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Chapter Three: The Mark.

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The sleeping Mrs. Way uncovers a dark, horrifying secret.

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How annoyin' is it when you've got a really good idea for a chapter and you go to put it on the computer and then someone else is bloody well on already listening to really crap dance music...? Argh...
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"Gerard seriously man, you've got to be quiet now! You're parents will be asleep and I'm pretty sure they won't appreciate their drunken ass son stumbling in breaking everything and waking them up, understand?" Frank whispered outside Gerard's door propping him up with one hand while trying to get the key in the lock.

"Drunken ass?" Gerard laughed a loud, much to Frank's dismay, bitter laugh, "yeah, I'm the fuck up- that's why they didn't take me. It should be me! Not Mikey, poor Mikey he doesn't deserve this. He was always the better one, I know my parents are thinking it too; they wish it was me that was being tested. I can see it in their eyes."

They'd gotten to the tube station after a brief fight outside the 'up itself' hotel and now at 3:00 am they were back in New Jersey outside Gerard's house.
Luckily Gerard was too drunk, as was becoming increasingly normal ever since they took Mikey, to cause as much harm as he would in the same situation sober, although Frank's nose was hurting like hell.

And to top that all off, this inconvenience meant he was unable to go back to the institute to see Mikey. It would be even more risky than usual to go now; nighttime surveillance was always much tighter than daytime. A fact Frank kept in his head at all times, he had to keep track of their weaknesses so as to know when to act...

"Sssh..." Frank hissed for the millionth time as Gerard said various pointless, loud statements, like "sofa!" or "TV- hey! I have a TV like that!", as he was guided by the steady Frank to the kitchen to get some water.

"Gerard..." Frank began a fruitless lecture, about the importance of silence, but cut himself off when, from the kitchen doorway, he set his eyes on the tear-stained and sleeping face of Mrs. Way. Her arms were spread out on the breakfast bar worktop, her head facing the boys as she laid it on her upper arms.

Frank turned Gerard around awkwardly; he had fallen asleep, and marched him back to the sofa. Laying him down, he pulled a blanket from the back of the couch down on top of him and turned nervously back to the direction of the kitchen. He caught sight of himself in an opaque mirror of Mrs. Way's that was hanging by the entrance to the room she was slumbering in, and noted how deathly pale he had turned. He gulped and entered the previously ordinary, harmless yet now foreboding room.

Taking a seat, his heart racing, opposite her delicate sound asleep form he baited his breath and looked intently at the area on her left forearm that had drawn his horrified attention from the moment he looked into the kitchen. He gasped and nodded to himself in dismay; it was definitely /the mark./

DAMN thse chapters are short! Sorry, i'm gonna try and make them longer.
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