinnie. "Knock it off."
Vinnie peered up at him lazily. "Someone's cranky."
Modo restlessly fumbled with the waistband of his jeans, staring out the window at the passing scenery. Throttle realized what Modo's problem was however, and it had little to do with being cranky or even being bored. It was the annoying fact of being a teenage male with uncontrollable hormones.
Throttle cleared his throat and pulled over towards the side of the road, making his bros look up at him in curiosity.
"Why are we stopping?" Vinnie asked, leaning between the seats.
Throttle looked knowingly at his oldest bro. "Pit stop. Anyone else need one?"
"I don't have to be told twice." Modo muttered jumping out of the door as Vinnie and Throttle followed. The oldest mouse disappeared into a small spread of trees and bushes while Throttle seemed to be surveying the area. Vinnie jumped onto the hood of the jeep and glanced around, when something suddenly made him perk his ears. " hear something?"
The tan mouse glanced at his friend. "What?"
Vinnie stood up now, looking around him, ears perked and listening carefully. There was a sound drifting from somewhere behind the underbrush and over the embankment that Modo had disappeared behind.
Something that sounded like voices...female voices.
Throttle seemed to hear it now too, because he turned in the same direction. He perked an eyebrow at Vinnie, who nodded. The both of them headed off in the direction of the sound.
On their quest they met up with the third member of their party as he was buttoning his jeans, his face looking flushed.
Vinnie started to say something that would have gotten him a sound butt-kicking when the sound they were pursuing increased.
"It's coming from over there." Vinnie pointed out.
The three young men crouched next to a row of hedges that overlooked a low embankment of a stream. The voices they heard where coming from three young woman, perhaps a little older than Throttle, lounging in the stream in their bras and panties, completely soaked.
Vinnie started to give a shout but Throttle and Modo both clapped a hand over his mouth and dragged him down. However, the girls were alerted to their presence.
"Who's up there?!"
Timidly, the boys peeked over the bush again. "Hello, ladies. Sorry for the intrusion." Modo gulped.
The girls looked at them with a mix of outrage and intrigue. They tried to cover themselves...but not fully. The smallest, a blonde with sandy fur blushed and giggled at them.
Suddenly, they all felt as though their jeans were too tight for them.
"What are you doing up there boys? Come on down!" The tallest of the girls, a red-head called, waving to them.
Vinnie started forward, "I saw 'em first!"
Throttle and Modo, giving up on the better part of their judgment, followed his lead.
"What you boys doin up there?" The red-headed girl asked. She didn't seem to care that her bra concealed next to nothing, much less her lacy white underwear.
"Oh, just uh...bird watching." Modo stuttered.
"Really?" the third girl, a short brunette who was crouching on a rock spoke up. She was running her fingers through the long, wet tendrils of her hair, combing it. Throttle couldn't pry his eyes away from the simple movement. "You look lost to me."
"Uh yeah...our jeep broke down. you know where the nearest town is?" Throttle stuttered, finding it hard to remember how he got here, or even why he was there at all.
"Down the road a bit. But you boys aren't leaving yet, are ya? We got plenty to drink." The blonde girl giggled, her breasts bouncing, which made Vinnie drool.
She produced a large bottle of wine from behind her. Half-naked girls and booze. Vinnie thought he might explode. Modo started to protest, but the red-head put her arms around his neck, her wet body pressing up against his and smiled at him.
"What's the matter sugar?" Modo felt his face grow very hot and suddenly his tongue turned to lead in his mouth.
Vinnie eagerly sat down next to the giggly blonde girl and took a long pull from the wine bottle. It tasted like drinking gasoline and Vinnie's first instinct was to spit it out, but he saw her watching him, and he forced himself to swallow it like a man.
He grinned shakily, his throat burning as she batted her eyes at him. "Good stuff." He choked, his voice raw.
She climbed into his lap, kissing him hard.
The brunette stole the bottle from Vinnie's limp hand and gave it to Throttle. "Wet your whistle, hot stuff?"
Throttle threw it back without another thought, letting it pour down his throat. The girl smiled as she began sucking on his neck like a vampire.


Within a matter of a few hours, the world had dimmed into a haze of hormones and wine. Vinnie was passed out on the bank, his clothes in disarray. Modo was in a similar state, with the red-head playing with the fur on his bare chest as he lay there inert.
Throttle, however, was currently throwing up heavily in the bushes. He felt terrible, having drank far too much. His head throbbed the world swam in front of his eyes whenever he moved. He righted himself, wiped off his mouth and looked around him. Even in his drunken haze he could see someone appearing on the other side of the bank.
A man, tall and green skinned with a shock of orange hair. He looked curiously at the sight in front of him.
"Who...who are you?" Throttle slurred. His girl strolled up beside him as the man spoke.
"I leave you girls alone for five minutes and look what happens." he said. Throttle shook his head, feeling more and more confused.
"You wanted us to bag some bait, Hard Rock we did." The brunette said seriously. Throttle stared at him as his stomach lurched unhappily.
"What's going on?" he stuttered.
"Nothing, handsome." she said, trying to kiss him. Throttle pulled his head back, his hands fumbling for something to attack the man with. But his efforts were thwarted when something hard and heavy collided with the back of his head.
Throttle fell face first onto the ground, unconscious. Above him the pretty brunette stood wielding a hefty tree-branch. "Sorry, sugar."
"Grab one of them, girls. Those Plutarkian fat-asses are waiting." the man said.
"Why only one?" The blonde asked.
Hard Rock shrugged. "They only paid me to bring back one mouse. Not three." he replied simply
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