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What if the popular chick had to chase the punk kid? Step in and find out....

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This story isn't like any other I've read so far. If there are, then hey, damnit I'm sorry. I came up with this idea today and thought I'd try it out. Plus, I need a little side venture from my other fics. Hope u like...Oh! And if you read the description of the guys and you're like, 'damn, what the hell, krissy? this isn't how they looked in high school!' I know. I just used the certain looks that were my favorite over the years..That's why this is part fantasy....

What if...The pretty, popular, jock girl wanted the attention of the artsy, quiet, punk kid?
What is she had to try and win him over instead of the other way around?? Well, you're about to find out right now...

"Hey! K.C.! Wait up!" Kristian slowed her stride a little and rolled her eyes. 'Won't this idiot get a clue?' She thought to herself.

"Hi Jason.* What's up?" She asked, as the tall, flaxen haired boy jogged up beside her.

"Hey, I was wondering...You know, after practice today, maybe,...we could go, you know..."

"Sorry," She cut Jason off. "I've got so much homework. If I don't keep up, you know what happens!" She said sending him a sympathetic look. "That's...ok. Maybe some other time then?" Kristian looked over and gave her brightest smile. "Yeah,...maybe...See you, Jason." Jason nodded, and turned to head the opposite way. She shook her head.

He so wasn't her type.

Kristian continued on her way to the gymnasium, where basketball practice was due to begin any moment, studying her notes from the student counsel meeting she just attended. She desperately needed someone to help with the designs for the upcoming winter formal. She didn't even know where to begin. None of her friends were art literate, or talented at all in any way besides trying to look pretty. Matter of fact, out of the whole group, she was the only one who played any type of sport...excluding cheerleading (Which she did do in the fall...) She ducked into the locker room to change her clothes, and was interrupted by her cell phone.


"Kris? It's me." That was her best friend's voice.

"What's up Dana? I'm getitng ready for practice." Kristian balanced her cell phone on her shoulder, and pulled up her shorts.

"What did you say to Jase?" Kristian sighed deeply. "Dane..." "No, Kris, he really likes you. I was only trying to help.." Kristian tied up her sneakers.

"Dane, if you want to help with something, how about finding me someone to help with the formal? Rather than trying to hook me up with your little minions?" Dana sighed this time. When would she realize that Kristian did not need any petty little boyfriend tying her down?

"Fine. Did you try the art freaks? After all, they do, art...don't they?"

"That's actually a great idea Dane. I'll call you when I get home ok? Bye."

She hung up, deciding that's what she would do tomorrow. Find an art student. A talented one.

-sorry so short...feel free to give feedback..-
ps thanx cutandbleed for the help if you're reading...

*-changed his name from Josh to Jason, A Petey pie alias, cause I read a story like 2 minutes ago where the name Josh was used.
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