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24. And It's Not Me You're Waiting For

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in which Molly and Danny have a discussion. In which Molly and Joe also have a discussion.

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The next morning Molly woke up around noon and groaned rolling over in her bed only to land flat on the floor.
"Huh?" She said sitting up and looking around trying to figure out where the hell she was.
"Good morning Molly." came from behind her.
"Uhh...Good morning Mrs. Wentz...." Molly trailed off in absolute confusion. Looking down she saw that she was still in her costume, minus the wings, shoes, and crown.
"Don't look so petrified dear, you fell asleep in Pete's car and he said that you wouldn't wake up and he didn't want to try and get you into your own house."
"Ugh...I'm so sorry to intrude."
"Nonsense dear, but this should teach you kids a lesson on staying out til five in the morning. Big dance or not."
"Yes ma'am."
"Now go wake up that lazy son of mine. His room is at the top of the stairs to the left." Mrs. Wentz pointed in a direction behind Molly as the younger girl got off the floor and brushed herself off. Glancing around as she walked up the stairs Molly had to restrain herself from laughing out loud at pictures of Pete and his siblings in various stages of development. Esspecially at the one of Pete, probably seven or so years old, holding a soccer ball and missing both front teeth.
'Wow, he's capable of actually being cute. Not just trying to be. Imagine that." Molly thought to herself as she attempted to find Pete's bedroom. Turning to the left Molly stared at three doors in that direction.
"Well that's simple enough." Molly said approaching the door that had wooden block letters in blue spelling out "PETER" on the door. Knocking lightly Molly recieved no response. Shrugging and opening the door quietly Molly poked her head in and her eyebrows nearly hit the ceiling.
"Wow..." Molly peered into the darkness of the incredibly messy room. Piles of clothing, cds, magazine, movies, and books were scattered around the bedroom. Some on top of the furniture that was sporadically placed around the room. The only really clean spot was the desk where an open laptop was sitting. Molly stepped into the room, which required her to step over a stack of "Penthouse" and roll her eyes at the same time. Approaching the vaugly human sized lump in the middle of the bed Molly stopped and pondered exactly how to go about waking him.
"Pete is the grumpiest mofo on the planet when he wakes up." Joe's words from some random discussion came back to her and she sighed.
'Oh well something tells me Mommy Wentz is scarier then PeterPan.' Molly thought as she reached out to shake Pete's arm.
"mmmmmmrgh...lemmealonemommy." Was mumbled from under the pillow. Molly just smirked and shook him again, only to recieve the exact same response. Five minutes later and incredibly bored and ready to move on from her current situation Molly had a genious thought. Or at least what she considered a genious thought. Taking a few steps back Molly took a deep breath and then a running leap to launch herself onto the bed. Landing on top of Pete, she heard, "OOFFUCK", and immediatly began jumping.
"Wakey Wakey Peter! The birdies are singing!" She chimed in between bounces.
"Molly I swear if you do not get off my bed I will not be held responsible for my actions." Was yelled from the older boy who had curled up into a ball to protect certain aspects of his anatomy.
"You gonna get up." She said as she stopped bouncing. "Your mom said you have to get up."
"Okkkayyyy" Molly bounced down off the bed and giggled as Pete sat up staring at her.
"Seriously, are you three? Why did I ever think I wanted to sleep with you."
"No shit. Now get out. I'm naked under here." Molly laughed and walked out of the room before stopping in the middle of the hallway as his words registered in her brain.

A few hours later Molly had snuck back into her house and showered and changed without her parents being any the wiser. 'Ya know, if I was a rebellious teenager I could so get away with a lot of stuff.' She thought to herself as she made Jamie a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A knock on the front door shook her out of her inner dialouge.
"Molly! It's for YOU! Its a BOY!" Echoed down the hallway from Sean's voice almost seconds after the knock. Molly sighed knowing only one person would evoke that childish a reaction. Elyse would have been hit on for a few minutes while Patrick or Matt would have discussed video games or music with her younger brother and the other guys just don't come over. Therefore, it was Danny. 'yay' Molly thought unenthusiastically. Walking down the hallway she smiled at her boyfriend and said "Come on back. We can head upstairs through the back."
"Ok." the handsome brunette replied as he followed her through the kitchen. A few minutes later Molly had gathered an apple for herself as Danny hadn't wanted anything and started their way up the back steps.
"My room is in the attic." Molly replied to Danny's questioning look when she opened another door to another set of stairs.
"Yup. Cool, that's what it is." She said as they reached the top and entred her room. "This is my humble abode. Molly Anna Central."
"Nice." he said walking around looking at her bookshelves and posters.
"Yup. Nice is what it is too." Molly said sitting down on her futon. "Sooo...whatsup?"
"Wow. You cut right to it don't you."
"I've learned that life is often too short to beat around the bush."
"Ok. Here's the deal. I like you. I think you like me. But I also think you think you like Patrick." Danny laid it all out on the table with those sentences and Molly sat back and stared at him.
'What do I see in him? Gorgeous, check. Nice, check. Interesting, check? Musically inclined, nope. Geeky, not in the good way.
"Danny. What do you see in me? Seriously, why should we be dating?" Danny looked like he'd be slapped across the face with that one.
"What? I thought...I mean I thought this was going to be you saying you were sorry for the whole Patrick thing and that you were over him."
"Yea. No that's not gonna happen. Sorry to be a bitch but I think we need to break up."
'Oh yea, I'm sure that's exactly what Pete meant by "talk to Patrick BEFORE you screw anything up" oh boy me and my mouth.'
"Writing, art and music to me are everything. You think it's lame. Don't lie." She quickly added as he started shaking his head no, before he changed it to yes at her words. "I don't understand how someone as smart as you thinks that is a waste of time. Can you even tell me who The Beatles are? Who Jimmy Paige is? Hell Can you tell me what a stratocaster is?"
"No....but that shouldn't matter."
"It does though. Esspecially when it makes you hate my friends. I've seen the look in your eyes Danny. You think they're a waste of space. You want me to change to fit your mold. I like you, you're right. But I like me a lot better when I'm not with you."
"I was never anything but good to you."
"I never meant to imply that you were. But you also deserve someone who fits you better, and someone who wants to be with you, and someone who isn't in love with her best friend. I'm not gonna get over this "thing" for Patrick Danny 'cause I don't want to." She finished sitting back and closing her eyes.
"Well. I guess that's that then. It was a nice couple of weeks at least."
"Yea. I'm sorry."
"Eh, don't be. But do me a favor?" he asked as he backed out of the room.
"Sure. What?"
"Find another Starbucks." Molly sighed and nodded as her now ex-boyfriend's head disappeared down the stairs.
"Well, that went well."

