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Chapter Two: Rum 'n Coke! Double!

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conspiracy theories, mystery and fancy stuff that does his head in.

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"An exceedingly intelligent scientific force, well respected member of the community, already with many great achievements under her belt with the promise of many more in the future. Ladies and Gentle men, I present to you, the newest winner of the Nobel Prize for her outstandingly proficient work with the New Jersey Mental Institution; Marion Iero."

Frank half listened, from his fancy table beside his fancily dressed father and his mother and fathers' equally fancy friends, as the announcer stood away from the podium at the beginnings of roaring applause to let Frank's mother, Marion, move in to collect her award. Her extortionate satin, flowing ball gown flashing with all the bulbs as she enjoyed all the attention she was getting. God he despised her and her seemingly fantastic medical achievements.

If only everyone here knew the truth...! Or, perhaps they did?. Frank looked up from twirling his heavy silver knife and gazed slowly around at all the medical and scientific types here tonight. He wouldn't rule anything out now...not after what he'd seen. They probably did all know, they were probably all plotting together.

Covering up their questionable histories and outside-interests. Putting on a façade of medical and scientific genius/hero qualities, while secretly deviating plans that would put them safely in a padded cell of Frank's dad's mental institute if the government ever found out.- Frank nodded silently to himself, that sounded about right. It couldn't possibly just be his parents involved and he already knew Gerard and Mikey's parents had been forced into it, he however did not know the reason for this. But he'd find out, even if it meant his parents killing him along with his friends...

The government? -Actually, now that he came to thinking about conspiracy theories it hit him, the government were probably involved too. No! The government were more than probably involved; in fact, it was them funding all the experiments. Shaking his head, temporarily, of the thoughts he made his way from the white
table- clothed sitting area over to the bar. There was no way he was going to deal with his mother without a good drink in him.

"Rum n coke! Double!" he ordered the, yet again, fancy bartender. What was with everything being so stuck-up and snobby at this thing?

The bartender looked at Frank warily before walking away. Frank thinking he was going to ask someone how to make up a rum and coke -the simplest drink ever, but then this guy was used to fancy names and even fancier drinkers- he slumped down on a bar stool and rested his hand on the wood top sighing and stroking the other over his eyes comfortingly.

"Sir, there is a very important award ceremony going on here. I'm afraid we aren't taking people off the streets tonight. I'm going to have to ask you to leave, you look far too casual." A short-fused, impatient voice of a balding, old, fat man broke his thoughts. He looked up to see the important badge pinned to the guys chest...

Apparently the bartender had in actual fact gone off to get the manager who was now talking into a walkie-talkie asking security to escort someone off the property; Frank.

Sitting, momentarily astonished, he contemplated playing the "I am the son of the Marion Iero how dare you?!" card, but decided against it. He really couldn't be bothered with tonight, and maybe this way he could sneak back to the Institution and see Mikey.

"It's okay. I'm leaving! Cheers for the drink man!" he laughed standing up and slapping $20 down on the bar, purely for effect. He did always like movies with smooth talking, sexy main characters. And he thought he looked pretty smooth tonight too, even if the real smooth people didn't, so why shouldn't he act it?

He walked out of the swanky New York hotel and into the cold night air, laughing quietly and happily to himself. He started walking in the direction of the tube station when suddenly he felt the sharp pain of being hit in the face, cracking his nose.

"You're supposed to be helping him! Not getting drunk in fancy hotels with facy whores!"


Eh, yeah...there ya go. It gets weird(er)-lol , but anyways, let me know what you think cause it's quite a complicated story and I need to know if it's worth it smiles hopefully...:)
MyVengefulRomance: there, I've updated so please please pretty please with bells on don't attack me with your spork-lol :)
Sorry for the short chapters...:)

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