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The Perfect Flower

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An early valentine's stor i couldnt wait to show you!!! J/t R/R (i re-updated it on here caz now its closer to valentines day, rate and review! k?? and i will be doing a re-written one of this, ii...

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High school was one of the hardest years for Valentine's Day. Not because no one sent me any cards. It was because EVERYONE did. Every time I would go into my locker to grab my books, cards of pink, white and red would fall out. Is every guy expecting me to fall in love with each of him?

But that didn't matter, only one boy did. And he never sent me a card. Yes, I've gotten many anonymous. But this guy is one of my best friends. And I can't believe he would send me one, anyhow.

There was one year, where all the boys in my grade decided to knock or ring on my door and hand me a rose. I've gotten about 500 roses in one day. Some did the old trick. Ring the bell, run away as fast as they could and hide behind a bush or something. Unfortunately for one kid...he tripped on our pathway, which sort of gave it away. Like I cared anyhow. Some didn't run away and had the guts to ask me and hand me the rose and ask me out. The same old, same old. I would reply no thanks I'm not dating anyone.

This would continue year after year. My parents would find the trash can full of roses.

"Aw, How nice that was dear. Why'd you throw it away?"

She'd ask me this every year and I would always give the same reply.

"Because every boy! Everyone! Is giving me the same thing. Chocolates! Roses! Cards! I hate Valentine's Day!"

Lots of the girls turned against me because all the boys gave me all the things they wanted. I didn't want to end up being that girl. After five years I got so sick of roses. I never wanted to see another sight of a rose again.

My best friend, Atlanta. She would always laugh at me for being the center of attention for guys and always being sent Valentine's traditional things.
There was one point where I hated chocolate too; I thought it was the most disgusting food in the world. And my friends wouldn't dare write me a card for my birthdays either.
Valentine's was always a horrible day for me, the worst day of my life. Until...Grade. 12.

I woke up that morning expecting the worst. My locker loaded with treats, candy and all that junk. It would be spilling out of my locker, everyone would be starring even the guys that sent me them acting all anxious. I'd end up just late for class, having to clean up all of it. People would tease me, laugh at me and give me gross names. Sure I loved be the center of attention, but not like this. All these years I would just wonder...why me?

Can these lover boys, bug some other girl for a change. So I begged my mom that day, if I could stay home. She always made things worse for Valentine's Day. Always saying. Today will be fantastic; by the end of the day you will realize how lucky you are to have so many guys after you. Grossssssss!!! Of course she was wrong!

Last year I pretended being sick, it didn't work so I didn't expect it to this year to. This year I ran out of ideas from my latest years. This year all there was left to do was beg, beg and beg!

But my mother would just shoo me out the door to my doom.
I was kicked out of my own house to be sent to the torture chamber, aka, school. Even the sidewalks were dangerous.

I had to walk with my heavy bag leaning my shoulder while guys whistled at me or try to catch my attention or bug me. And the nerdy guys would show off their braces. It seemed like the only ones that weren't into me, were my friends.

I was still early for school and I didn't want to hide in the washroom away from guys like a scared kindergartener. I would use Atlanta. My anti-guy shield. It wasn't that I didn't like boys. I just didn't like OBSESSED boys. Tons of them would come out of nowhere leaking out of my ears and they would just haunt me because of this stupid day.

There was no chance I was going into my locker today. I would just have to carry my aching tna bag all day long if I had to. I was relieved when it was the end of the day. The whole thing had been filled with nightmares. And it was this day's fault that I wondered if I would actually ever like romance again like I use to when I was a boy-free normal girl.

My dad use to bug me when I was five, I was just ranting on and on about me wanting to be a princess and dance with my own prince. My favourite flower was actually a rose at that time. Now my favourite would be anything BUT a rose. I use to dress up and grab one of my mother's roses from her garden and get my dad to hand it to me. My wish has come true more than I expected.

I haven't eaten a single brand of chocolate for three years now. My next worst nightmare was to see how college or university would be like. If there were no Atlanta around I would use my sweater to cover my head to avoid people and try to do my work. I sat at the very back so my teachers wouldn't get suspicious. I really owed Atlanta, even if she did enjoy seeing me tortured.

All the girls would put an evil smile on and nudge me to grasp my attention. I would never look because I knew they were trying to point out a secret admire letter from an 'anonymous person'.

At lunch, thankfully my friends and I would sit in the corner but there were still people starring. I didn't want to be popular for getting the award of most chocolates and candy. I wanted to be noticeable for being who I was and such a daredevil of who I was. And for all those rumors I hear about me. I wanted people to admire me for my character and personality. I was that, any other day BUT this day.

My two friends, Herry and Archie would try to tease me and make things worse, especially Archie. Even if Archie usually bugged Atlanta, this day he was against me.

Neil would always join in. Jay and Odie would always defend me. I had them to thank. Atlanta, it really depends. Sometimes she'd be on Archie's side, others, she would be on mine. My other girl friends Hadley, Jane, and the others would split up into sides. Some thought this was very funny; my other friends thought it wasn't fair for me.

Valentine's was a very hectic day. After school would be the stares, next came the flowers, the very worst of my day.

Roses, roses and roses. What was it about roses? Did someone spy on me or stalk me when I was very little to find I adored roses? There was something about roses everyone loved. Even just another type of flower and even if it was from someone I would never in my life like. I would accept it and fall in love with it, and I wouldn't care if it were a broken daisy.

So I walked home in the winter afternoon waiting for the horrible and awful moment. I savored the cold air just wishing if I could skip time for once. But as I reached home, I sighed and decided to just get it all over with.

My mom would ask me, "How was your day?"

I would answer "fine." And plop myself down on the couch watching my favourite TV shows, Heroes, Smallville and The O.C.

