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Chapter three: for all these times i held your hand

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meet Lizzi's famous younger brother and his band Review please

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At work, I could not get Adam out of my head. I wanted to ask him so many questions.

-Why was he in Chicago?

-Why did he talk to me?

-Why does he want to know about me?

"Right so the guys have been writing some new material and well they gonna play it us" Pete said. He is really annoying me now. I know Decay Dance is his label but he is not very good at the whole working on songs when they are not fall out boy.

I can tell Ryan is getting annoyed. Not only is Pete Wentz trying to take over there new album. His older sister- her being me. Is on the production team

"so erm this first song is called For all these times I held your hand(A/N: I just made that up!)

Then my phone started ringing. "oh sorry I better take this" I blushed walking out of the room.

Hello..?(hey it's Adam.)Adam wow hi I didn't think you would call.(well if I didn't call I couldn't ask you out for dinner tonight) that's true so are you asking me out?(I am indeed so what do you say?) yup, I'd love to(Say round 7?)Sure I will most likely just be leaving work then.(where do you work I'll pick you up.) Decay Dance (no kidding Pete Wentz right?) yup (right cool I know where their studio is I'm guessing that's where you are) yup (okay cool see you there at 7 then bye) yup, Bye.

Oh my god how many times did I just say yup.

"who was that" Ryan asked raising an eyebrow

"oh it was no one now get on with the songs" I laughed.

They played all there songs and It was 6:30

Wow in half an hour I would be on a date with Adam Lazzara and I couldn't wait
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