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22. Now That Dream Is Laid to Rest 'Cause You Have Failed the Test

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in which Molly tried to make a major decision regarding her love life, and winds up regretting the after effects. in which Elyse reveals a confusing time in her life that involved funny clothes.

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The rest of September both dragged and flew by for Molly. When she was at school it seemed like the day never ended, everytime she turned around there was Patrick. And everytime she saw him he had this goofy grin seared onto his face, which of course immediately made her feel bad for being mad at him. And that was without taking into account the free periods she spent in the radio station office; those were pure torture. Logically, she should go somewhere else but she couldn't seem to drag herself away from him. 'I need PattyCakes rehab' Molly thought to herself disgustedly one day. When she was home however the problem with time passing too slowly wasn't an issue at all. Her mother had been behaving herself, which meant that her father was in a better mood. And then there was Danny. Daniel Patrick Roberts. Ironic middle name huh? Molly prided herself on the fact that she wasn't oblivious, so she knew Danny was interested. The hour long phone conversations they could have combined with the emails and instant messages were a bit of a clue. Then there was the fact that he had asked her out multiple times. Elyse was still pissed that she kept saying no.
"Molly, he is gorgeous. He likes you. He doesn't have his head up his ass that we know of." Elyse layed all the pros out on the table one afternoon while the girls were at Starbucks. Elyse had wanted to see what this other boy looked like.
"But what? Don't say he's too tall. I will beat you, Patrick is disturbingly short. You can not use height as a comparison. And yes, I can see the fact that he is at least six feet being intimidating but think what he might be packing.." Elyse said with a smirk while trying to squish Molly's doubts.
"Elyse!" Molly hissed, "Do you have a one track mind?"
"No. Sex is actually the least of my worries. Work is more important."
"Ok so if work is more important then why do I have to go out with this guy."
"Work is more important for me my dear. More important for me. You however need to get laid. stat."
"Gee thanks."
And that was how the two girls conversations had gone pretty much since then. Elyse was convinced Molly needed to get over her crush on Patrick and move on since he obviously was an idiot. Also now all of a sudden Elyse was calling it a crush instead of "deep passionate baby making love" as she had once referred to it.

'ugh, almost a month and she hasn't screwed him over yet. He really is happy. damnit. fucker.' Molly slammed her locker door shut on the second Wednesday in October. Walking upstairs and into the station lounge for lunch Molly stopped short in the doorway behind Elyse and Matt who were standing there staring at something in the office that Molly couldn't quite see. Stepping around her two friends she developed as puzzled an expression as they were currently wearing. Matt broke the silence first.
"Uhh...Patrick. Dude? What are you doing?"
Sitting in the middle of the floor was Patrick Martin Stumph. Surrounding him were not papers for once. No instead this time it was flowers. Lots of flowers. In front of him was a vase that held a single rose.
"Trying to figure out how to do this."
"Do...what exactly? Elyse asked tilting her head to the side as though that would suddenly help her gain insight to the situation.
"Well, tomorrow is Allison's birthday, and this weekend is our one month anniversiry so I was going to get her flowers today." Patrick explained in a tone that implied they were stupid for not figuring this all out themselves.
"Ohhhh..." was said from three voices. All three friends glanced at each other with "yup, he really has snapped" looks.
"Patrick hun, why don't you just go to the florist." Elyse said while walking into the room to grab cd's for her show that period.
"Allison doesn't like the arrangments at any of the florists. She told me if I ever gave her flowers that I had to do them myself." Three eyebrows raised at his statement accompanied by Matt making a "whpsh" noise while pantomiming a whip. Patrick strategically ignored it.
"Do you guys think Charlie Trotters is too much for a one month anniversiry?" Patrick suddenly asked after they had all settled in and he had "arranged" some more flowers.
"...where?" Elyse asked in shock, "Did I seriously just hear you correctly? Patrick that place is insanely expensive. Its one of the most famous resturants in the world."
"Yea, so? Allison likes it."
"I just remembered I have to go to the library. I'll see you guys later." Molly gathered her things and walked out of the lounge.
Later that night Molly was talking to Danny when she agreed to go out with him this coming Saturday. Patrick and Allison would be dining in one of the most famous resturants in the world, and Molly would be going dancing at a place called Carol's Pub. Danny had assured her that they would get in and informed her in no way shape or form should she dress the way she usually dressed.
"I'm spending my Saturday night at a C and W dive bar. Oh yea, this is going to be interesting." Molly said to Sunny after she hung up the phone.

Saturday evening finally rolled around and Elyse was in Molly's room trying to help her get ready. Trying being the operative word.
"Molly, are you sure he said you can't just wear your usual stuff?" Elyse said from inside the closet.
"Yea, he was very clear on that. Apparently these are hardcore country western people and if I go in there with black and chains they're gonna take me for some young punk."
"You are a young punk, need I remind you of this?" Elyse stuck her head out of the closet and replied to her friend. "oooo! I think I got it. Something we didn't throw out." Elyse walked out of the closet holding a white button down shirt that had light pink flowers embroidered on the pockets. "This will work with your light jeans, the really ripped up ones. And I brought you these." Elyse threw the shirt and jeans at Molly before digging a pair of cowboy boots out of the large bag she had brought with a big grin.
"Why do you have cowboy boots?" Molly asked laughing, "real ones at that?"
"I went through this phase two years ago where I thought that being a hippie was cooler then a punk. I was a confused fifteen year old. Feel free to keep the boots. I gotta go hun. I'll talk to you tomorrow."
"Bye Elyse." Molly said offhandedly as she stared at the clothes. Shrugging her shoulders she went about the process of getting ready.
Danny arrived at her house at seven thirty sharp, just as he had told her he would. Molly was ready and waiting for him on the porch.
"Don't I have to meet your folks?" He asked confused as took his arm and dragged him out to his car.
" They're...sleeping."
"At seven-thirty?"
"Yes. Let's go."
"Alright, if you say so." Danny said opening the car door for her. Molly slid in and waited for him the thought of reaching over and unlocking his door for him never even crossing her mind even though she was used to doing it for Patrick everytime they were in his car.