Every minute I would expect another customer at my door with a rose in their hand ruining the show for me whenever there was a good part on. I would try not answering at all but they always seemed to know I was home. Either that, or my mom would kick me off the couch to go answer it. She adored all the roses. Maybe it was pay back for me always ripping and taking them out from her garden. I'm sure if she was in my place, she'd get sick of them too.

One after the other I would just open the door not allowing them to finish their sentence. I just grabbed it out of their hands and throw it in the trash with the bin ready to gobble up the petals.

This took 2 hours until I realized. I could show some respect at least. Until my like...hundredth visitor came I decided to show at least a bit of sympathy and kindness.
They were all just trying to impress me even if it doesn't, I should make them feel good for trying.

I opened the door and smiled. Matthew Fletcher. He was a short guy, brown hair and very nice. He gave a big smile and held out his rose.

"Hi Theresa, I bought this for you." He said cheerfully with a kind smile.

I smiled back and looked at how the rose's petals curved over the other. For once, I realized how much I did appreciate their admiration I thought the rose's were beautiful again. I just didn't take the time anymore to just admire them.

I looked back at him nodding happily. "Thank you Matt."

He nodded with the most shining bright eyes and walked away. I watched him walk down the street till he disappeared and I carefully shut the door. I leaned against my door and smiled and thought hard and long. I even laughed with happiness. Because now I knew, it was pretty cool to be the one every boy admired. And I did get the attention I asked for in the first place. I looked back at the monstrous trashcan and decided to pick up all the flowers and put them in a vase filled with water. I brought all the bright red beauties to out dining room table and placed them carefully and beautifully in the center.

My mother was by the door and smiled at me, her beautiful smile.
I smiled back at her, and she was proud of me. I wouldn't lay my eyes off her beautiful smile as I walked passed her into the hallway. She placed her hand on my head and I felt a ton times better.

I was still ashamed of myself for being a jerk and such an idiot. I ran up my stairs into my room. I realized I made all those years worst for myself by not appreciating all the affectionate giving the guys did offer.

There was just one thing I wished...I wished the boy I really did and truly like, would give me a rose.

I dropped on my bed swinging my legs in the air reading my magazine. I was reading the Valentine special page. I put my favourite romantic song to my ears. Until I had feeling I had to go downstairs. It was a normal feeling, like when you just decided you want to go downstairs and not be in you room. But this time my sixth sense sort of controlled me to go downstairs.

I don't know why, but I obeyed them. I went downstairs for no absolute reason at all, more like just daydreaming as I walked down the steps.

Then the doorbell rang. My attention went straight for it. I was expecting another guy from school with a rose in his hand. I just put a smile on and opened my big brown door waiting to see who it was.

I had on this jumpy happy smile and feeling. Until my face fell. There was no one there. I looked down on our front door mat and I saw...not a rose, not a colourful, happy valentine's card, or not a single brand or box with chocolate or even one wrapped in pink and red paper.

I saw an orchard. I smiled; my happiest and romantic smile yet.

Because this time, it was anything else but a rose. It was my new favourite flower.

I picked it up, adoring and admiring the white orchard.
I looked at the green stem that had a white tag on it saying.

To Theresa
Happy Valentine's Day
Love Jay

Finally, the one thing I have been waiting for.

My heart started fluttering and I wouldn't lay my eyes off the beauty of the orchard.
I placed in on my night table so I could stare at it all night. I would take care of it with love.
I took a cup of water and watered it. And every time there was sunshine I'd put it out on my windowsill.

I kept starring at it as if it were Jay itself.

I think my parents and my sister could tell I was in love or something. I played with my food not taking a bite, just daydreaming with this sweet smile on my face.

I remember it being hard to go to sleep because I was thinking endlessly about Jay.

The very next day. He had a shy look on his face. I decided not to scare him by speaking with him alone.

I was accused to go to the washroom during Math class, it seemed he was too because we were both in the halls. He looked scared of me and started to pace quickly away from me.

"Jay! Please wait!" I ran after him.

There was nothing for him to do, but stop. He wouldn't turn around. So I faced him. He had to sweet round raspberries on his cheeks.

I gave him a kind smile. I think it comforted him, because he looked braver.

"How'd you know I liked orchards?" I asked searching for an answer in those dark chocolate eyes.

He turned his head a bit shy a bit courageous. I stopped him, holding his chin facing them back at me.

I think he fell in a deep sleep by starring at my eyes.

"I mean like, you know I hate roses...but's amazing."

He shrugged.



"If I were to send you something for no reason, an orchard would be perfect." He started.
I looked at each eye closy and questionably.

"If you were sad, I'd send you a sunflower to brighten up your day."
The love and kindness that showed all his feelings in his face brought me closer to him, bodies against each other.

"If I had to leave you and never see you again, I'd hand you a forget-me-not." He held my arms as I held his, eye to eye never looking away.

"If you were sick, I'd bring you the most graceful looking calla lily."
I could just imagine lying in bed waking up to the morninglight and the beautiful white curve of the flower.

"If you were angry at me, I'd cheer you up with the most colourful camellia."
What was this odd feeling? I almost wanted to cry and just melt throygh him, like a volleyball net was seperating us before and now I'm flinging myself towards him and forced to kiss him as I fall into him.

"If you were disgusted by winter's weather, I'd create the summer with a hibiscus."
He watched the sun, I watched the reflections in his eyes and I knew I was in love, the most romantic fairytale I wanted in my whole life. Jay was that future, present and past.

I starred and blinked at him with my most wanting eyes. My eyes had tension, but no pretense. He stopped my confusing looks and pats my lips with a kiss.

And now, still young but a bit older, I keep that orchard healthy and as beautiful than ever.


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