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A one-shot. The 7 heroes are watching the movie Troy.

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This is just one-shot that came to my mind while watching the movie Troy. Some of the things that happen in this story did happen to me.

Ok Odie, what's the movie tonight?" Atlanta asked, lying down on the floor snuggling up with her boyfriend, Archie. Odie looked at the two of them. He was still pretty shocked that Atlanta liked Archie.

"Troy, the one with Brad Pitt in it." Odie said and then blocked his ears when Theresa squealed. Her boyfriend, Jay who was sitting next to her and had her head on his shoulder, was not fast enough and was deaf for about 5 seconds.

"I LOVE Brad Pitt! He is soo hot! And so is Orlando!" Theresa said with a dreamy look on her face. Jay, unfortunately for him, heard this. "And what about me?" Jay asked. Theresa kissed him. "You're the hottest." Theresa said and turned her attention to the screen.

Odie popped the DVD into the machine just as Herry came back from making popcorn, mostly for himself. "Where's Neil?" he asked as he sat down on a bean bag. Neil then entered the room, waiting for applause. When he got none, he just walked over to the other couch and sat down.

Odie was sitting next to Jay who was next to Theresa. Then the movie started. "Hey, won't this movie have Odysseys and Achilles?" Herry asked. Odie nodded. Atlanta rolled her eyes. She had seen this movie 5 times already.

"Ooh! Look! It's Brad!" Theresa squealed. Atlanta then guessed Theresa hadn't seen this movie at all. "Yes Theresa, he is playing Achilles." Atlanta said. She had to admit that Brad was hot, but too old for her. She preferred the descendent.

"Uhm. Archie, where did you go wrong?" Theresa asked, watching Brad/Achilles fighting. He ran up to the giant guy and put his sword into his shoulder. Theresa hid her face in Jay's shirt.

Archie turned to face Theresa. "Excuse me?" he asked. Atlanta was trying to contain her giggles. "I was just wondering why your ancestor looks so hot on TV and you have purple hair."

Archie was about to get up and strangle Theresa, but Atlanta stopped him. She poked him in the nose. "What was that for?" he asked, with a hint of anger in his voice. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Forget what Theresa says, I like the original."

Archie pulled Atlanta closer to him and forgot about Theresa until she squealed again when she saw Orlando Bloom. "That guy is the sexiest man alive!" Jay frowned at her. 'If she is going to squeal every time Brad or Orlando appears on screen, I'm going to bed early!'

Theresa saw Jay's face scrunch up and decided to stop the squealing. No one spoke until they saw Odysseus. Neil was the first to speak. "That's Odie's ancestor? He's English and doesn't even look like him!"

Odie rolled his eyes. "Neil, it's a film. Do you really think Achilles looked like Brad Pitt?" Neil had to think about this. "It could happen." Every one rolled their eyes.

"What?! It could!" They continued watching. When they saw they fleet of Greek ships sail across the Aegean Sea, Theresa gasped. "How'd they do that?" Odie smiled. "Technology. If you want, I could explain you the whole process." Everyone shouted "NO!" at the same time, quieting him.

Theresa was quiet for the rest of the movie and snuggled up to Jay, until Paris challenged Menelaus in a battle for Helen. When Menelaus cut Paris/Orlando's leg, she gasped and buried her face into Jay's shirt again.

Atlanta looked behind her and saw this. She then rested her head on Archie's shoulder. He looked her. "Scared?" He asked. "Are you crazy? I've seen this movie five times already!"

Neil then started to squeal every time he saw blood and decided to keep his attention on his mirror. Odie was watching very intently, Herry on the other hand was half watching. He was always getting up to go fetch more food or something to drink.

They then got the part when Achilles/Brad was challenging Hector because he killed his cousin. "HECTOR!" the Brad/Achilles screamed. At this point Theresa got up. She was not going to watch this part.

"I'm going to make us some more popcorn." She said and headed for the kitchen. Jay also got up. "I'll help you."

When they were both in the kitchen, Atlanta whispered something in Archie's ear. He laughed a bit. "You're probably right."

Neil, hearing this and doesn't like it when he is left out of gossip, said, "Right about what?" Odie rolled his eyes. Even he knew what Atlanta and Archie were talking about. "Jay went with Theresa so they could make out."

Neil just said, "Oh," and returned his attention to his mirror. 5 minutes later the two love birds retuned with a big bowel of popcorn, which Herry took and finished before anyone else. Atlanta watched Theresa and Jay sit back down. Nothing had changed, there was no lipstick on Jay's face and Theresa's makeup looked the same.

Atlanta then returned her attention to the movie. It was at the part when Hector was being burnt, and soon the movie would be over. "Oh, a good part is coming!" Odie blurted out. Everyone rolled their eyes. "Odie, we know already! You can stop talking about Odysseus and the Trojan horse." Archie said. Everyone was getting bored now; the movie was 3 hours long.

Atlanta rolled over to her back and started at the ceiling until she heard the music telling her that the Greeks were burning Troy. She started watching again, this was her favourite part.

Theresa, however, seeing them slaughter all the children and women, buried her face into Jay's shirt for the third time and Jay hugged her. When she was brave enough to look again, she saw Paris/Orlando aim and fire an arrow at Achilles/Brad. She was about to scream when she saw the arrow stick out of his heel, when Jay covered her mouth with his hand.

She frowned at him. He whispered, "I don't think the others will be pleased with your screaming." Theresa nodded and just watched as more arrows hit Achilles. Atlanta frowned as the Achilles on TV just pulled the arrows out of him. Neil was also about to scream when Herry stuffed popcorn in his mouth, causing Neil to shout at him.

Then the movie was just about to finish....... And then the lights went out! "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Neil. But it was just Athena who turned the power off. "You should have been in bed an hour ago! You all have school tomorrow."

Everyone said "Sorry" and went upstairs to their rooms. Theresa kissed Jay goodnight and went straight to bed. Odie and Herry had to clean up the mess downstairs, they had a popcorn fight. Neil quickly got ready to go to bed; he had missed a lot of beauty sleeping time. Atlanta and Archie started having a pillow fight in Archie's room until Athena chased her out.

At 12, Atlanta snuck out of her room and fetched Archie. Both of them then woke Jay and Odie, failed to get Herry up and weren't even going to try to wake Neil, and went downstairs to fetch a bucket of water. They filled it to the top with freezing cold water and went back upstairs to Theresa's room.

Atlanta opened the door carefully as Jay and Odie bought the bucket in. The four teens got held of it and counted softly. "1, 2, 3!" Jay said and they poured the whole contents on Theresa. This woke her up straight away. She was about to scream when jay put a hand over her mouth.

"That is what got you into this mess." He said they all ran out the room laughing, leaving a soaking wt Theresa behind. 'Note to self, no more squealing when seeing hot guys in movies.'


I got the idea of throwing the water on Theresa by something my friends and I came up with. About a week ago I was at a sleepover and we were watching Troy. My friend couldn't stop squealing so we stuffed popcorn in her mouth (like what they did with Neil) and then when she was sleeping we poured water all over her. It was soooo funny! Any way, rate and review!
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