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Finding Mr. Way

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Cafeteria conversation...

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Hot damn! Two updates in a day! Hell, two updates in two hours! Yes, sadly, I have nothing better to do....whimper covers face, then reaches for tissue.

At lunchtime, sophomore Mikey Way sat at his usual table with his buddy, and classmate, Frankie Iero. "Dude. You should of fucking seen it. I swear, Jessica's entire tit came out of her fucking bra. Nipple and everything." Frank told him, biting his sandwich.

Mikey laughed, and shook his head. "Sorry I missed that." Frank nodded in reply.

Mikey picked over the bag lunch, which he brought everyday because let's face it, every caf in every school sucks.

"Holy shit. Look."

Mikey looked up and saw this girl clad in skin tight jeans and equally snug baby pink sweater sauntering towards them with a determined look on her face. He knew immediately who she was. He watched as her hips swayed, and she flipped her chestnut/golden blond highlighted hair back.

"Kristian Colbert." Frank.

"I know who she is...but what is she doing coming over here?" Mikey answered back through gritted teeth.

He would soon get his answer. Kristian sat down next to Frankie, across from Mikey.

"Hi guys." She said, smiling like they were old friends. She looked from Mikey's face to Frank's, then back to Mikey again.

"Kristian? To what do we owe this pleasant surprise?" Frank asked, giving her an equally charming smile.

"Well, I'm glad you asked that question..."

"Frank." He informed her.

She smiled again sweetly. "Yes, Frank. I'm looking for someone. And I was told I should come to this table to find him. And if you are Frank, then you must be Mr. Way."

Mikey pushed his glasses up on his nose and licked his lips, Not at all intimidated by this girl's extraordinary beauty. "Well, my last name's definitely Way." He smirked, and he and Frank exchanged glances.

"Well then. You're the one I need to talk to." Kristian purred, giving Mikey a wink.
Mikey looked cockily over at Frank, who was in complete awe.

Kristian lifted her hips off of her chair and pulled a folded up sheet of paper from her front pocket.

"Did you do this?" She asked Mikey, lowering her eyes, but all the sexual overtone-age now gone. She unfolded the paper out in front of the three of them.

"Hell no. My brother did that. There's his name right there." Mikey pointed to the 'Gee-Way' in the lower right corner.

"I know, but I didn't know he wasn't you. I asked someone about the last name, and like I said, they told me to come to this table." Kristian told them. "Where can I find your brother? I really need to talk with him." She pleaded.

Mikey turned to Frank. "I think he's having a smoke....We could, take you...if you want."
Her eyes lit up. "Oh, could you? Please?"

Mikey gave her a quizzical glance. "What do you want with my brother anyway?"

"Actually? I saw this hanging in Mrs. Montgomery's class, and I knew I had to have it. And Him. He's not a virgin is he?" Kristian said with a straight face.

Frank's jaw hung open. Mikey rolled his eyes. "Bullshit. I know when I'm being fucked with. Frankie, close your mouth."

"I want him to help design the winter formal." She answered truthfully, giggling.

Mikey scoffed, and started packing his lunch back into the brown bag. "Yeah, good luck. Come on, we'll take you to him. This oughta be good."

Mikey and Frank led Kristian out of the caf, down the crowded corridor, and back towards the baseball field. The place where most kids came when they needed to smoke a know, something else.*

"He's over there. Do you want us to wait?" Frank asked. "No, it's ok. Hey, thanks you two.
Who knew there were such sweet, cute, little sophomore boys running aroud here? Maybe I shoud try dating down sometime." She blew the boys a kiss, making at least Frank blush before strolling over in the other Way brother's direction.

"Hey there." She spoke once she stopped in front of him. He didn't so much as look up. "Hey, Mr Way. I'm talking to you." She said again.

He took another drag off his marlboro and squinted to look up at her. She then noticed he had the most beautiful eyes she'd seen since...well, they were gorgeous.

"Look princess, whatever it is you're selling, honey, I don't wanna buy."

*-mari-juana,yo. not
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