A few days later on Election Day Molly was wandering around downtown Chicago by herself. They had the day off as the county was using their highschool gym as a polling place. Strolling through a thrift store Molly jumped as a hand landed on her shoulder. Spinning around she went to push the person away but stopped at the last second when she was it was Joe, holding his hands up in mock surrender.
"Ass." She said smacking him in the arm.
"Good to see you too Molly. So whatcha get?" He asked trying to grab her Victoria's Secret bags from her. This resulted in him getting batted with her purse and both of them laughing hard until they were glared out of the store.
"God, you have a girlfriend remember?"
"Yup. and I'm crazy about her. Doesn't mean I can't dream does it? I am male."
"Yes you are. A tribute to your species as well."
"Nevermind." Insulting Joe was a difficult task. Nice boy but none too bright sometimes. 'which is weird, 'cause he's definitly smart. He just couldnt' find his way out of a paperbag.'
"So what are YOU shopping for?" Molly asked turning Joe's question around on him.
"Max's birthday present." He replied holding out a bag from a jewlery store for inspection. Molly handed Joe her bags with a warning glare as she removed the long velvet box from the bag. Opening it up she gasped as she saw a beautiful pearl necklace and earrings sitting in front of her.
"Oh Joe...these are gorgeous."
"Yea, my mom told me they'd be perfect, I've been saving for a while."
"Oh she will love them." Molly said snapping the box closed and putting it back in the bag.
"I hope so." Joe said nervously.
"Tell Aunty Molly what's wrong."
"I dunno. It's kind of a long story."
"That's kind of a coffee shop. Let's go. My treat." She pointed across the street and Joe nodded. The two teens crossed the street and headed inside. Sitting down and taking their coats off they got comfortable and gave their orders to the waitress. Ten minutes later with steaming coffees and some pastries sitting in front of them Molly ordered, "spill".
"Alright, I think Max is going to break up with me."
"What? why?"
"Well...umm..." Joe started blushing.
"Oh come on Joe. I'm not one of the guys, and I'm not going to tell them. What do you have a problem performing or something?" She whispered and he blushed harder. 'Oh boy, I was joking.
" The problem is, that we...kind of haven't. Ya know. Ever." Molly blinked in response at Joe's statement.
"Ever. I mean we've come close a few times, but I just wasn't. Ugh. I'm 17, hell even Patrick's done it. I just haven't been sure, ya know? I love her but I want it to be perfectly special. and not in the backseat of my car or something."
"Yea...Well, first off I congratulate you on single handedly restoring my faith in teenage boys. Secondly, Joe Maxine loves you. A LOT. It'll be perfect no matter what, but I get your whole thing with the backseat of your car."
"Yea...Max really wants to."
"Do you?"
"Yes! I mean I'm not stupid." Molly snickered a bit at how shocked he sounded. "I just want it to be special. Candle light and roses and stupid girlie shit like that."
"oh yes, and that there is exactly how you should phrase it." 'when did I become a therapist?' "alright I'll tell you what. Your parents are going away tomorrow right? And they'll be gone until next Monday?"
"yea. Remember, we're gonna have a party on Friday."
"Yes Joseph I didn't forget. My point is that Thursday night is the night you will become a man." Molly said with a smirk. "All you need to do is give her those pearls, light a few candles, put on some Luthor Vandross, and trust me you'll be messing up your sheets in an hour."
"Are you always this crude?"
"Are you sure that'll work?"
"If it doesn't you can get me wasted at your party."
"I am so holding you to that. Pinky-promise?" At Joe's last question Molly almost choked on her coffee, but she replied anyway.

A/N: title is from "Give it Up" by Midtown (Gabe!).
Sorry this took so long, it took a few days to write..and I still kinda don't like it. I know we are all are own biggest critics but I've been pretty happy with everything else. Something about this one just rubs me wrong, lets see what you all think.
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