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Part 1

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Two girls decide for no real reason whatsoever to try and create maheym around the fall out boy camp.

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A/N: Welcome to my twisted little world. I needed a brief (very brief I'll have another chapter up tonight) break from my "epic dramady".
So this was inspired by:
"Stump keeps eyeing a red velvet soon as Stump finishes his sentence, he surrenders to a gooey baked good."
Not sure how long it'll be maybe 2-3 chapters max. Enjoy.

P.S.: Callan this is for you my love. :)

"Honey I'm home!" echoed through the suite that Fall Out Boy was currently occupying during this stop on their tour. Pete Wentz himself was back, and trying to do an incredibly bad imitation of Ricky Ricardo, or at least this narrator hoped he was trying to be bad at it. Pete stopped in the doorway to the living area of the suite and was very confused as to why his puppy, I mean best friend, hadn't come running up to him the second he walked in the door.
"Trick? What'cha doing?" He asked wandering over to where Patrick was sitting forelornly on the couch staring at a couple of what looked like polaroid pictures.
"Hi Pete." the younger boy said through his pout.
"Uhh...Patrick? Did someone die?" because afterall that was the only reason that Patrick wouldn't be thrilled to see the great and wonderful Oz..wrong story. Sorry.
"No. Not yet."
"Not yet? What? What happened?"
"We've been robbed." At Patrick's response Pete jumped up and ran into his room of the suite. From inside Patrick heard his friend yell back,
"But all my stuff's still here!"
"I know."
"But..Then we haven't been robbed. What else would they have taken?"
"Red, Purple, Blue, White and Green. I liked green. It was my favorite." Patrick sniffled a little as he continued to stare at the polaroids he held in his hand. Curiously Pete approached the table and picked up a letter he finally noticed. As though from a bad kidnapping movie Pete held in his hand a letter made up of cut out magazine letters that were pasted together to read:
"meet US at 10 P M 2 NitE
At the DoCKs
Or The CUPKAKEs get IT !
Bring SiGNEd MeRCh.
-Your WOrSt NiTeMare"
Flipping the letter over Pete saw scribbled on the back: P.S.: Call Me: 555-555-1234 Love, Callan.
"Look at these too" Patrick insisted and shoved the polaroids into Pete's hands. The pictures showed two girls, poised over 5 cupcakes in the boys hotel room with forks and knives. At the sight of the pictures Pete grabbed Patrick's arm and frog marched him into his own bedroom. Forcibly lying him down he stated to the younger boy, "Don't worry. I will totally save the day. It's what I do. I save people. They've told me so." Walking out of Patrick's bedroom Pete picked up the polaroids and letter again.
"Creepy..." Pete said shaking his head before going downstairs to talk to management about a breach in security and to head to the bakery to pick up some more cupcakes that looked like the ones that had been cakenapped before Patrick woke up.
Little did Pete know Patrick was already climbing out the window and onto the fire escape. Dressed entirely in black Patrick, steathily (although it was more like clunkily) crept his way down the fire escape with a two signed cd's and a couple of t-shirts he kept for just such an emergency. Reaching the bottom he checked his watch, it was only 8 p.m. with any luck he could get at least Green back in one piece before the deadline.

~~~Earlier That Day~~~
"Would you be quieter?" A girl with long brown hair hissed as she pushed the heavy maids cart down the hotel hallway.
"This damn thing is heavy I can't help it if I say oof every once in a while." was shot back at her by another brunette, who coincidentily had shorter hair as well as height.
"Ok, finally. We're here. Suite 311." The taller girl stated while the other one hummed "Come Original" to herself.
"Callan, why are we doing this anyway?" the smaller one asked in confusion, "I mean, I could think of way more interesting things to be doing. Like sleeping."
"Would you lighten up? Think of it this way, in SOME way shape or form this will fuck with Pete."
"I'm in."
"Gee, how did I guess?" Callan replied to which the smaller girl shrugged and tried to adopt an innocent looking expression. " the door Bridget."
"Right, duh, knew that." She said hurrying over to the door with the keycard and slid it through the slot. The door swung open to reveal,
"EWWWWW" was squealed by both females who immediatly slammed the door again. "Maybe it was 312." The girls said hurrying along to the next room in the hallway and repeating the process, this time actually finding the right room.
Walking into the room they looked around and listened carefully, they both heard the shower running.
"Maid service" Bridget called out cautiously. When they recieved no answer Bridget immediately started opening bedroom doors and looking inside.
"What are you doing?" Callan exclaimed from where she was examining the bakery box that sat on the coffee table. "Someone is in the shower. We have to be quick about this."
"I'm Looking for PeterPan's stuff. I bet I could pay off my college loan's if I get enough good shit. I heard about this girl named A who does it all the time."
"Yea don't ask." was replied from the final bedroom. Surrounding Bridget was framed pictures of Pete Wentz in all stages of development, there were quite a few mirrors as well. "Wow..." she whispered to herself "No wonder he is the way he is. He's totally believes his own hype. Such a shame."
"Would you stop it?" was hissed from the living room.
"Fine." Bridget shuffled out with a pout and not holding anything. "So what's the plan?"
"Well...we take funky pictures with the cakes. We leave the pictures and the note."
"Which you brilliantly scribbled your number on but I'm not allowed to take something to help me pay off 16,000 dollars?"
"Yup. and then we take the cakes and run like hell. Sound good?"
"Sure. But are we actually going to be waiting at the docks?"
" think they'll call the cops because of cupcakes?"
"Probably not. They are just baked goods."
"Yes, but they're gooey baked goods."
"They won't call the cops. And if they do what are they going to arrest us for anyway? Grand Theft Calorie?"
With that the girls finished taking the pictures and were about to head out the door when Callan asked, "Who do you think is in the shower?"
"We'll the shower that was running was the one attached to his room."
"How'd you know it was his room?"
"There was a portable hat rack."
"Oh...Can I go peek?"
"Would you come on. THAT would really get us arrested." Bridget said as she dragged her hormonal and Patrick-addicted friend out of the hotel and down to the car.
When they reached their car the girls peeled out of the parking lot cackling as they felt they probably were supposed to. They were so sure in fact that Bridget said if there was a handbook to stealing cupcakes from adorable nerds it would say to "cackle evilly". As they pulled up to the "docks" (which was really just one six foot long piece of wood with a small rowboat tied to it) they got out to wait for Patrick to be along. They didn't think they would have to wait until ten, afterall, there were gooey baked goods at stake.
They were so caught up in trying to imagine what he would bring them in exchage for the cupcakes neither one noticed when the figure came up behind them and stuck bags over their heads before dragging them off into a waiting van.
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