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23. 'Cause Don't Forget Who'sTaking You Home

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in which our heroine dresses up for the Halloween dance and 'causes a little bit of drama in her new found relationship.

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A week later and Molly was making final preperations for the Halloween/Fall-Bash Dance. This year the two high schools had decided to throw the fall dance in a costume theme on Halloween. Apparently this would result in less teenage rebellion. Molly was pretty sure the exact opposite outcome would happen. But who was she to tell teachers anything?
"Boo!" was yelled from behind her on her top step.
"Hey Elyse."
"Not scared?"
" is THAT the costume?" Elyse asked eyeing the outfit hanging in the corner.
"And you are going as what again exactly?"
"...oh. Does Peter Pan know that you're cheating on him?"
"ha. ha."
"All I'm saying is that in our little group we already have one, and I don't necessarily want to be there when the original meets the imposter."
"Whatever. Danny thought it was a cute costume idea."
"The fact that your boyfriend is the one that thought up the costume involving tights....wellllll I don't wanna be the one to say it."
"Don't be cute. I don't even think I've ever mentioned Pete to him so in no way could he make the connection."
"But still...tights. Plus, he doesn't really have the caboose for them. Everything else is nice and streamlined but he doesn't have much junk in the trunk if ya know what I mean." Molly just laughed and rolled her eyes at Elyse's statement. Mainly 'cause she couldn't deny it.
"Well what are YOU going as?"
"You keep asking and I keep telling you its a surprise. Matt and I have cooked up the most fabulous costume ever."
"I'm sure you have..." Molly began, "Hey, Elyse?"
"Hmm..." Elyse looked up from the cd case she had been rifling through. "Oh before you ask me whatever you're going to, I'm borrowing your Shins cd."
"Wha? Oh yea, that's fine. No I was gonna ask, what's up with you and Matt?"
"Nothing why?"
"Well it's just that you guys go together to everything. Neither one of you date."
"I date plenty Molly. They just aren't boys to write home about...or that I want to see for more then a few hours if you catch my drift. And Matt hasn't admitted to himself that he's gay yet. I think he thinks it will freak everyone out."
"Oh. Ok." Molly nodded and turned her attention back to the crown she had been gluing pearls to.

The next night Molly stood in her bedroom staring at her reflection. She had a very short green gauzy dress on. The top of it had a corset bodice in cream and different shades of green, while the bottom looked like a mixture between stiff leaves and lighter green gauze. She was wearing white fishnets and green sandals. Her hair, that she had finally re-cut much to Danny's dismay, had been spiked up again in the back while the front was pulled away from her face with green crystal clips. A crown of pearls and green crystals sat on her head. Behind her irradescent wings appeared to sprout from her back and she was carrying a small leather purse that matched the belt she was wearing. To say nothing of the massive makeup overhaul she had done. 'Ziggy Stardust has nothing on me'
"WOW" Molly said outloud, "I clean up good." Giggling to herself she hurried down the stairs just as the doorbell rang. Swinging the door open she smiled brightly at Danny. Who was standing there in light green tights, a dark green tunic, a dark green triangle hat thing that had a red feather in it, and brown leather boots and a belt.
"Are you serious?" Molly turned around to see Sean standing there wearing all black and carrying his skateboard and a backpack. "Tights?"
"Shut it Sean."
"Whatever dude. Peace out." the younger boy brushed past the two older teens snickering to himself.
"Try NOT to get arrested" Molly called after him and recieved a one finger salute in response. 'well its nice to see some things are back to normal around here.' she thought to herself before turning back to Danny and asking if he was ready to head out.
"Yup. Let's go dance the night away sweetheart." He responded and leaned down to press his lips to Molly's. A few seconds later she pulled back and smiled at him trying to ignore the robotic nature of their kisses, and hoped he didn't notice.

