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25. Save Some Face, You Know You've Only Got One

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in which the party happens. also in which we reinact a scene from St. Elmo's Fire. sort of.

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Friday arrived quite quickly for the group. And word of the party had spread around the two suburbs even faster. It seemed as though every teenager in Wilmette and Glenview Illinois would be putting in an appearance at the Trohman household at some point during the evening.
"Do you think we bought enough stuff?" Molly asked Elyse as they drove towards Molly's house after school.
"Yea, Pete and Andy took care of the beer and booze. Joe and Max went grocery shopping with the money we all chipped in. And it's gonna be five bucks for a cup at the door. We're all taking rotating shifts."
"Besides Andy's all straightedge, if we have to we'll send him on booze runs."
"Very true." Molly finished as they pulled up in front of her house. "So you'll be here at six to get me. I'm staying at your house for the weekend if my parents ask."
"Yup. See ya at six."
"Bye." Molly replied jumping out of the car and jogging up to her front door.

At six o'clock Elyse pulled up and beeped the horn signaling Molly to come outside. A few minutes later the two girls were on their way.
"We have to swing by the supermarket and pick up a few last minute things. I think Max was channeling you earlier 'cause she's convinced we're going to run out of food."
"What are we getting?"
"More chips and dip crap. She called in a last minute hero sandwich order."
"You're kidding right?"
"Nope. Max is more loaded then YOU are. If she wants to spend her money let her."
"Wow. Ok." At the supermarket the girls ran into some kids who told them they could wait for the party and that they were stocking up on things to bring as well. Outside Molly turned to Elyse and asked, "Do you know them?"
"Nope. Not a fucking clue." Elyse responded with a laugh as they pulled away from the store.

Arriving at the party the two girls were happy to see that it didn't appear too many people had arrived yet. It was only seven o'clock and only people with actual invitations, in other words people the party hosts knew, were getting in before nine that night. The two girls grabbed their bags and walked up to the front door and inside. Immediately they were both assaulted by Ed Kowalczyk's voice blaring through Joe's parents very expensive, wired throughout the house, stereo system.
"I LOVE this song." Molly yelled over the lyrics to "All Over You" by Live.
"Hell yea, but WHY is it so damn loud?" Elyse responded just as the sound cut out completely, to be followed by Joe yelling
"Patrick you better not have broken that."
"Oh that's why." The girls said in unison, "Patrick is playing sound man again." Molly added. A few seconds later the song came back on at a much more tolerable volume. The girls laughed as they walked to the right and into the "company" living room. Ducking under a rope with the words "Enter and DIE" written on a sign attached to it the girls walked through the "company living room" and ducked under the rope on the other side to enter the "den/dining room/kitchen".
"Uh, Joe?"
"Yea Molly?" He asked looking up from where he was attempting to tap a keg with Pete.
"How are people going to get into here and down to the basement if they can't come through the living room?"
"Back door enterance only." He stated simply, "I'm keeping the entire front of the house and upstairs off limits. That also means less noise from the road."
"Oh. Ok that makes sense I guess." Molly replied as she walked past them and further into the kitchen where Max was getting food out, "Need some help?"
"Thanks Molly. Oh! and Elyse, can you get started on the punch? I'm not drinking beer tonight."
"Right on that Ms. Maxine." The blonde said gathering up bottles of voldka, bags of fruit punch kool aid, chopped up pinapples and oranges and sugar and started heading for the giant bucket already lined with a trash bag and started dumping ingredients into it.
"Uhh...Elyse isn't that a lot of booze?"
"For the amount of people showing up at this house tonight? It probably won't be enough." Patrick just shook his head from where he was watching football with Matt and Andy. Well, from the couch where Andy was trying to explain the concept to the other two. Molly shrugged and turned back to making oinion dip.
A half hour later it was seven fifteen and everything was laid out. Chips, dip, sodas, a fruit tray mixed with gummie bears all of which had been soaked in voldka, a virign and gummie bear tray, two six foot long sub sandwiches, the first of three kegs, and a gigantic punch bucket.
"Well, here's hoping people show up." Pete said as they all raised their glasses of whatever they were drinking and toasted to the blow out party of the year.

