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Growing Up

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Hey, trivia here. How many of you know that Evie is pronounced {ehh-vee} and not {eee-vee}??? -mad laughter-

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I didn't expect what I saw when I stepped back into the room. When they said he was awake, I didn't expect him to be standing in pajamas and tossing a little bundle of joy in the air. I turned to Patrick who was removing his arm from my waist.

"Is that..." I trailed off.

He smiled sheepishly and Izzy smiled over at us as she wrung her hands together.

"Seven months," Patrick whispered.

Pete stopped and brought the baby to his chest, turning around and twitching his eyebrows up.

"Oh," his smile fell. "Hi," he squeaked.

Izzy darted her eyes between the two of us before grabbing the baby from his arms and yanking Patrick from the room.

"But we just got here!" his voice faded and I started a staring contest with my shoes.

Pete coughed, but it wasn't forced. I nervously glanced up and shifted my feet uneasily. He winced in pain, slightly pounding his palm on his chest.

"Maybe you should sit down," I whispered. He observed the six feet between us.

"Yea," he somewhat agreed, but didn't move one bit. He shrugged once before gulping loud enough for me to hear.

"What?" I croaked.

Pete skewed his mouth to one side before stuffing his hands in his hoodie pocket, the zipper slightly falling and exposing his bare chest. Tingles went up my spine, remembering that was pretty much the last thing I remember about Pete.

Just lying in bed and the...somewhat of a proposal.

Pete looked innocently up at me through his eyebrows.

"Is it too soon to be asking for a hug?"

I held my breath before stepping forward and watching as his hands lightly moved from the pockets, hesitating. I shook my head and wrapped my arms around his waist, feeling his heart beating rapidly against my temple.

"We're so hopeless," I whispered.

Pete smirked lightly before pulling away slightly to cough and winced before sitting down on the hospital bed again.

"Peter?" he closed his eyes tightly before resting his hands on either side of him and breathing out in a pained way.

"I'm fine," he muttered, moving to fall into a small fetal position on the bed.

I frowned and sighed feeling myself finding every possible reason to leave this god damn city, vanishing. I didn't want to play the pawn in this game of chess.

I wanted to be the queen, but Pete never let that happen.

Ironic thing was that we were both pawns right now, the other waiting to take the first move.

If I took one step towards him, I would prove that there was something left.

On the other side, Pete only had to call me back and play pathetic. I guess I always ended up as the pawn. Pursing my lips together, I nervously stepped over to the bed and sat down, my side next to his brought up knees.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

I didn't stop him.

I hated apologies, they never got anybody anywhere.

Especially for us.

We were a pair of hopeless romantics, always looking for a way back in. He had the best friends that pushed him towards happiness and I had the jealous 'boyfriend' that never really liked Pete to begin with.

"For what?" I asked, looking down at him. "I mean, for which circumstance?" Pete looked away for a long time.

"For all of them," I sighed and scooted him over, lying down into his form, my back against his chest.

"You want to know something?" I whispered. Pete moved his arm so that it rested around my waist.

"What?" His voice was muffled by my hair.

"I'm worried about you," I closed my eyes as he exhaled.

"I'm worried too," I lightly smiled.

"What would you say if I told you I..." I paused. Pete smiled against the back of my neck.

"Are you going to stay?" he asked. I shrugged and glanced down at his arm that started to play with one charm on my bracelet.

"I think we need to work on things," I whispered.

Pete moved his hand up my left arm and rested it on my shoulder before lightly turning me. I willingly turned to face him and noticed his curious expression.

"Like..." I read his eyes.

"We need our friendship back,"

Ok, Evie.

Now it's time to learn to read eyes.

They glimmered and his pupil's grew larger. A slight sign of hope hidden behind them.


His hand intertwined with one of mine and brought it between us.

"Friends?" he offered. I nodded and offered a smile.

"Best friends," Pete's smile slightly grew.

"So we're gonna start from the beginning," I nodded.

"Right from the beginning," Pete seemed to be in deep thought before he lowered his eyes and laughed to himself.

"How much does the girl with black hair cost, and how many calories? I'm on a diet," I felt a blush rise to my cheeks and thought back...a long time ago.

"She costs more than you make in a year, and she's packed full because she doesn't believe in diets," I replied. Pete smiled.

"How do you keep your figure?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. I stifled a laugh and glanced up, thinking back.

"I beat the living shit out of boys like you,"
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