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Too Young

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Monica finds out about Bob and Kara's plans.

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Gerard slipped out of the room after taking one last look at Monica who was sleeping so peacefully. It was just a bit before midnight and he hoped to find Bob and Kara. He doubted either had gone to bed yet. He first went down the hall to Bob's room.
Bob answered his knock "Hey Gerard, come in" He walked into the room and spotted Kara sitting on the bed.
She looked like she had been crying. "Hi, Gerard" she gave him a half-hearted smile. "Where's mom?"
Gerard took a seat in one of the wingback chairs across from her. "She is sleeping so I thought I would find you two and see what's happening."
Bob walked over to the bed and sat by Kara placing his arm around her. "We are O.K. We've talked a lot."
Kara leaned against him "Bob's forgiven me for lying to him"
Gerard looked at them "So things are good between you two?"
"Yea" Bob answered, "But we've come to a decision about our relationship" He kissed the top of Kara's head and hugged her tightly.
Gerard waited for an explanation. Kara cleared her throat. "We are going to get married." She said.
This was not what Gerard had expected, "What? When?"
"As soon as I get out of school" Kara explained.
Gerard looked at Bob "Don't you think you should wait longer than that? Shit you have only known her for a few months."
"Sitting right here, Gerard" Kara said crossly. "Are you saying you think that we will change our minds if we wait longer? Do you think we will stop loving each other?"
He looked at her, "Kara I just think you're kind of young to make a decision like this. I know your mom was hoping you would go to college."
She sighed, "I know mom will not be happy but it's my life and I have to make my own decisions. I don't want to go to college, never did." She smiled up at Bob, "I want to spend my life with Bob."
Gerard was about to say more when his phone beeped. It was Monica.
"Gee, where are you? I woke up and you weren't here." She still sounded sleepy.
"I'm talking to Bob and Kara," he answered.
"Oh, I didn't mean to fall asleep I want to talk to her. Where are you?"
He closed his eyes and sunk down further in the chair, "We are in Bob's room. Just three doors down from ours."
"O.K." she answered happily, "I'll be there in a minute."
He closed his phone "Your mother will be here in a few minutes. Are you going to tell her about your plans?"
Kara sighed, "Yea, no point in putting it off." She glanced at her luggage sitting on the floor. "She will probably be pissed I'm staying with Bob won't she?"
Bob looked uncomfortable; "Maybe you should move your stuff into your room for right now."
"You want me to sneak around?" she asked with a frown, "I don't want to lie about anything."
He nodded, "Yea, you're right. I just hate that this is gonna upset her."
"You hate it?" Gerard said sounding pissed, "How do you think I feel? I can't stand the thought of anything upsetting her. And yea, I'm for sure this is gonna."
There was a knock on the door. Kara got up and answered it "Hey momma" she greeted her with a hug.
Monica walked in and smiled "Hi, Bob. How was Chicago?"
He tried to smile "It was good. Got out of there before the next snowstorm hit."
Monica walked in and took the matching wingback chair by Gerard. It only took her a moment to spot Kara's luggage. She looked at Bob and Kara and saw the uncomfortable looks. "Your room is one floor down" she said in an even tone.
Kara had sat back down by Bob and once more he put his arm around her. It seemed to give her courage. "Mom, there is something we need to tell you."
Monica waited with no emotion on her face.
Taking a deep breath Kara went on. "Bob and I are getting married"
Gerard held his breath waiting for her response. Emotion was now evident on her face. She was very upset.
"Are you pregnant?" she asked quietly.
"Turns out I'm not." Her daughter answered.
"Turns out?" her voice was getting louder, "You thought you were?"
Kara nodded, "Yea and before you get mad at Bob, don't. I lied and told him I was on birth control pills."
"Well, shit. That would have made it OK then, wouldn't it" She stood and began to pace. " I mean a man who is 28 defiantly should be sleeping with a girl in high school"
Bob flinched "Monica, I love Kara."
She stopped and faced him "Yea, me too." Suddenly she spun around to face Gerard "You knew about this. That's what she was talking to you about. You knew my eighteen year old might be pregnant and you didn't tell me"
He nodded "Yea, Kara told me and I promised not to say anything to you until she knew if she was or not." The sinking feeling he had was getting worse.
She glared at him but instead of saying anything else to him she turned to her daughter. "You are too young"
Kara stood defiantly "You were married when you were my age. Just because your marriage sucked doesn't mean mine will."
Monica sucked in air like she had been struck "I never said my marriage to your father sucked"
"Yea, well it did didn't it? When daddy died you only pretended to be upset. You were probably happy when he died." Kara stopped and looked shocked at the words that had just come out of her mouth.
Monica stood completely still. Her mind was racing yet sheer will made her keep calm. She would not break down in front of them. In a voice that offered no room for argument she said "Kara give me the card key to your room."
Kara began to cry, "Mom, I'm so sorry."
Monica shook her head "The key" she put out her hand and took the plastic card key from Kara. Walking towards the door she said, "I'll be staying there tonight and tomorrow morning I'm going back to Donna's."
Gerard watched her close the door behind her. He looked at Kara who was crying and being rocked back and forth by Bob. He had no idea what he should do. No idea at all.
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