By ten o'clock the house was packed, Elyse was starting on making her second punch bucket, Molly was starting on her fourth cup of punch, and they had made three hundred and fifty bucks according to Pete who had staked himself out by the keg and the door for the majority of the evening. Molly was wandering around back and forth upstairs, Pete and Elyse finally noticed that their friend wasn't just tipsy walking, she was pacing.
"Molly-bell tell Peter Pan what's wrong." Pete said waving Elyse over to watch the keg, punch and door. Pete took the younger and slightly drunk girls arm and weaved her through the kitchen and down a few steps into the laundry room.
"Allison's here." Molly muttered as she took a gulp of her punch. Pete sipped his own beer as he eyed the younger girl.
"And you're letting this bother you why?"
"'cause she's Allison and she's prettier then I am, and Patrick loves her!" Pete started laughing so hard he had to slide down the wall to keep his balance. No one said he was all that sober himself.
"Molly. Sit down before you fall down." He said yanking her down onto the floor next to him. "You are so much prettier then Allison is. That girl has tried to get with me so many times its not even funny, Patrick doesn't want to believe it right now. But truth of the matter is I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole, even if Patrick didn't factor in."
"Well then how come I couldn't even make things work with Danny? Obviously she has something I don't if she can make things work with a boy who worships her. I couldn't."
"Danny was a dickhead. I only said he was nice to make you feel better about dating him."
"Really?" Molly said hopefully.
"Yes really."
"Thanks Pete." Molly said with a giggle before kissing his cheek and stumbling up and out of the room.
"Uhh...Molly?" Pete called after the girl. "She's gonna do something dumb. Stupid Wentz." He said to himself before taking another slug of his beer and smacking his head into the wall behind him.
The fairly tipsy young woman made her way over to her best friend and stuck her glass out, "Fill 'er up oh giver of fruit punchy goodness."
"You shoulda stuck to beer."
"Probably. But this is much better. Besides its a parttttttyyyyy. I'm gonna go downstairs and dance." Molly said as she headed towards the basement steps and disappeared down them.
"Did I just hear Molly say she's gonna go dance?" Pete said weaving ever so slightly as he came out of the laundry room.
"Is the keg kicked yet so we can head downstairs?"
"Yup." They both laughed.

