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Chapter Ten: Keep Your Phone on Loud

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Patrick and Ava have a 'miscomunication'... oh the joy.

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So patience was not a virtue for Ava.

"How much longer are we going to wait here?" Matthew asked for what seemed like the hundredth time. Patrick had basically told her not to move, but that was over an hour and a half ago. Ava was beginning to realize he had probably forgotten about them.

"Just a bit longer."

Matthew didn't even bother commenting; he just closed his eyes and laid his head against the back of his chair. Ava wished for his serenity. Even though he was obviously looking forward to getting back to the hotel, he could still appear completely unruffled after being here for so long. Ava was exactly the opposite. She spent the first thirty minutes pacing back and forth and the past hour practically bouncing in her chair. Every now and then she would start to unconsciously tap on the metal arms and Matthew would reach over and cover her hand with his, simply trying to make her relax. It would only work for a few minutes before she would start up again, but it was a nice try on his part.

What was taking so long?

Ava sighed. Was he even taking long? Maybe Patrick knew it would at least be a couple hours and forgot to tell her. Maybe these little meet and greet things were always this time-consuming. Perhaps he would show up and say something like, 'wow, that didn't take as long as I expected' or something to that effect. Ava had no idea.

She was pretty close to believing anything, but one thing she couldn't get around: the place was quickly becoming deserted. The stage was practically already broken down and all the fans had cleared out forever ago. Sitting here they way they were clearly marked them as the losers in the group who had nothing better to do on a Friday night. Awesome.

"Uh, sir? Miss?" A man cleared his throat to her side. He was tall and big, dressed completely in black except for the tiny white 'security' printed over the left breast pocket, and was giving them a curious once-over.

"Yeah?" Ava said cautiously, not knowing who he was even speaking to them.

"We need to pack up the chairs you two are sitting in."

She felt her cheeks flame as she jumped from her seated position. "Sure. I'm sorry." Matthew got up lazily, looking well beyond bored. Ava really couldn't blame him. If their positions had been reversed then she would have already been complaining.

"I don't think he's coming back." Matthew said carefully, as to not upset her. "We're the only non-workers left. I think it's time we headed back to the hotel."

Ava sighed. He was right. She couldn't wait around forever for someone who wasn't going to show. "Lead the way."

Matthew took her order without complaint, and in his enthusiasm to get out of there as fast as possible, they ended up at his car in record time. Like the good gentleman that he was, he held the door as she climbed inside before half-jogging around to the driver door for himself. He had put up with a lot tonight, and that was completely Ava's fault, but he was still as pleasant as ever to her. She didn't deserve a friend like that. She was completely using him, and in his kindness he was letting himself be used. This puzzled her because she knew he wasn't a complete pushover. He came from a very successful business-type family. Maybe he needed to be around her because he still missed Wendy. Who knew? He was just as screwed up as she was over Wendy's death.

The drove to the Hilton in silence, which had never been more uncomfortable to Ava. They honestly didn't know each other well enough to make this situation pass easily.

The drive to the hotel wasn't a long one, but by the time they reached it, the weather had changed from just being cold to cold and rainy. Matthew dropped her off at the front entrance, making sure she had her keycard and other belongings so he could go park the car. Ava gave him a sad smile and made her way up the suite. This day had definitely not gone the way she had planned.

She slowly closed the main door, leaving the security chain undone for Matthew, but she made a point to close and lock the door to her private room. She didn't really want him coming to check up on her or anything like that. She needed to be alone for a while and absorb what all had happened.

Ava fell back on her bed, still completely clothed in her concert attire, her cell clutched securely in her left hand. Surely Patrick would at least call. She glared at the phone after a few minutes of complete silence then set it on her nightstand. She didn't need to expect anything. It wasn't as if Patrick really owed her an explanation for his disappearance. It wasn't as if they were in a relationship or anything. They were just... well, she didn't really know what they were, only that they hadn't made any sort of commitment to each other. And after tonight they most likely never would.

After what felt like forever of just staring up at the ceiling, Ava managed to change into her night clothes and climb into bed once more, hugging a pillow tightly to her chest. She let her mind drift, finally moving from Patrick to Wendy to the book she had published. She could clearly picture the characters, playing out her written scenes. The scary parts seemed to stick with her the most, and even though what she had written was a complete work of her imagination, it could still make her have nightmares.

Her eyes snapped open as a crash came from the kitchen and her breath hitched in her throat. She vaguely heard Matthew mutter something incoherent, and her pulse began to slow back to its normal pace. For a moment, even though it was completely unrealistic, she could imagine it was Gregory Hallow- her bad guy- preparing take out another victim. Laughing to herself for being so jumpy, she buried her face in her pillow. If Ava was going to be afraid, she should really be thinking of the shooting incident or the explosion. Not fictional characters. They were nothing to be scared of.