Once they arrived at the dance, which was once again being held at the community college, and were checked in Molly started scanning the crowd for her friends. It had been weird not going with them but Patrick and Allison had gone with Elyse and Matt and there was no way in hell Molly was putting herself through that kind of torture. As of yet she hadn't been forced to meet the girlfriend and she had intended on keeping it that way for as long as possible.
"Do you see my friends?" Molly asked Danny.
" But I see mine. Let's go talk to them." He replied and dragged her over to a group of guys dressed in scraggly clothes. When they reached the guys Danny introduced her to Mark, James, Ryan, and Paul. Or as he phrased it "Mark, James, Ryan, and Paul...The Lost Boys. Ta-Da!" 'oh. my. god.'
"Wow Danny that's...great. Nice to meet you guys." Molly replied outloud. The boys started discussing cars and Molly stood there tuning them out and continued scanning the crowded gymnasium for at least Matt and Elyse. 'where are they?' Molly's eyes focused on Sid and Nancy rocking out to "The Monster Mash" in the middle of the floor. 'figures.' Molly thought about their costume. Next she spotted Patrick and Allison and almost puked. Standing there was Boris and Natascha from "Rocky and Bullwinkle". 'I don't know if that is completely lame or totally brilliant' Molly pondered and then jumped when she felt a hand on her arm.
"Hey babe? Welcome back to earth. Want to go dance?" Danny asked her.
"oh yea, that sounds fun." She mumbled and allowed herself to be led onto the dance floor. Elyse and Matt both waved at her and bopped their way over.
"HEY!" Elyse said with a squeal and a hug. Matt gave her a similar greeting only minus the squeal. And Molly noticed that Danny stiffened at both hugs. 'weird' Molly thought to herself looking curiously at her new boyfriend. Who just shrugged her look off with a smile. 'ok...'
Towards the end of the dance about three hours later Molly still hadn't been forced to talk to Patrick, instead Allison was dragging him around to talk to all of her friends, similar really to what Danny was doing to Molly. Then one of the last songs of the evening came on, Molly felt a hand on her elbow and she turned to tell Danny that she was really tired and didn't feel like dancing, only to be met with Patrick's face.
"Hey." He started softly.
"I was wondering if I could have a dance with one of the most beautiful women in the room tonight."
"Where's your girlfriend?"
"I dunno."
"In that case. I'd be delighted kind sir." Molly said with a smile and curtsey and laughed when Patrick bowed in response before taking her arm and leading her out onto the dancefloor.
Patrick spun Molly around in a grand gesture and then spun her back into his chest where they both collided and cracked up. Molly rested her left hand on his shoulder and he held her right hand in his left, and all she could focus on was the feel of his right hand on the small of her back. Molly felt her breathing quicken slightly and hoped it wasn't noticable to Patrick as they swayed around the dance floor to the classic tune by The Drifters. 'that's fucking ironic. Molly thought to herself 'don't forget whose taking you home and in whose arms you're going to be...darling save the last dance for me' Molly finished singing along to the song in her head as Patrick stepped back and bowed again before leaning over and placing a soft kiss on her forehead.
"I'll see you at the diner after right?"
"Uh-huh" Molly nodded and watched as he headed back over to a scowling Allison who had been watching the whole thing. Molly felt and arm slip around her waist and lips lightly brush her neck as the last song of the evening started up. The stereotypical "Last Dance" by Donna Summer came on and Molly swayed along with Danny before jumping back and dancing by herself as the beat changed. If anyone had looked in her eyes then they wouldn't have seen anything other then pain and heartbreak.

