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Chapter Four: Frank Iero: The Hope

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Donna feels a glimmer of hope in the form of Frank. A wee bit of insight to the evils of 'them', but not too much. Sorry, i know it's moving slow :)

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Woops! I started writing this ages ago and then I went downstairs and I fell asleep and forgot about it. But I've written it now so...:)
Also, even though it's Friday, I just got my issue of Kerrang! And I just read the article bout Mikey's break-down (the one you were talkin' bout Silvana) Oh My God! That's so sad...bless him, I hope so much that he gets completely better

In silent horror, he sat as the minutes ticked by eerily uneventful. But then, what had he been expecting? The way they worked was by masking all the secrets as normal, everyday, professional endeavours and so there would be no flashlights and dark clothing as they were far more calculated than that. It was almost a joke actually; they were running the lead-up to the apocalypse right under everyone's noses. And to top it all off they managed to use their manipulative social status' to get everyone to join in and cheer the countdown; the countdown to the end.

Watching her sleep he found it so hard to believe that the woman who had practically been his mum, as his real mum was too busy running her scientific affairs, would succumb and involve herself in it all. They had taken Mikey, her son, and, up until last night, Frank pitied her for that. But now, seeing the mark; a black cross positioned on all of their left forearms, he could feel nothing but resentment and hatred for her and what she had done, was doing. And of course there was also the fear he had for her, the fear he had for all of them; a fear he had to learn how to hide in order for his plans to succeed. After all, in their eyes, he was only a spoilt, rich, rebellious punk; he didn't know anything. Except he did...

Frank stood from the seat opposite Donna, Gerard's mother, and made his way to the door. He couldn't stay here and trust himself not to say anything to her unlike how he managed with so many others, including his parents. But he had to keep his knowledge hidden and so he would leave the house swiftly making his way to the institute. It was about 6:30am and so nighttime surveillance would be finished. He could sneak to Mikey's room only needing to worry about security cameras, he had a security swipe card- he had used his mothers lab to make a copy.
Closing the door softly he breathes a sigh of relief at having held back his anger and his desire for a confrontation with Mrs. Way.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, after hearing the Iero boy finally leave, Donna lifts her head off her arm staring at the ugly black mark adorning her forearm. Disgusted with herself she rolled her sleeves down and turned her mind's focus back to the peculiar behaviour of Frank. She had been aware of him watching her sleep for quite some time but didn't want to have to wake up. "What a strange boy." She muttered while standing and stretching, her bones creaking from the unforgiving position in which she had let sleep take her, and walking over to the coffee machine beside the window.

However, as she gazed depressively out of the window, she felt the slightest feeling of hope, a feeling she lost many years ago when they cast their mark and forced her agreement to the binding contract. And the feeling, she knew, was only there because of Frank Iero; the son of the people who had started it all...

The faint beep of the lock recognizing his access code embedded in the complicated electronics of the card played softly on the deathly clean, blank walls. Aware of how obvious he was with his all black clothes, as he was every time, he kept to sides of the corridor shuffling with his back flat against them switching sides every time a new camera prodded out scanning the area for impostors like himself. He followed the course he had memorised and followed several times since they captured Mikey last week, until he reached the room he was looking for.

#.264 Michael Way: Extreme Schizophrenia

Frank, momentarily, gazed shocked at the sign- it was a new fixture and completely false. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Mikey; this was simply what they did. They branded the 'experiments'; people such as Mikey, with false mental illnesses often feeding them drugs to make it all the more realistic to visitors of the clinic. Meanwhile, they're preparing to run proper test in search of the 'correct qualities'. once all the visitors have witnessed the ferocity of the 'clients' condition.

But still, Frank thought to himself standing outside the door, Schizophrenia? This was going to make the escape all that more difficult. How could Frank control his friend when he's been fed pills to make him Schizo?

"Mikey?" Frank cautiously and gently shook his friend after finding the bed in the darkness. "Mikey?"
There was no reply, either in the form of words or movement. Clearly Mikey was also too much for the staff to handle too and so they would have had to sedate him like they did the previous night.

Frank sighed in defeat stepping away from the bed and staring down at his hands. The confusion hit him gradually as he stared, it had been dark only a second ago, hadn't it? And now he could see his hands, his heart leapt to his throat when the voice from the corner rang clearly yet softly into his ears.

"And there was me thinking you were just another spoilt rich kid..."

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