"Got everything?"

Ava nodded at Matthew, pulling the strap of her duffel bag higher up on her shoulder. He was giving her worried glances, and she really couldn't blame him. She looked awful, lack of sleep really didn't agree with her if one judged by the dark circles that now surrounded her eyes.

"He didn't call?" Matthew asked, but it was rhetorical and he knew it. "I'm sure he has a good excuse."

"I don't think so." Ava said icily, walking past Matthew and into the hall. She pushed the elevator button a couple times harder than necessary. Why did Matthew have to bring Patrick up? He left her and didn't even call. What kind of person did that? She already had all sorts of abandonment issues concerning his band's concerts, she never would have guess he'd be they type of guy to add to that.

"Ava, I'm sure he-"

"Stop it, Matthew."

"I'm just trying to-"

"Just stop it, okay?" She crossed her arms tightly across her chest as if she were cold, but in reality she was burning up- a temper could do that. "I don't know why you're even standing up for him. He wouldn't be doing that for you."

"I'm not him, Ava. Apparently we don't work the same way, so don't take this out on me."

The elevator doors dinged open and she pushed herself inside even though it was already full. This earned her a few glares, but she didn't care. She needed that conversation to end and this was the simplest way out of it. "Sorry." She mumbled to the people around her as they began their decent.

When the elevator doors opened the second time to the lobby she was practically sprung forward by everyone moving to get out at once. Groaning under her breath she headed for the exit before remembering she had no idea where Matthew had parked the car. Lucky her.

She closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath. Why didn't Patrick call? Even though she distinctly put her cell on the nightstand, to ward away any pathetic feeling she might experience expecting him to call. And any disappointment when she realized he wasn't going to.

Turning toward the front desk she let out her breath. Matthew would have to turn in the keys, anyway, so she might as well make it easy for him to find her. But then something caught her eye. Or rather someone. Leaning against the desk, surrounded by luggage was Pete. He was talking casually on the phone, handing the keycard envelope back to the man working the desk.

Ava felt her jaw drop. What was he doing here?

Ava considered approaching, but stood completely still as soon as she saw who was standing half-hidden from her view on Pete's other side. Patrick.

She couldn't believe it. He was here the entire time? A mixture of unpleasant emotions ran through her, making her shake slightly.

What if she was still sitting back at the concert hall? Didn't he care at all that she had waited forever for him there, and then even more in her room? Part of her wanted to march right up to him and give him a piece of her mind, and the other part wanted to run and hide- she still had her pride after all, and showing up at the hotel he was staying at would appear stalker-like. Yes, option number two would be the wisest.

As quickly and quietly as possible she walked around the nearest column, standing on the side hidden from those at the desk, facing the elevator. The doors opened again, and this time Matthew walked out.

"There you are." He said, taking her hand to talk up to the desk. "Come on, lets grab the bill and get out of this place."

She jerked her hand away. "Um, I think I'll just wait here while you do that."

He frowned, then shrugged his shoulders. By now he should be more than used to her strange behavior. Matthew went to pay the bill while Ava leaned against the cool marble of the column. Slowly she peeked around its edge to where Patrick and Pete were still standing. It was obvious they were checking out as well. She hoped Patrick wouldn't recognize or notice Matthew. She would look even more ridiculous for hiding.

Patrick pulled out his phone, pushed a number and held it up to his ear. He looked concerned or worried or something. Ava couldn't really tell at this distance. She immediately felt guilty. What if he really did have a good excuse for leaving her?

"Um." Came Matthew's voice loudly, "Ava, could you bring me your key?"


Gritting her teeth, Ava pulled her forgotten keycard from her pocket and walked around the column. She tried to keep her eyes averted but- as if they had a life of their own- they went straight to Patrick. He stood completely still, his eyes wide and following her movement across the room. Ava handed Matthew the card and promptly looked down at the floor.

There was no way in hell he didn't see her.


She tried to put on a care-free face but she knew she failed miserably as she turned to see him.

"Are you okay?" He asked, his voice low and his eyes roaming over her body as if he was checking to see if she was hurt. Once he was satisfied there was nothing physically wrong with her, he pulled her up roughly against him. "Where have you been?"

Ava pulled herself away, trying to get some distance. "What do you mean, 'where have I been?' Where have you been?"

He didn't even seem phased by her angry tone, and he certainly didn't give her the space she wanted. He had one hand wrapped around her wrist and was standing much too close, as if he was afraid she was going to run away- which she might have tried had he not been doing those exact things. "I've been everywhere- searching for you." He frowned. "Have you been here this entire time?"

"Where else would I go?"

