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Chapter four funny feeling happened today

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Lizzi's nerves take over

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looked at the clock again 6:50 oh shit 10 minutes. Oh god I wish they would all shut up. Don't they understand me going on a date with Adam Lazzara. I need quiet to think.

"that was good stuff what do you think Lizzi?" Pete asked. Crap what was good what is he talking about?

"yeah erm it was great" I looked up again


"Lizzi what's up? Ever since that phone call you've been really werid and always looking at the clock?" Ryan asked looking concerned

"Ry please don't go all brotherly on me I haven't got the time." I replied 6:57

My phone started ringing

Hello..?(hey it's adam)oh hey(so erm I'm outside your building now what floor are you on) oh erm 7 (okay I'll be there in a min) okay cool (bye) cya.

Everyone looked at me


Then the lift pinged and Adam walked out.

"Lizzi hey you ready"

"yup one sec" I smiled

"WHOA go Lizzi!" Brendon screamed

"thanks Brendy" I laughed I've always liked him.

"so erm I guess that means your of" Pete asked

"yep it does" I waved by to every one.

Adam held out his hand and I took it.

Now to go on a date with him....
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