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Living Order

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Two late registered students pose as a couple to score a dorm for the semester at Tokyo-Zion Academy. But between strange house mates, the strict landlady, Janis, and the increasing sexal tense, th...

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Living Order


Late registrations suck. Especially when most of the dorms are taken. Why the f**k I chose to register so late, I'll never know. I sat in the South Campus café taking to figure out what to do next now that I was here. The situation looks grim at the moment. The dorm houses were filling up as fast as they were available. The only house available at the moment was Dark Moon House. That is always at last resort.

"Hey!" someone called out, interrupting me from my thoughts. I looked up immediately. A woman about my age stood over at me. I could tell she was a native to this country. She was fairly decent-looking. She wasn't dead attractive, but she was nice to look at.


"Is this seat taken?" I asked politely. "No." he answered. "Mind if I sit here?" I asked. "No." he said again. "Great." I said. Then I sat down in front of him. I flung the dorm house paper in front of me. My new companion looked at my paper with curiosity. "Dorm hunting too, eh?" he asked. I looked up at him. "Yeah." I answered. "Any luck?" my companion asked. I sighed in annoyance. "No, then." my companion said. I nodded. "Oh, I see." he said. Silence came and went. "Let me guess, you registered here late as well." my companion assumed. "Yep!" I said clearly. "Oh." he said again. I just went back to looking through the housing paper.


This is how it was day after day. My new female friend and I went in virtually every café on campus. We got to know each other and joke around too well. Everyday, she brought her dorm-housing paper. But sadly, the results were the same. No luck at all!

One day after looking for a dorm, my friend slammed down the paper and cried out in stress. "I just can't find a place to stay!!!!" she whined. I slid the paper to me. One dorm caught my eye. "Hey!" I called out. "Here's one." She looked at where I was pointing. She read it quietly. "Yes, but it's a joined dorm!" my female companion wailed. "I don't have a boyfriend!" She began whining and crying again. I kept my calm. "Aw, come on," I said coolly. "You could pretend. Don't you have any guy friends you're close to pass off as your boyfriend?" She stopped crying and eyed me with a grin. I quickly caught onto what she was thinking. "Me?" I asked. She nodded with a huge grin on her face. "Oh no!" I exclaimed. "Pleaseeeee!" she pleaded. I tried to look away from her big puppy eyes. It was tough battle but I lost! We officially became a fake couple.


My new "boyfriend" and I traded off information about each other. We did pretty well on each other. "Here is what I have on you," I began. " You are twenty-five years old. You were born in July 10th 1977. You were born in Edinburgh, Scotland. You lived with your parents until eight weeks ago when they threw you out of the house. You had an older brother but he died two years ago. Your best friend is named Simon, AKA Sick Boy. He likes money and women. On your down time, you likes to draw, skateboard, and video games. You are currently unemployed. But you hope one day to become a cartoonist." I turned to him with a grin. "How was that?" I asked. "Why are we doing this for?" he asked me. "Look, we have to be convincing as a couple." I argued. I noticed that his rolling his eyes in annoyance. I perked up again. "Now quiz me." My "boyfriend" sighed. "All right." he groaned. "You are twenty-five. You were born October 17th 1977. You were born in Kobe, Japan. Your mother died when you were thirteen. You have an older brother who is studying aboard in America. You have an older sister who is married with a young son. You have a younger sister who lives with her boyfriend. You have another younger sister is pretty much out there. You dream of becoming a journalist." I nodded in approval. "I think we're ready." I said. "Oh, my name's Kimoto Aki." I bowed with grace. "Mark Renton." my "boyfriend said. Then he held out his hand and I shook it.

Judgment Day

Mark and Aki sat in registers office. Gav, the Dean of TZA, watched them closely. "So," he began. "You are planning to move into dorm 213 of Dark Moon House." "Yes." the "couple" said strongly. Gav looked closely at them. Please let him buy this! "How long have you been together?" he asked. "Two years, nine months, and seventeen days!" Mark and Aki called in unison. Gav straightened his glasses. "Funny," he began. The "couple" looked worried. "You don't seem so affectionate," he continued. "Usually, couples that can here have their hands all over each and making out in front of me." Things seemed grim at first. But then Aki said, "Oh my sister won't approval of that behavior until we got married. She's old fashioned and raised my sisters and I after our mother died." Silence came and went. A huge cat like smile came to Gav's fat face. "That's great!!!" he exclaimed. "It's very rare to see a couple wait to be passionate until marriage! You get the dorm! I'll go get the paperwork to fill out." Then the dean disappeared to the back. Mark and Aki sat there in silent shock. "Did we just...?" Aki began. "...Get the dorm?" Mark finished. A pause dances over them Then, the "couple" cheered in bliss!

Next Day
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