"I don't know, the last I heard you were going to a Motel 6, and there are five of which in the Cincinnati area. I have now been to all of them." Maybe now he was starting to sound a little upset. "I didn't sleep at all last night, worrying about you. Why didn't you answer your phone?"

She gasped. "You most certainly did not call me, Patrick. I had my phone with me all night and it never rang."

He didn't answer, but took his phone from his pocket and clicked on the button showing the most recent calls. He handed it to Ava, but she could barely register what was in front of her. It was a long list of her name over and over again. Every now and then she would see a 411.

Impossible. She would have heard her phone ring. Taking her piece of crap phone from her pocket she flicked it open.

Twenty-six missed calls.

All from Patrick. Except for one that she was pretty sure was her dentist... maybe she would ignore that one. She hated the cleanings.

Ava looked back at the main screen. Her phone was put on silent. Weird. She never actually used that mode.

So the entire time she was being mad at Patrick, the fault actually rested on her.

"We ended up having to do a quick interview down the road, so I called you and left a message to meet us back here or I'd meet you wherever you were staying. So when we were done and I hadn't heard from you I went looking everywhere. No one had seen you here or at any of the Motel 6's and the concert hall was already locked up so I started thinking that maybe something happened- something went wrong." He let go of her wrist, sensing that she wasn't going to flee anytime soon and used that same hand to guide her against him again. He kissed her forehead and she wrapped her free arm around his shoulders, as he helped push her duffel bag from her other arm and it dropped to the floor. "I kept imagining what could have happened to you. Last time with the shooting and the explosion... and Wendy being taken, I thought that... maybe the same happened to you."

Her heart leapt in her chest. He had been worried about her... and this entire time she had been angry with him. It would have been just as easy for her to call him, wouldn't it? "I'm sorry." She whispered, brushing her lips against his cheek. "It's my fault. My phone was on silent."

He pulled away slightly and looked down at her. "Your phone was on silent? That's the best excuse you can give?"

"Hey, I didn't do it on purpose." She sighed. "I spent the night not getting any sleep either. Mine, however, was caused because I was angry with you for leaving me at the concert then never even calling me." She grinned, trying to turn this into something funny.

It wasn't really working, but he let it drop. "I wish I got to spend more time with you, but we're leaving in a few hours after a couple more interviews."

"And we're leaving as soon as we're checked out."

He sighed. "At least let me take you to breakfast."

"We have to be back so Matthew can at least work half a day. We can't stay any longer."

"Come on, one little breakfast won't make anyone late."

"Patrick..." Ava looked up to see Matthew watching her. He held up his wrist and tapped his watch. Even she couldn't pretend to not understand the universal signal that it was time to go. "I really have to leave."

He groaned but let her ease herself away. Ava draped her bag over her shoulder once again then turned back to Patrick just long enough to press her lips quickly to his. She had to pull away quickly before she forgot they were in a crowded hotel lobby where it would be inappropriate to pounce on the poor guy. Turning, she started walking toward Matthew who had repositioned himself near the door- another obvious signal that he was ready to leave.

She reached the door just a Patrick called out to her. "Ava?"

"Yeah?" She yelled back.

"When do I get to see you again?"

She couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face. "Doing any shows nearby?"

He frowned for a few moments before shaking his head no.

"Any breaks in that busy tour schedule of yours?"

"Maybe a couple."

"Come stay with me."

He laughed. "Stay with you? You sure?"

"Positive!" Ava waved goodbye, blowing him a kiss and then hurried after Matthew who had not waited on her at the door.


The ride back with Matthew was awkward, but not really any more so than the first. Ava did her best to fake sleep again, and probably succeeded better this time solely because she was replaying scenes in her head of Patrick and herself... most of all the closet and how that could have ended differently. Or of how the night could have gone had she not had her phone on silent, which she still thought was weird in the first place.

When Matthew pulled up in front of her apartment he offered multiple times to go up with her and help carry her bags, but she really needed to get away from the guy. Quickly she let herself in, not bothering to turn on the lights. She had lived here for long enough to not really need them when maneuvering about the area. Tossing her bags near the couch and her phone and keys on the coffee table she made her way into the kitchen. As she moved she felt something crunch under her foot, which was strange because she had cleaned so furiously before she left. She laughed to herself, thinking about how nervous she had been.

Moving to the nearest light switch she felt something crunch again. Wondering what she had broken she flicked the switch and light instantly flooded the room, yet what she saw made her blood run cold.

Spiders. They were everywhere, of all different shapes and sizes, littering every corner of her apartment. Ava completely froze, hearing a high-pitch scream before she realized it was her own.


Alrighty... after my last crappy chapter I decided I needed to try a little harder with this one. It's so difficult to get into a story when you've been seperated for so long. Anyway, let me know what you think!
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