The two teens arrived at the bar and Molly's eyes widened. 'Dive? This isn't a dive. Our diner is a dive. This is a hole in the wall being held together by alcohol fumes. and there is no way we are getting in there.'
"Isn't it great?" Danny asked her excitedly as they approached the door.
"Peachy with a side of keen." She responded sarcastically and then almost fell over when they were actually let in.
"They don't ID here." Danny yelled in her ear over the sound of fiddles, drums, guitars, banjos, and feet. Lots of feet. Molly glanced curiously into the room and watched in amazement as everyone seemed to be moving as one.
"You want to dance?" Danny asked her when he saw her eyeing the floor.
"Uhh...not yet." She responded, "let's get a drink first?" There was nothing else to do other then drink and dance and while Molly knew how to line dance, she wasn't quite that good.
"Ok. Beer ok for you?"
"Yea...fine whatever." Molly yelled back and watched as Danny made his way to the crowded bar and left her standing in the middle of a Travis Tritt video. Spotting one of those tall table set up's actually empty Molly headed the few feet over to it and hopped up onto the stool. She could now completely see the dance floor and the band and found herself tapping her feet to the actually incredibly good music.
'at least the band isn't shitty.' She thought to herself while waiting for Danny to return. Which he did five minutes later holding two red cups filled with beer.
' the band isn't shitty but the beer is.' Molly said forcing down a sip of...something.
"What is this?" She said leaning over to talk into his ear so he could hear her.
"No shit. I mean what KIND of beer."
" It was a dollar. It'll do its job."
Molly rolled her eyes in response to his answer. 'I guess we found his flaw Elyse. He's not too bright.' Molly looked over to where Danny was moving his feet in time with the music and laughed 'but he is cute at least.
Ten minutes later Molly had choked down about half of the beer and decided she wouldn't be able to stomach anymore of it. Grabbing Danny's hand she yelled at him that she was ready to dance.
And dance they did. Danny it turns out might not be so bright when it came to ordering a beer because it tasted good but the boy could move. He spun her around the dance floor and they moved with the crowd for hours that night. Molly decided to take up the ordering of beverages for the rest of the night as well and Danny was pleasently surprised that he quite enjoyed Yuengling.
"You see," Molly explained while she was on her fourth and he was on his second since he was driving, "Beer tastes good when its not cheap and used to get drunk." She nodded seriously.
"You are drunk."
"Little bit. But thats OK." She responded. "I'm not driving. And no one at home will care. Trust me. Dance?"
Danny laughed in response to her and grabbed her hand and they hit the floor again.
At four a.m. Danny helped a stumbling Molly out the doors of the bar and got her into his car.
"You Miss Molly are wasted."
"And you aren't?"
"No I'm not. Driving remember. I stopped hours ago." He said jingling his keys.
"Oh right. That's good." She said softly, "Danny?"
"Hmm..." He said as he pulled into traffic.
"I'm really glad I came out with you tonight."
"Me too." he said ruffling her hair.
"Hey I'm not four. We're on a date. I'm sexy not cute."
"Your fucking adorable. Wasted, but adorable."
"shhhhhhh don't tell on me?"
"I won't. I promise."
"Good." She nodded her head, "OOO! Guess WHAT?!"
"...yes?" stopping at a red light Danny turned to look at the suddenly very excited girl in his passenger seat.
"My best friend is out with a bitch tonight."
"I'm sorry?"
"Yea. He should be out with me. But he's not. He's with her. And I'm really really crazy about him. This is why I'm glad I'm out with you Danny. 'cause you're really good at making me forget." Danny didn't respond right away to Molly's statement. "Danny?"
"Glad I could be of service Mol. Do me a favor and sit back while I'm driving though ok?"
"Sure." Molly said yawing and eventually falling asleep. Danny glanced over at her and shook his head sighing to himself as he drove towards her house.
A half hour later Danny was shaking Molly awake in front of her house.
"Molly...time to wake up. Molly..."
"urgh...I don't feel well."
"Somehow I'm not surprised by that." Danny said in response and helped her out of the car. Halfway up the walk Molly stopped completely.
"Danny..I think I'm gonna..."
"Oh boy." He hurried her over to the bushes on the side of the house and rubbed her back as she lost whatever she had put in her stomach during the course of the evening. A few minutes later Molly pulled back and leaned against him.
"You done?"
"Ok lets go inside." As they reached the front door Danny fished her keys out of her purse and opened the door up. To be met by Sean in the inside hallway.
"I'll take her from here." The younger boy said.
"Seriously. Go home. I play soccer dude, I might look little but I could kick your ass."
"Right, going. Night." Danny backed out of the doorway and closed it behind him while Sean picked Molly up and carried her upstairs. The brother muttering about the pure stupidity of teenage girls and the sister mumbling something that would sound to most people to be about cakes.

A/N: The title is from "Blame it on Your Heart" by Patty Loveless. This song was featured in the amazing amazing River Pheonix (rip) movie "The Thing Called Love".
Line dancing really is super fun (and I'm from NY). Also, I am a weird person who drinks beer soley for the taste of it and I don't understand people who use it to get drunk--although I fully admit sometimes that is the result that I wind up with. lol
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