"Danny we HAVE to go." Molly insisted from the inside of the car.
"My friends are having a party. And I told them we would go."
"What about MY friends and MY plans. We discussed this. We were going to the dance and then we were going to hang out at the diner with my friends who don't go to either of our schools."
"Yea we'll forgive me if I changed my mind after tonight."
"God you're being ridiculous. We haven't even been dating that long."
"No you're right we haven't been. BUT we ARE dating. And I'm not lusting after some other guy."
"I'd hope NOT."
"You know what I meant. I want to hang out with my friends tonight."
"I don't care. Your friends are lame." Molly covered her mouth in shock that she had actually said that outloud. Danny pulled the car over to the side of the road and just stared straight ahead.
"Excuse me?"
"I'm sorry. That came out wrong. I just mean, your friends are only interested in cars and computer stuff. Even the girls. There isn't anything for me to do or talk about when I'm with them."
"And its so much easier for me with your friends? You think I like sitting there having discussions about bands like The Misfits, Operation Ivy, and who the hell is Arma Angelus?"
"Pete's other band..."
"There's my point exactly. I don't really care about music and your friends have multiple bands."
"Listen just take me home ok?"
"We both said some things we shouldn't have said. You go hang out with your friends and I'll go home. I'm kind of tired anyway."
"Fine. Whatever." Danny said as he pulled away from the curb and threw a u-turn around the meridian. Ten minutes of silence later he had pulled up in front of her house. "I'll talk to you tomorrow?"
"Yea, that'd probably be a good idea." Molly responded as she got out of the car and waved. Danny pulled away again without even waiting for her to get inside.
"Well that went really well O'Conell." Molly sighed to herself as she dug her cell phone out of her purse and stared at a few different phone numbers. Finally deciding on one she dialed.
"Hey, Can you come get me? I'm at my house. Don't ask. Thanks. I'll be waiting at the corner." Hanging up the phone Molly walked down the block so her parents wouldn't ask her what she was doing home and yet hadn't come inside. That brought up too many questions she did not want to adress at the moment. Standing on the corner for about seven minutes Molly sighed in relief when she saw a blue Taurus pull up.
"It's about time. It's fucking freezing out here."
"Hey, need I remind you I live in the next suburb over. And it's your own fault for not wearing a coat."
"Yea. Yea. Let's just go Pete, ok?"
"Your wish is my command Tink. By the way you are so totally stuck with that nickname forever now."
"Just drive." Pete laughed and pulled away from the curb and started the fifteen minute drive to the diner where the "crew" usually hung out.
"So....." Pete started
"Alright, I'll tell you." Molly responded to him without looking away from the view out the side window.
"Really? No prodding, no begging or pleading?" Pete glanced over at the younger girl with more then a little bit of surprise reflected on his features.
"Yea. I figure you already know everything ELSE I've fucked up. What's one more thing. Same rules apply."
"Ok. So apparently I'm incapable of having a normal healthy relationship. Danny is a nice guy. He dressed up like Peter Pan, do not make one comment about that being your thing Mr. Not in a Costume, and everything. He wanted to hang out with his friends tonight instead of us. I think it's cause he saw me and Patrick dancing." Pete's eyes widened in realization at that sentence and his mouth formed a silent 'oooo' expression. Molly took a deep breath before continuing, "I got pissed. Essentially flipped out. Told him his friends are lame for just liking cars and computers and how I had nothing to do when I'm with them. And he flipped it on me and told me he has the same problem with our friends."
"Ok, so opposites attract not working out here huh?"
"That'd be a no."
"Breaking up with him?"
"I think he might be breaking up with me."
"Well, I'll be here if you need to talk. But let me tell you something Molly, and you aren't going to want to hear it." Pete paused as he checked for traffic while making the left hand turn into the diner parking lot. "But Danny IS a nice decent guy from what I've heard, and I think he kind of deserves better then you with your ups and downs. And before you get pissed should I remind you that in a lot of ways I AM you. I know what I'm talking about. But more so then anything else he deserves a girl who isn't in love with someone else." Pete finished as he parked the car and looked over at Molly. Molly didn't respond verbally but she did nod her head slowly. "I like you Molly. In fact, I feel as though I may have unintentionally adopted you, but I will tell you when you need to check your bullshit at the door. And well, I think its time. Talk to Patrick before you screw yourself and the rest of us up anymore." Pete finished by opening his car door and getting out leaving Molly to sit there and contemplate her options.
A few minutes later he knocked on the passenger side window and Molly opened the door and got out.
"Why are you always right?"
"Because I'm older, smarter, and better looking."
"I'll give you two out of three." She responded and then took off running when he leaped at her and chased her into the diner.

A/N: Title is from "Save the Last Dance" By The Drifters.
I was originally going to have the post-dance diner scene but then I thought it would get too repetitve from the first dance and I really liked the way it ended with Pete and Molly. I also noticed that as I'm writing this story Peter Pan is starting to worm his way back into my affections. I don't know if this is good or not...he will still not be hooking up with Molly--that'd feel a bit incestuous to me.
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