Downstairs was a madhouse. Teenagers were alternating rocking out and bumping and grinding. Patrick the musical schizoid was playing DJ for the evening so the music was ranging from being simply beats he had composed himself to hard rock mainstream artists and everything in between. Molly scooted between people drinking her punch and dancing with them. Spotting Joe and Max dancing in the middle of the floor she hurried over to the couple.
"JOEY!" She squealed as she grabbed him around the waist.
"MOLLY!" He said through his own alcohol induced haze. Molly grabbed his arm and dragged him down to her level
"Did you do that thing we were discussing?"
"Did I get you wasted?"
"Nope. I did that myself."
"YAY!" Molly said hugging Joe. "I knew it would work."
"You're trashed."
"Little bit." She replied before bopping, litterally bopping, off to see who else she could mingle with. Her happy buzz came to a brutal end however when she started to head to the "DJ Area" to convince Patrick to put on some Zeppelin for her. 'I need to hear Ramble On right now.' The sudden craving for Robert Plant stopped dead in its tracks when she spotted Patrick thoroughly examining Allison's tonsils and quite possibly other parts of her anatomy based on the fact that she had a skirt on and Molly could not for the life of her see Patrick's hands. Suddenly feeling more nauseous then even after the last time she drank Molly turned and pushed through the crowd and headed upstairs. Suddenly her hazy vision had nothing to do with the alcohol and everything to do with the tears that were threatening to spill. Shoving into someone she didn't realize it was Andy who had been chatting with Joe and Max. The three watched her head for the stairs and both glanced over into the corner and saw what Molly had seen.
"Fucking idiot." Joe growled out venomously.
"Whoa man. Chill."
"Did you see her? We like Molly remember. We don't like that blonde bitch."
"Baby calm down. Your drunk. Do not make a scene here. Let's just go check on Molly." Max suggested calmly as she was slightly more sober then anyone except Andy and Patrick who don't drink at all.
"Should we really do that though? Elyse and Pete are upstairs and they're much more adept at handling Molly's issues." Andy said diplomatically.
"They're both pretty tanked too." Max reminded the drummer.
"Yea, you're right. Let's go." The three headed up the stairs and into the kitchen. It was there that they found one of their friends watching the alcohol and the door, he immediately said "If you're looking for Pete and Elyse, they ran upstairs after Molly. She seemed pretty upset."
"Thanks man." Andy said nodding at the kid. The three then walked around the corner and upstairs into the Trohman's house. It was there that they found a frantic Pete knocking on the door to the bathroom with Elyse standing next to him looking no less worried.
"Molly! MOLLY! OPEN this door NOW!" Pete screamed knocking on it. When he stopped they could hear the sound of sobs from inside.
"See!" Pete exclaimed in Elyse's direction, "I told you not to let her drink that much."
"What am I her mother?"
"No you're her best friend."
"WHOA!" Andy screamed and the other two shut up and looked at him, "can we try and remember that Molly is locked in there crying her eyes out and not scream at each other."
"You're right man." Pete sighed and shook his head to try and clear it, "Does anyone else feel like we're in St. Elmo's Fire?"
"You're not as hot as Rob Lowe. Although Molly makes a pretty good Demi." Elyse supplied with a laugh. Everyone else just smirked.
"Why is she crying anyway?" Pete asked the three from downstairs. "She went down there to dance and ten minutes later she's up here sobbing, and by the sounds of it now, puking."
"Patrick and Allison we're getting very very close on the couch downstairs."
"Yea, that'd do it." Pete muttered. "She just should have dated me. It would have saved us all a whole lot of drama." The other four just looked at each other before laughing at his statement. "What?" Pete asked in confusion. They all just looked at him.
"Molly." Elyse tried knocking on the door again, "Molly open up."
"No." Molly replied from the inside of the bathroom. Hanging her head over the toilet Molly heaved again and removed what she hoped was the last of the punch she had drank. Grabbing the edge of the sink she hoisted herself up and spalshed some cold water on her face as well as rinsed her mouth out. Molly could hear the others talking on the other side, and she was pretty certain she heard them mention St. Elmo's Fire.
"I never thought I'd be this tired at seventeen." She said to her reflection softly echoing the famous line, tailored just slightly to her own age. Molly continued staring at herself for a few more minutes before reaching over and undoing the lock on the door. At the sound of the click Pete immediately threw open the door and walked in to find Molly sitting on the edge of the tub looking for all the world like someone had just ripped her heart out.
"Oh Tink." He said softly.
"Sorry Peter, I think its time to grow up."
"Nah." He said sliding down next to her, "You'll get to Neverland eventually. Second star on the right straight on til morning."
"You two are incredibly weird sometimes" Elyse said as she stood in the doorway of the bathroom. They both looked at her with their left eyebrows raised which caused her to add, "not to mention incredibly creepy." At Elyse's sentence the other three piled into the bathroom as well and Molly sighed at their expectant looks.
"Ok. Yes I over-reacted. I know that. You all know I can do that on occasion. Now before anyone asks, I broke up with Danny. I know you've been dying to ask where he is tonight and I've been cleverely avoiding the question." She finished firmly and stood up to walk out of the bathroom. The others followed her without a word. All six of them were standing in the upstairs hallway staring at each other when Andy finally voiced something everyone had wanted to ask but no one had yet had the guts to.
"Why do you over react so badly to things?"
"Excuse me?"
"That was phrased wrong. I meant, why do you react so strongly to things involving Patrick? Yes I'm going to make you admit it out loud." Molly just looked at the drummer, the one member of their little circle that she wasn't very close with, and didn't really see herself ever becoming all that close with since they didn't have anything in common really. He was the one that asked THE question. Molly took a deep breath and contemplated what to say exactly. Her eyes met Pete's and something in them said it was ok to tell. So she did.
"I spent this summer in a hospital with other mentally disturbed teenagers because I tried to kill myself in May. I didn't actually fall down and hit my head at home and then go visit my grandparents. I took about three quarters of a bottle of xanax and chased it with a bottle of Stoli voldka and Sean found me before my body had processed too much of it. My parents sent me away because they didn't want my actions to put a stigma on my family. I didn't tell you before now because I didn't know how. Why did I do it? It was a disgustingly terrible time in my life. My best friends wouldn't let me explain myself and the boy that I thought I was falling in love with was basically treating me like the dirt underneath my feet. And that hasn't much changed lately either. Was I in love with him? Probably. Am I? I really don't think so after that display downstairs. Is that what you wanted to hear Andy?" At Molly's words Elyse choked back a sob before reaching out and hugging her best friend. The older girl didn't start crying but she just clung to Molly like a lifeline and whispered "You talk to me next time." Molly just nodded in response. /'you lie with the best of them O'Conell'/Molly thought to herself.
Pete stood there in surprise that the younger girl had actually told. He hadn't been expecting that. The others just stood there looking completely shocked and upset. And if any of them had turned to look at the stairs during those moments they would have seen a young man running down the stairs and out the front door.
Patrick sucked in the fresh air and tried to get the crushing weight off his chest. Sitting down on the front stoop he covered his face and let a few tears leak out. He hadn't realized how much damage he had done with his actions and comments at the end of the school year. It had hurt him so much to loose Molly so soon after she entered his life and he hadn't realized how close they had all come to loosing her completely. Worst of all, she had referred to possibly being in love with him in the past tense.
"She deserves better then me anyway." He said to the empty night air. As he sat there Patrick Stumph realized something incredibly important though, he was in love with his best friend. And she just might hate him now.

A/N: dun dun dun.
title is from "Smile Like You Mean It" by The Killers (whom I adore, even though Brandon Flowers can bite me).
So whatever will happen between our star crossed lovers? I know and you don't. nah nah nah! ;) j/k.

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