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Kristian seeks help to find her artist.

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"Miss Colbert (pronounced- kohl-bear), what can I do for you this morning?"

Kristian stood in front of the art teacher, Mrs. Montgomery in her classroom before 1st period began. "I was just wondering, Mrs. Montgomery...I sort of need your help." "Ok. what can I do?"

Kristian straightened her posture and smiled. "Ok. As you know, I'm head of the dance committee, and well, I really, really need help with the backdrop design for the formal. So I was wondering...that maybe you could recommend someone? Someone with major talent."

Mrs. Montgomery gave her a warm smile in return, then sat for a minute in thought. "Well, there are a few students that come to mind. There's Miss Ramsey...and...Let me grab you some samples, then you can decide for yourself."

The teacher got up from her desk and waddled her seven months pregnant self across the room. "Hey, you know Kristian, you were great last Thursday. You killed girl! 16 points?!"

Kristian grinned. At 5'7", she played on the school's championship winning team as a starting guard. Just as she had been since 5th grade. Now, as a senior, she looked forward to possibly going on to play college ball.

"Thanks Mrs. Montgomery."

"You're welcome...ok. Here are a few things Miss Ramsey's done,..." She handed Kristian a few loose sheets of paper. "These were done by Mr. Garrett, and these were done by Mr. Way."

"Wow. they're all great. Thanks, I appreciate your help a whole lot." "No problem sweetie. And good luck this week. With the dance too."

"Thank you. See you later." Kristian left the room clutching all of the artwork. They were all so beautiful, how would she decide? She met up with Dana, who was waiting at her locker.

"Look at these. They're great!" She handed the papers to her friend, dropping her bag on the floor to enter her combo. Dana flipped through the pages quickly.

"Sure. Whatever. Ok, Kris look. I know that you aren't interested much in Josh..." Kristian cocked her head to the side.

"Much? Try not at all. First off, I don't do blondes Dane. You know that. Second..."

"I know, Krissy, but he's so cute. And you haven't had any romance in your life since..." Kristian shot Dana a death glare.

"Don't say his fucking name Dana Rosario." She ordered.

"I won't, but who do you plan on going to the dance with?"

"I don't know, but I do know I don't need you trying to pair me up with any of your blond beauties. That's for damn sure. Matter of fact, I've got too much on my plate to be bothered with boys at all. I mean, I've got basketball, classes, cheerleading, dance committee? See? Way too much. Not to mention exams. So maybe I'll find a date. Maybe I won't...Ok?"

Dana pouted, "Fine."

"Good. Now promise me. No more."

"I promise."

"Good. Now let's get to class." Kristian said snatching the sketches back and they headed off to spanish.

During class, Kristian couldn't stop ogling the drawings she held in her possession. There was one that stood out. Done completely in black pen, it was the artist's interpretation of Count Dracula. Complete with fangs showing. It was flawless. Why hadn't she she noticed it before?

'That's strange.' She thought, before scanning to the bottom of the page. Blended in towards the right corner was the artist's signature....

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