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Sweet Silver Bells

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All seem to say, ding dong mmmmkaaayyy kayz, so, i have broken [that's a lie, severly fractured is more like it] my right wrist from an intense pillow fight with a jew. please do not take offenc...

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I always seemed to be prone to the 'Teen Wolf Wakeup Call'. No matter how long Pete held the mega phone to my ear, I would never wake up. Though what did wake me up was Patrick coming in with a cynical expression, a rather good 'grr' face plastered on his lips.

"Pete," he groaned and yanked the device from his hands before leaving, slamming the door behind him.

I stifled a giggle from under the comforter and heard Pete smirk. The bed indented slightly and I squealed, covering my face as he straddled my hips and smiled wide in the dimly lit room.

"Hey," he breathed.

I winced.

"Brush your teeth," I whispered.

Pete frowned before climbing off and letting me sit up. I yawned deeply and stretched my arms high above my head.

"I can't sleep," he mumbled. I turned to find him sitting Indian style next to the wall, a bored expression on his face.

"You think its warm enough to go play soccer?" I asked. Pete looked bewildered.

"Uhh, no," he stated bluntly. I smiled evilly and nudged him.

"Perfect," Pete eyed me as I stood up and checked the clock. "Nothing beats 2am soccer," He seemed skeptic. Tilting my head to one side, I raised an eyebrow. "Scared?" I asked.

Pete gulped.

"Maybe," I smirked as I pulled on a pair of jeans.

"Pussy," Pete slyly smiled.

"Cocky bitch," he joked. I was about to reply when we heard Patrick's voice from down the hall.

"If you plan on having sex, please go back to Pete's house,"

I bit my lip, embarrassed and watched as Pete clenched his teeth in laughter. Pulling on a hoodie and pulling up my hair, I watched Pete stand up and grab one of my larger hoodies from my bag.

"If I may," I turned my head and eyed him.

"Of course," Pete raised an eyebrow.

"So it's on?" he asked.

I nodded before grabbing his hand and ushering him downstairs and outside. I shivered once there and watched as Pete laughed.

"It's not that cold," I glared.

"Fine," I hissed and looking down the road and towards the park. "Last one there has to sleep on the roof in their underwear," Pete shrugged and put one foot forward, ready. I yawned once before copying.

"I played soccer in high school, Ev," I looked at him.

"So did I," I paused and lowered my arms so that they were by my feet. "I also ran track,"

Pete seemed shocked but I laughed before jetting off. I was so far ahead when I landed in the big snow pile in the field that I couldn't help but laugh as Pete landed next to me, out of breath.

"That's no fair," he whispered. I shrugged.

"You learn something new each and every day," I mumbled. Pete smiled and placed a sloppy kiss on my cheek.

"Does best friends mean I can do that?" I shrugged.

"Patrick did it all the time, so...I guess," I replied. Pete smiled and did so again.

"Awesome," he breathed. I laughed and pushed him away playfully.

"Don't get too kissy," Pete smiled with adoration and breathed out before bringing me into a hug.

"Do I really have to sleep on the roof?" he asked. I shook my head after a moment.

"No, you just have to let me borrow your big hoodie," Pete pulled away and pouted before smiling and nodding.



Izzy beamed as soon as she came downstairs in the afternoon. I eyed her suspiciously from where I sat at the kitchen island, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

"What are you so happy about?" I asked. Izzy smiled innocently before curling her hands around her own cup of coffee. I raised an eyebrow before lowering my eyes to her hand.

"No. Way," I stood up slowly and let my lips stretch into a shocked expression before yanking her left hand to my face. "IZZY!" I shouted. She placed a finger over her mouth.

"You'll wake Alex," she whispered. I started laughing lightly.

"Izzy, when did he..." Izzy bit her lip nervously.

"Well, Patrick said he was going to do it at dinner, but he waited until we were in bed," I brought her into a hug and swayed her side to side.

"My best friend is getting married," I squealed. She laughed into my shoulder.

"Ev, I need to ask you two very huge favors," I pulled away and looked her in the eyes.

"As long as it doesn't involve color coordination or a guest list, I'm all in," Izzy giggled.

"I want you to be my maid of honor!" she clasped her hands together in a fit of joy and I smiled wide.

"Of course!" I shouted. Izzy bit her lip nervously.

"And the other thing," I nodded once.

"What?" she cleared her throat.

"You and Pete are gonna have to..." she paused and I raised an eyebrow. "Watchthehouseandthebaby,"

I blinked.

I coughed.

I fainted.


But I did scream.
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