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chapter 1:What was she thinking?

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Katrina's mom set her up on a playdate with her clients son, little did Katrina know that her mother's client's son was in her favorite band.

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"But Mom, I don't want to!" Katrina yelled, angrily running into her room, which was covered in Panic! at the Disco posters.

"Please Honey, its just for a little while when i meet with his mom."

Here, I better explain. Katrina's mom was Kate Caraval, a famous lawyer. She had told her client that Katrina would hang out with her son while they were meeting. Katrina, of course, didn't know anything about this plan. When her mom told her she flipped out.

"But what if he's weird or ugly?" Kate protested.

"Honey, im not asking you to date the boy, just hang out with him. You don't even have to leave the house."

"Mom, i turn 18 in a week, I don't have to do what you say!" Katrina slammed her bedroom door in her mom's face.

"Please Honey, just do this for me." Kate tried to yell over the music blasting from her daughter's room. The door opened "Fine! What can it hurt, but you owe me. When is the meeting?" Kate shifted her gaze to her feet.

"Uh, Honey, um, an hour." She mumbled, looking back up at Katrina.

"MOM! An hour? Geez, why'd you tell me so early?" Katrina asked sarcasticly as she slammed her door again.

"I'll send him to your room when he gets here!" Kate yelled over the music Katrina was blasting again.

Katrina's Point of View

What was she thinking? I have a life. Wait, who am I kidding? All I have is my mom and Breanne. My dad died five years ago when he O.D.ed on sleeping pills. He had been having trouble sleeping so he went to the doctor. They gave him sleeping pills, but the bottle was mismarked and he took too many. I still miss him with all my heart, but my mom and I try not to let it bring us down too much. Oh, and Breanne, well she was... Breanne. I don't really know how to describe her. She's a super Panic! at the Disco fan, she even loves them more than me, which is saying something. She's always really hyper and happy. When my old boyfriend, Mark, was cheating on me and i caught him kissing another girl, she was there for me all the way. She was the bestest best friend i could ever have.

Next thing i know, im dozing off humming along to But it's Better if You Do and remembering my happiest moments with my dad.

Normal Point of View

"Im coming!" Kate yelled towards the front door.

When she got there she turned the deadbold and lugged open the huge door. "Your house is beautiful, Katlyn!" squealed a short blond woman who looked about in her late forties.

"Thank you, and please, call me Kate."

"Okay, fine, whatever you say. Come in here Teddy Bear! It's freezing out there!" she squealed in her high pitched voice towards a young man walking towards the open door.

"Im comin Ma, and i thought i told you to stop calling me that! Im almost twenty ya know!" He said as he walked in the door.

"But you live in my house and you're my baby boy, so ill call you whatever i want." the woman snapped at him.

"Ma, I-" he tried to retort, but she cut him off.

"Bear, meet Katlyn Caraval"

"Nice to meet you Kate." he shook her hand, "I believe im here to hang out with your daughter, not talk about boring laws and stuff. Where can i find her?" he asked.

"Oh, i forgot," Kate laughed "she's in her room. Up the stairs, the first door on the left." She said, pointing at a staircase next to her.

"Thank-you." he said as he headed for the stairs (hehe, it kind of rhymes)

Teddy-Bear's Point of View/(i can't say his real name yet, that would give away the surprise, silly goose)/

I was nervous. I didn't know why, I guess I was just nervous that she would totally flip when she saw who i was, just like all the other crazy fans. Plus, my inexperience with girls didnt help much. Whatever, I guess I should just pull this off quick like a band-aid.

I raised my hand to knock on her door, but then i just held it in midair and froze. I Write Sins, Not Tragedies was wafting from under the door. 'Aww man' I groaned to myself, 'she's probably just like all the other fans. At least I can scratch the hope of her not knowing about us.' Then i knocked 'Better get this over with.'


Katrina's Point of View

I woke up to a loud knock on my door. I glanced at the clock and shot straight outta bed. "One second!" I yelled as I hurried to tidy up the mess. Making sure there wasn't anything too bad (like a bra or panties)littering the floor. I switched off the CD player and headed for the door 'Oh well, i better pull this off quick like a band-aid' I thought as I pulled open the door.

Normal Point of View

"Oh my god." Katrina said in pure amazement as she held a hand over her mouth.


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