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Stray Cat

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the difference between Seimei and Ritsuka - 31_days, 'I am inside soemone who hates me'

Category: Loveless - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Ritsuka, Seimei, Soubi - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2005-08-17 - Updated: 2005-08-17 - 295 words - Complete

Ritsuka's ears move as he listens to the girl. He doesn't mean to move them: it's unconcious, his ears telling the world what he feels even when his face is closed. It's only been a little while since Ritsuka has relaxed enough not to pay attention to his body language, to not be careful to hold his ears and tail still. His ears look like black velvety butterflies.

Ritsuka looks up and sees him watching, and his ears flatten. His face snaps back into the mask he wears all the time. What? he mouths over Yuiko's shoulder.

Soubi shakes his head. Nothing.

Ritsuka scowls at him but turns his attention back to his friend.

The Ritsuka he knows is perhaps not the one that Seimei had known. The personality is different than what Seimei had described. What he had listened to and commited to memory as he had memorized all of Seimei's words. As he was learning all of Ritsuka's words. He looks for Seimei in Ritsuka but Ritsuka, this Ritsuka, is closed to him, as Seimei had been; Seimei had allowed him to worship but not to know, and Ritsuka tolerates and watches but will not come close. Seimei had been, in his own way, tamed, a beautiful creature sure of his name, sure of the way people looked at him and loved, helplessly but gladly. Ritsuka expects rejection and so keeps his distance, watches carefully, wanting but refusing to have.

A purebred and a stray, he thinks, briefly amused. One flowing up to you, expecting a caressing hand, when he wanted it and only if he wanted it. The other creeping warily up, wanting a friendly hand but never expecting more than a kick.

Soubi thinks disloyally that he prefers the wary stray.
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